Leyton vs. ब्रूकस ♥BLP सुरक्षित GROUND♥-COME TALK AND UNITE:P

mooshka posted on Jul 25, 2011 at 06:02PM
Woot Woot! Hey you guys! So I know the Leyton Fans have the LLT to talk on and the Brucas fans have the BFG to talk on... but there's no where for Leyton and Brucas fans to interact on! I know we all have major differences in opinion when it comes to BLP, but in reality we all also have a lot in common once we get to actually talk to each other! And this spot seems to be more for fighting and I personally think it should be more for uniting. So ofcourse we can all still disagree when it comes to this epic love triangle, but we can still be friends, right?

So tell me if you want to be added to the list and I'll add you!!!!

P.S. If this doesn't work out, most likley I'll just have it deleted lol.

Talking Buddies:

Joined FP: August 2010
Favorite LP Moment: "Daddy's home"
Top 5 Couples: Leyton, Rory/Jess,Mikita,Nenny,Hyde/Jackie also Holly/Vince<3
Top 5 Shows: Nikita, OTH (S 1-6 only), Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones/That 70's Show/What I like About You
First Ship: Leyton!
First T.V. Show Fandom: OTH
Top 3 Girl Characters: Peyton Sawyer, Cristina Yang, Temperance Brennan
Top 3 Guy Characters: Jess Mariano, Alex Karev, Stephen Hyde
Characters You Relate To Most: A mix of Peyton and Haley
Favorite Friendship: Tie between Breyton and Cristina/Meredith
3 Favorite Songs: Lets just say I love Adele and The Fray<3

Joined FP: May 2009
Favorite LP Moment: 3x21 "I love you" scene. Chills every time!
Favorite BL Moment: 4x21 "Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday."
Top 5 Couples: Lucas/Peyton, Jess/Rory, Booth/Brennan, Nathan/Haley, Luke/Lorelai.
Top 5 Shows: One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Bones, The Office.
First Ship: Luke/Lorelai ~ Rory/Jess
First TV Show Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Top 3 Girl Characters: Peyton, Lorelai, Brennan.
Top 3 Guy Characters: Jess, Booth, Hodgins.
Character you relate to most: Rory Gilmore (before the adulterous affair, yacht stealing, dropping out of college!)
Favorite Friendship: Lucas and Haley
3 Favorite Songs: Way too many! I love Guns n Roses, Adele, The Fray, OneRepublic, and a lot more.

Joined FP: June 2009
Favorite LP Moment:"Hey Peyton. It’s you. When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me."
Favorite BL Moment:"Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday."
Top 5 Couples:Leyton(OTP),Suliet,Jate,Charlie/Cl­air­e,,­Na­­ley­
Top 5 Shows:LOST,One Tree Hill,Friends,Charmed,Gossip Girl
First Ship: Jack/Kate
First TV Show Fandom:LOST
Top 3 Girl Characters:Peyton Sawyer,Brooke Davis,Claire Littleton
Top 3 Guy Characters:Nathan Scott,Sawyer,Charlie Pace
Character you relate to most:Haley(s1-s4)
Favorite Friendship:Breyton,Charlie/Hugo
3 Favorite Songs:People are strange,Babe I'm gonna leave you,How to Save a life

Joined FP: March 2009
Favorite BL Moment: "I wanna be with you Brooke"
Top 5 Couples: Brucas,Brathan,Forwood,Hanna&Caleb,,Ro­­mi­o­n­e <3
First Ship: Phoebe & Cole
First T.V. Show Fandom: OTH
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brooke Davis;Caroline Forbes & Spencer Hastings
Top 3 Guy Characters: Nathan Scott,Stefan Salvatore & 100 more.
Characters You Relate To Most: Caroline
Favorite Friendship: Brathan :P
3 Favorite Songs: Adele; set the fire to the rain

