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Petition: link Song: I'll Be Waiting (Derpy's Song) :link
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Save Derpy Please I have beg of u *crying*
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Hello my name is Silver Erin and I am a true प्रशंसक of Derpy hooves and a lot of people have been worrying about the sake of Derpy that she might be erased all together well heres what I have to say just leave Derpy alone alot of people are different makeing fun of या hating Derpy is like me joining L.A.P.D which is to say beating the crap out of blacks for no reason

And another thing I think we should not only bring Derpy back but we should make her a main character in the दिखाना now if we work together we can bring this all the way up to Hasbro NOW WHO'S WITH ME!!

posted by drwhoovesluvr
My Little Pony: Friendship is magic 
Derpy returns
Written by: Drwhoovesluvr
Scene 1:The Bin
(fan save derpy)

 Hi. My name is Derpy Hooves. I used to be loved द्वारा many. I made them laugh. Then one दिन I decided to come out and talk to them.
(tears up)
They called me names: stupid, retarded, offensive
(tear drops)
I just don't know what went wrong. 
(another tear)
I'm sorry every pony. 
(sniffles a lot)
I-I-It's okay. It's okay-
(Pinky jumps in)

Pinky Pie:
Actually yes! It is!


Pinky Pie:
Celestia says that हे apologized! She's giving आप a टिकिया, मफिन खरीडिए right अगला to my कप केक shop!  OMG and आप get to have me throw आप a party!!!!
(Derpy glows as Pinky walks her back to Equestria from the "Bin")