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 Inflation Motivational Poster
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I was trying to think of a motivational poster to upload, and I thought of Skipper inflating. Then, the first thing that came to mind was deficit spending, so why not make a satirical motivational poster?
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private: uh (wakes up) where are we skippah
pinkie: (pops out of nowhere) hi there my names pinkie
private: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
pinkie: oh i'm sorry
private: skippah skippah where are आप (wimpers)
pinkie: हे whats wrong
private: (crys) skippah
pinkie: (picks him up and brings him to twilights)
private: where am i (wimpers) skippah please come
twilight: who's skipper
private: skippah's m-my brother so are kowalski and rico (wimpers) i don't know where i am i'm scared
fluttershy: aww what a poor thing
meanwhile at the hq
skipper: हे where's private (hears something)
tv: skippah's my brother so are kowalski and rico (wimpers) i don't know where i am i'm scared
they travel there
skipper: were here
private: (wimpers and gets taken to canterlot)
to be continued
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Tears 01.12.17

Note: Hey, guys! Bet आप all thought I forgot about this. College life has been off to a stressful start, so I've been neglecting my लेखन to deal with it. Nonetheless, I will continue to update as I can. This semester has been a lot easier so far so I'll do my best. I पोस्टेड it to FanFiction but I forgot to post it here. If you're पढ़ना this I hope आप enjoy it.

This short takes place following The Big S.T.A.N.K.

— § —

Skipper held pressed his flippers to his temples as the stress of the situation skyrocketed. Why couldn't it just end?

Kowalski leaned closer to Private....
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June 23, 2014

    After a long दिन of training, dealing with Julien, and protecting the zoo, Skipper busied himself on a top-secret solo mission. . . .

    “You think you’re smooth, Hans, but you’re not as smooth as me. Especially not like . . . this!” Skipper कहा to the mirror as he held the fake mustache to his beak. He straightened his cowboy hat and shined his sheriff badge. “Now, that’s what I call a rugged Belvidere if I do say so myself.”

    Skipper turned at different angles to the mirror as he admired...
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“Another Side”
April 26, 2014

    Skipper led a blindfolded Marlene into her cave.

    “Skipper, what is this? What’s the big surprise?” Marlene urged with anticipation.

    “Well, remember a couple of weeks पूर्व when आप कहा you’ve always wanted to stargaze, but couldn’t because of the bright city lights?” Skipper asked, preparing to remove the blindfold.

    “Yes, why?” Marlene answered.

    Skipper pulled off the blindfold. “That’s why,” he कहा with a grin.

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“School is in Session”
April 26, 2014

    "Come on, please?" Marlene begged.

    "I don't know, Marlene. I mean, when are आप ever going to have the need to drive, anyway?" Skipper asked.

    "Well, um, what if I get in some trouble and need a fast getaway?" she suggested.

    "Why would आप get in trouble for anything?" Skipper pointed out.

    Marlene shrugged. "I don't know. Probably for something Julien did," she answered nonchalantly. "Please teach me how to drive?" she begged again while...
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“First Impressions”
April 19, 2014

    "How's it lookin' on connecting to the camera feeds, Kowalski?" Skipper asked his lieutenant.

    "Just fine, Skipper. Just a few और minutes," Kowalski answered. "I have to say, the HQ is in pretty good shape for not being used in a number of years. Things are coming together nicely, and we've only been back for a week."

    "I concur. आप got those light fixtures, Rico?" Skipper asked, looking up at Rico on his ladder, fixing a light to the ceiling.

    "Uh-huh!" he grunted....
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“Jealous Much?”
March 04, 2014

    “Hey, guys,” Marlene started as she entered the पेंगुइन HQ, looking around. “Where’s Kowalski?”

    “In his lab,” Skipper answered. “What brings आप here?”

    Marlene held up an abacus. “I believe I found Kowalski’s abacus. I thought he’d want it back,” she said.

    “Oh, finally! He’s been going crazy looking for that thing!” Skipper said. “Like I said, he’s in his lab.”

    “He won’t mind me walking in on him?” Marlene...
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“What आप Mean To Me”
January 26, 2014

    “I raise आप all my herring,” Marlene said, pushing her last four herring to the center of the table.

    Skipper eyed her with a smile. “My, the stakes are getting high. I’ll see your herring, and I’ll raise आप three सैल्मन, सामन . . . and a kiss,” he कहा with a sly smile.

    Marlene gently bit her lip. “Full house,” she said, setting down her three Kings and two Fours.

    Skipper grinned and laid down his cards. “Straight Flush,” he कहा triumphantly....
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“I Remember”
January 3, 2014

Note: I’ve typically been लेखन notes at the end, but for this case, I must make an exception as to be clear to you, या at least the ones who haven’t read my पूर्व works. I have been thinking about doing a sequel to one of my stories, but never did because I didn’t think I could make anything long and commendable out of it. But with this project, I received some inspiration and motivation to do so in a short story. So, this short is a little sequel to “Skipper’s Curse.” If आप haven’t read it before and plan to, be aware that this will contain...
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“What फ्रेंड्स Are For”
January 2, 2014

    “Hello, silly otter!” Julien called, striding up to Marlene, who was taking a walk through the zoo.

    Marlene came to a stop and turned to him. “Hey, Julien,” she replied. “What’s up?”

    “Oh, आप know, the usual,” Julien replied.

    “So, kicking Mort, drinking smoothies, and ordering Maurice around?” Marlene teased.

    “Oh, आप know me so well, Marlene,” Julien कहा with a smug smile.

Marlene rolled her eyes. “So, what...
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“Reflecting On Doubts”
December 29, 2013

    “Hidy-ho, Marlene! Sound off,” Skipper called as he entered Marlene’s cave.

    “Right here, Skipper,” Marlene called back.

    Skipper found Marlene standing in front of her mirror with an uneasy look in her eye, smoothing back her फर and tracing over her cheekbones with her fingers.

    “You’ve been cooped up in here all day. Is everything all right, Marlene?” Skipper asked, coming up behind her. Marlene kept her eyes on her complexion.

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“Bad Timing”
December 03, 2013

    “Hey, Skipper! Where’s the team?” Marlene asked as she entered the HQ.

    Skipper shifted between cameras on his surveillance screen. “Oh, they’re out doing some recon while I watch the cameras. Unfortunately, क्रिस्मस is a time for crime. So, we’re cracking down until the holidays are over. What brings आप here?” he replied.

    “I was getting a little cold in my habitat and was hoping if it’d be cool if I stayed here until Alice bothered to turn up the heat,” Marlene told him....
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“We Meet Again”
November 4, 2013

    “Skipper, remember last week when आप couldn’t remember where आप laid your mug?” Kowalski asked, coming out of his lab with a small device.

    “Yes, but I found it. What’s your point?” Skipper answered.

    “Well, Skipper, with this device, we’ll never forget anything ever again! I call it, the Forget-Me-Not!” Kowalski replied, holding up a device that looked like a helmet.

    “Kowalski, are आप sure about this? What if it — I don’t know — fries our...
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