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shadow:i have the chaos emeralds now i can turn super and kicks sonic's motherfucking ass.silver:hi whats your name black hedgehog?shadow:my name is shadow the hedgehog who may आप be?silver:im silver the hedgehog and hi shadow.shadow.hello silver would आप like to शामिल होइए me to kick sonic's motherfucking ass?silver:i would like to help आप shadow.shadow:thanks silver आप have powers right?silver:yeah i only have physic powers.shadow:cool thats good to use in the fight to kick sonic's motherfucking ass.silver:im gonna kick sonic's नितंब, गधा so hard he will cry to his motherfucking momma.shadow:yeah silver thats the spirit lets go kick sonic's motherfucking नितंब, गधा silver.