Joined FP: June 2008
Favourite BL moment: 2x23 kiss//I wanna be with you Brooke//If I ever get a second chance,I'd never let you go again <33
Top 5 Couples: Naley,Brucas,Romione,Delena,Ceffy.
Top 5 Shows: OneTreeHill, The Vampire Diaries, Skins, TheOC, Nikita.
First Ship: Nathan&Haley
First T.V. Show Fandom: OTH
Top 3 Girl Characters: Haley James Scott, Caroline Forbes, Brooke Davis.
Top 3 Guy Characters: James Cook, Nathan Scott, Damon Salvatore.
Characters You Relate To Most: Caroline Forbes
Favourite Friendship: Breyton
3 Favourite Songs: Long Live- Taylor Swift, Time of Our Lives-Tyrone Wells, Marchin On-One Republic.
Joined FP: September 2010
Favorite LP Moment: 1x01 "Ok, first of all, you don't know me. Second of all, you don't know me." ♥
Favorite BL Moment: 3x09 "I love you.//I love you too, Pretty Girl."
Top 5 Couples: Brooke/Lucas, Jack/Kate (LOST), Jake/Peyton, Dan/Savannah, Seth/Summer and SOO many others...ugh. I can't narrow it down after Jeyton. Too hard.
Top 5 Shows: One Tree Hill, Lost, Friends, Parks and Rec, The OC
First Ship: Ross/Rachel, Monica/Chandler, Ryan/Marissa
First TV Show Fandom: Friends
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brooke Davis, Caroline Forbes, Juliet Burke
Top 3 Guy Characters: Nathan Scott, James "Sawyer" Ford, Jack Shepherd, Chandler Bing, Seth Cohen and I can go on and on...
Character you relate to most: Haley James Scott (Season 1), Brooke Davis
Favorite Friendship: Brooke and Haley, Joey and Chandler
3 Favorite Songs: As of right now...Pete Murray; So beautiful, Placebo; Running up that hill, and Sufjan Stevens;For the widows in paradise

Joined FP: January 2010.
Favourite LP moment: 6x15 proposal
Favourite BL moment: riding in the carriage in 5x05 joking about their future life togeather
Top 5 Couples: Leyton, Dylan&Brenda, Alex&Claire, Mark&Lexie, Prue&Andy
Top 5 Shows: Beverly Hills 90210, Grey's Anatomy, OTH, McLeod's Daughters, Pacific Blue
First Ship: Piper&Leo
First T.V. Show Fandom: Charmed
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brenda Walsh, Peyton Sawyer, Lexie Grey
Top 3 Guy Characters: Dylan McKay, Lucas Scott, Mark Sloan
Characters You Relate To Most: Brenda Walsh
Favourite Friendship: Brachel
3 Favourite Songs: Florence + the Machine - Dog Days Are Over, Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over, R.E.M. - Losing My Religion

Joined FP: August 2008
Favorite LP Moment: "Your art matters. It's what got me here."
Favorite BL Moment: "I guess I'd miss the girl behind the red door"
Top 5 Couples: Brooke/Lucas, Nathan/Haley, Barney/Robin, Jake/Peyton, and Monica/Chandler.
Top 5 Shows: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, OTH and the OC I guess
First Ship: I honestly don't know. I used to ship a lot of couples before I knew what shipping was =D let's go Jessie and Slater from Saved by the Bell.
First TV Show Fandom: Um LOL Idk Boy Meets World?
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brooke Davis, Summer Roberts, Jessica Hamby
Top 3 Guy Characters: Chandler Bing, Seth Cohen and Dr. Sheldon Cooper
Character you relate to most: Lucas E. Scott =) and Seth E. Cohen
Favorite Friendship: Chandler and Joey, Troy and Abed, Cory and Shawn... Pretty much any bromance
3 Favorite Songs: Um currently... Taylor Swift: Last Kiss; From the musical Assassins: Unworthy of Your Love; and... Um idk 3OH!3: Colorado Sunrise?

