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Opinion by bdavis98 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I know a lot of आप प्यार leyton for some reason but I never was a leyton fan, for so many reasons but the main/big reason is it’s FAKE don’t hate me because it’s a fact, here’s how it’s fake: Lucas had always had a “thing” for Peyton but it was from a distant he never actually talked to her या knew her interest या anything about her. Neither did she Peyton in a later season says the first time she saw him she fell for him (where that come from she has been seeing him her whole life they were in the same school since they were kids, so when exactly did she fell for him???).

Not counting the affair they had in S1, they didn’t have any scenes या moments throughout the whole S2 then all of sudden the summer between S2 & S3 they start hanging out but the whole time Lucas was waiting for Brooke and Peyton was still heartbroken because Jake left and fiddling out that she was adopted she was busy trying to deal with her birth mother and who she is, and Lucas was crazy about Brooke all he ever कहा या did was to trying to be with her he didn’t even talk to Peyton that much since Brooke came back, and only considered Peyton as a friend and nothing more,...
List by TheBoySawAComet posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Bringing this over from the Leyton spot! We all contributed to putting this सूची of Leyton reasons together (although it was started द्वारा kelly!)..and I figured of all places, it should definitely be पोस्टेड in this spot as well! TEAM LEYTON FTW <3

Reasons that Lucas & Peyton belong together

#1. Because he stops playing बास्केटबाल, बास्केटबॉल, बास्केट बॉल just to watch her drive by. [1x01]

#2. Because he thinks "she's alright". [1x01]

#3. Because he loves her from afar. [S1]

#4. Because she loves him from afar too. [S1, S3, S4, S5]

#5. Because that's him inside her head. [1x01]

#6. Because he told her "all that", and they didn't even know each other. [1x01]

#7. Because she's not human, she's an angel. And she's his angel. [6x23]

#8. Because he could have fixed her car on sight, but he "just wanted to see her again". [4x10]
Opinion by kellyerin87 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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What made me give Brucas a second look- their little moments :)
So… with the हाल का news that I suspected I was beginning to like BL, I have received numerous questions, and concerns (out of pure shock) from not only my fellow LP fans, but BL प्रशंसकों as well. So I thought I would take the time to just further explain, and clear up what my official viewpoint/stance on the couples are!

Yes, it’s true, I recently declared that I had started to discover a “new found appreciation” for Brooke & Lucas. While making a big selection of BL icons, it forced me to re-visit their story a little bit. And as silly as it sounds, I will gladly admit that… it did slightly open my eyes, and alter my view of them. For the past… eight years (?) I had simply forgotten, या overlooked many of BL’s small, story building moments. Moments such as Brooke saying that Lucas “meant everything” to her in season 1. The way that Lucas fought, in every way he knew how to get Brooke back, even all the way down to trying to perfectly choose the right हैलोवीन costume, to impress her in 3x04. Him later saving Brooke’s feather from her हैलोवीन costume. Brooke ripping down all of her pictures of चुंबन other boys, but keeping the one up of her...
Opinion by Dean-girlx posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Do आप Lucas Eugene Scott take Lindsey Evelyn Strauss to be your lawfully wedded wife? I do. Lindsey I प्यार you. Every दिन I wake up and I have this ache in my chest and sometimes I just sleep in because I know when I wake up you’re not going to be there. One of these days you’re gonna wake up and feel that same thing in your दिल and you’re going to realize how much I प्यार आप and whenever that दिन is, I’ll still be waiting for आप and you’ll come घर with me. Lindsey I प्यार you. This is your home. Do आप ever miss me? *Lucas freaks out after Lindsey tells him she is seeing someone else and gets suspended from his job*

My main issue with Lucas and Peyton is that after season five they never once discuss any of the major things that happened between episode 1-17. The above are कोट्स from Lucas to Lindsey.

They run away to Vegas together to get married. Peyton agrees to this knowing that just a महीना (or a couple months. I'm not sure how the OTH timeline works) earlier Lucas कहा I do to someone else. Fine, I can chalk that one up to being "madly in love" and running away to find each other again.
Opinion by eka-chan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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With all the hype surrounding this concept, it's sad that its pay-off flopped
ब्रूकस would have been a better end-game, really. Still, there’s no need to complain about what-could-have-been. I can still remain steadfast to BL because what they had that kept their relationship intact (even when it seems like Schwann wanted to pretend amnesia when it comes to their love) are elements of perfect timing, effort and honesty; qualities that Leyton fell short on many occasions. LP was दिया plenty of chances to redeem itself to me, but they were all दिया away to mediocrity and stereotype. And they still are tacky till the very end.

Taking out the emotional intensity of the moments Leyton provided in s6, with Peyton’s pregnancy दिखा रहा है critical complications and Lucas questioning himself as a future father, their storyline which would eventually lead to an end-game seems:

1)    Melodramatic

बर्टन and Murray’s performance in episode 17 was heartbreaking; their अभिनय was synchronized and convincing. I was very moved with the way their worst fears were finally discussed between them and considering this is LP, with their passive-aggressive [i]‘will they, won’t they, why of course they...