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 Inflation Motivational Poster
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I was trying to think of a motivational poster to upload, and I thought of Skipper inflating. Then, the first thing that came to mind was deficit spending, so why not make a satirical motivational poster?
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“Jealous Much?”
March 04, 2014

    “Hey, guys,” Marlene started as she entered the पेंगुइन HQ, looking around. “Where’s Kowalski?”

    “In his lab,” Skipper answered. “What brings आप here?”

    Marlene held up an abacus. “I believe I found Kowalski’s abacus. I thought he’d want it back,” she said.

    “Oh, finally! He’s been going crazy looking for that thing!” Skipper said. “Like I said, he’s in his lab.”

    “He won’t mind me walking in on him?” Marlene...
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they don't call him Classified for nothing ;)
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"Those kids are crazy. I'm not gonna let them back here again." XD That's what he'd say about me, but for different reasons. xD
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This is a song from the movie Phineas and Ferb: Across the सेकंड Dimension. Those of आप who haven't heard of this song, Candace sings it.
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