Favorite BL Moment: why?!?! I can't pick! I guess my current obsession: "But if you need to hear why I love you...I can go on night" pick one scene actually hurt me :(
Top 5 Couples: Brucas (OTP), Chophia (RL OTP) Seth and Summer, Pacey and Joey, Rachel and Ross. (If Chophia doesn't count, then Dylan and Kelly)
Top 5 Shows: OTH, Friends, Prison Break, The O.C., Bones.
First Ship: Brucas ♥
First T.V. Show Fandom: The Simpsons! lol Prison Break!
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brooke Davis, Phoebe Buffay and Kelly Taylor
Top 3 Guy Characters: Lucas Scott, Chandler Bing and Michael Scofield/Dylan Mckay
Characters You Relate To Most: so many! Brooke, Lucas, Nathan, Rachel, Peyton, Valerie (BH90210), Chandler (Friends), Jenny (GoG) and so on.
Favorite Friendship: Braley
3 Favorite Songs: I'm crazy about you, Angel, For love to hate or Nothing and Nobody. I can't believe I picked! :(

Joined FP: July 2009
Favorite LP Moment: Although it's a bad thing for BL I really like (as a scene, and how it's made) the library scene on 3x16
Favorite BL Moment: Really hard... there's so many great ones. But probably: Rain kiss on 3x13
Top 5 Couples: Naley, Brucas, Romione, Hodgins&Angela and Quick
Top 5 Shows: OTH, SPN, Bones, HIMYM and Band of Brothers
First Ship: as a ship Hodgins&Angela although my first real OTP was Naley. the others I just really liked but Naley is the first one I kinda fell in love with (if you get what I mean)
First T.V. Show Fandom: OTH
Top 3 Girl Characters: Haley James Scott, Rory Gilmore and Hermione Granger
Top 3 Guy Characters: Dean Winchester, Castiel and Nathan Scott
Characters You Relate To Most: A mix of Haley and Brooke
Favorite Friendship: Tie between Braley and Sam&Dean
3 Favorite Songs: At the Moment - Holocene by Bon Iver
Lose Your Soul - Dead Man's Bone
Together - Patrick Wolf

Joined FP: June 2011
Favorite LP Moment: "It's you, Peyton." 4x09
Favorite BL Moment: "Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday" 4x21
Top 5 Couples: Lucas/Peyton, Damon/Elena, Eric/Sookie, Peter/Olivia and Ron/Hermione.
Top 5 Shows: OTH, TVD, Fringe, Glee and Friends.
First Ship: I think Jack/Kate from Lost <33
First TV Show Fandom: Lost
Top 3 Girl Characters: Elena Gilbert, Peyton Sawyer and Rachel Berry
Top 3 Guy Characters: Damon Salvatore, Peter Bishop and Eric Northman
Character you relate to most: umm... I don't know I think Elena Gilbert <3
Favorite Friendship: Damon/Alaric, Elena/Caroline, Lucas/Haley, Peyton/Brooke, Kurt/Rachel... :)
3 Favorite Songs:
Get it Right - Glee Cast
Skyscraper - Demi Lovato
I should go - Levi Kreis.

Joined FP: september 2007 [old account]
Favorite LP Moment:"Its always going to be there isnt it?, you and me" 3x01
Favorite BL Moment: the kiss at the end of season 2
Top 5 Couples:Leyton, Violet and Pete, Spencer and Toby, Nate and Vanessa, Chuck and Vanessa
Top 5 Shows:Pretty Little Liars, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Dawson's Creek
First TV Show Fandom: Dawson's Creek
Top 3 Girl Characters:Peyton Sawyer,Jen Lindley, Violet Turner
Top 3 Guy Characters:Toby Cavanaugh, Pacey Witter, Cooper Freedman
Character you relate to most:Violet Turner
Favorite Friendship:Jen and Jack
3 Favorite Songs:mmm...idk

Joined FP: December 2007
Favorite LP Moment: "You don't know me" 1x02
Favorite BL Moment: Rain kiss
Top 5 Couples: Damon&Elena, Ron&Hermione, Cassie&Sid, Pacey&Joey, Booth&Brennan
Top 5 Shows: Bones, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Skins, Pretty Little Liars
First Ship: Jack&Kate
First T.V. Show Fandom: Lost
Top 3 Girl Characters: Peyton Sawyer, Hermione Granger, Cassie Ainsworth
Top 3 Guy Characters: Damon Salvatore, Dean Winchester, Pacey Witter
Characters You Relate To Most: P. Sawyer and Joey Potter
Favorite Friendship: House&Wilson, Peyton&Brooke, Damon&Alaric, Jen&Jack
3 Favorite Songs: Someone like you - Adele, Chasing cars - Snow Patrol, All this time- One Republic. Bonus: All I need - Mat Kearney


