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posted by bcthestrongest
Mercades: *walking down the street*
Scrouge: excuse me cutie *smiles at mercades*
Knuckles: thats a little girl
scrouge: so she is still hot
Mercades: *flips him*shut up green one
Knuckles: *surpise*
Mercades: *runs*
Scrouge: *runs after her*
Mercades:911 anybody help me
Knuckles: *grabs her*sh
Mercades: *nods*
Scrouge:when i found u i rape u little girl *leaves*
Mercades:thanks u mister um
Knuckles:its knuckles
Mercades: Mercades im Mercades
Knuckles: *smiles* pretty name for a pretty girl
Mercades: thanks *jumps down and runs off*