Joined FP: October 2008
Favorite LP Moment: 6.01 reunion scene AND Motel scene are tied for me!
Favorite BL Moment:"Stay" 5.15 BL moment.Two words:Picture Perfect.
Top 5 Couples: Leyton,Nick&Phyllis...have way too many to narrow it down.BUT I know Leyton's up there.
Top 5 Shows: Parenthood,Switched At Birth,Big Brother,OTH, and Hellcats.
First T.V. Show Fandom: Passions!
First Ship:Ethan/Theresa
Top 3 Girl Characters: Phyllis Summers Newman,Bay Kennish,and Janet "Jay" Kyle.
Top 3 Guy Characters: Fox Crane,Neal Caffrey and Michael Kyle.
Characters You Relate To Most: ATM Bay Kennish
Favorite Friendship: I am so indecisive...idk..I have many.
3 Favorite Songs: atm...(cause it always changes)
"All Back"-Chris Brown
"E.T."-Katy Perry
"Jar of Hearts"-Christina Perri

Favorite LP Moment: Not a big LP fan or one at all really, but I did like the 6x01 nuzzle and," your a mess Lucas Scott, but your my mess"
Favorite BL Moment: 3x09-exchange of I love you's and Lucas's speech to Brooke about why he loves her in 3x13.
Top 5 Couples: Brooke/Lucas, Ej+Sami(Days Of Our Lives), Dan+Blair(Gossip Girl, Damon+Elena(Vampire Diaries), and Brooke+Julian(One Tree Hill)...plenty more.
Top 5 Shows: One Tree Hill,Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Switched at Birth...plenty more.
First Ship: Brucas
First TV Show Fandom: One Tree Hill
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brooke Davis, Peyton Sawyer, Haley James Scott(I love my other shows, but these characters are the best).
Top 3 Guy Characters: Lucas Scott, EJ Dimera, Damon Salvatore
Character you relate to most: Probably Haley.
Favorite Friendship: Breyton+Baley
3 Favorite Songs: Not my favorite of all time, but I can't stop thinking about these ones: Forever and Almost Always(Kate Voegele), Edge of Glory(Lady Gaga), and Only Exception(Paramore).

Joined FP: October 2009
Favourite LP moment: Their first meeting<33
Favourite BL moment: Hmmm probably riding in the carriage in 5x05. It was so sweet :)
Top 5 Couples: LP, Ross/Rachel, Barney/Robin, Brennan/Booth, Jess/Rory
Top 5 Shows: Friends, OTH, HIMYM, Bones, Gilmore Girls
First Ship: LP
First T.V. Show Fandom: Friends
Top 3 Girl Characters: Peyton Sawyer, Haley James Scott, Robin Scherbatsky
Top 3 Guy Characters: Jess Mariano<333 Also Chandler Bing and Barney Stinson
Characters You Relate To Most: Peyton, for sure
Favourite Friendship: Breyton, hoes over bros!!
3 Favourite Songs: Always Attract - YM@S, Use Somebody - Kings of Leon and With Me - Sum 41

Joined FP: December 2010
Favorite BL Moment: I can't choose! right now - Tell mee that was a goodbye kiss/I wanna be with youu Brooke <3
Top 5 Couples: Brucas, Mondler, SethSummer, Skate, Delena
Top 5 Shows: OTH (S 1-3,5 only), Pretty Little Liars, Friends, Glee,TVD
First Ship: Mondler
First T.V. Show Fandom: OTH
Top 3 Girl Characters: Brooke Davis, Monica Geller-Bing, Elena Gilbert
Top 3 Guy Characters: Nathan Scott <3,Dean Winchester, Chandler Bing
Characters You Relate To Most: B.Davis
Favorite Friendships: Chandler-Joey
3 Favorite Songs: Too many.

 [b]Woot Woot! हे आप guys! So I know the Leyton प्रशंसकों have the LLT to talk on and the ब्रूकस प्रशंसकों hav
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