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END GAME [ian&mickey] +9x06

● Damon & Elena|| Hold On [8x16] ●

Damon & Elena - I found

Damon and Elena || Run to आप

Multicouples | Too Good at Goodbyes

If आप want प्यार | Multifandom [+travesty]

Multifandom | It's Saturday Night

say amen. 「gotham's unholy trinity」collab w/ cunt club.

Sara Lance || Say Amen

jake & brooke (mtv scream) | faded

🌠John Locke

Multi संपादन करे - "We accept the प्यार we think we deserve"

Multicouples | Surrender

Multicouples || Photograph

Multicouples | When We Were Young (w/ Kate)

Multicouples || Run to आप

आप need to let this प्यार go || multifandom

Sad Multifandom | Sick Of Crying

Multifandom | Something's Broken In Me

Run to you♛ Sad Multifandom

Lara Jean & Peter एल Photograph

multicouples || it all fell down.

Multicouples || Hold On

●❝Forever is forever.. But sometimes to get that.. आप need to say goodbye.❞

Multifandom | आप did this to me

bodyguard | david + julia - डिनेस्टी

ilsa faust & ethan hunt || take me घर

ilsa faust || thunder

ilsa faust & ethan hunt || the funeral

ilsa faust & ethan hunt || sink [M:I 6 spoilers]

ilsa faust & ethan hunt || back to आप

ilsa faust || गढ़, महल [+MI:6]

ilsa faust & ethan hunt // toxic [+ MI: 6 spoiler free]

ilsa faust & ethan hunt // natural (+ MI:6)

ilsa faust // i'm a survivor (+ MI:6 )

mission impossible / ilsa faust / ready या not [+ fallout spoilers]

ilsa faust & ethan hunt || way down we go [+fallout]

►Katherine Pierce || Bad कुतिया, मतलबी [15K]

Katherine Pierce | Seven Nation Army

►Katherine Pierce | LWYMMD

Multicouples | "I wish we never met"

► sad multifandom | I wish I could take it all back.

tommy&grace:: the night we met

ilsa faust || survivor [+MI: fallout]

mission impossible / ethan hunt + ilsa faust / half light [+ fallout spoilers]

Τα Μυστικά Της Εδέμ/Παρέα Της Φεγγαρόπετρας - Horror

» Kate & Sawyer | Let me down

steve & bucky | we will never be the same again

Steve x Bucky | don't let me down

Thor & Loki | I Bet My Life

Steve & Bucky (Stucky) | when we were young

marvel || did आप see the flares?

MARVEL || Bohemian Rhapsody

Quinn & Rachel | आप make me wanna fight [+Season 4]

Multicouples | Youngblood [COLLAB]

WOMAN ♔ MultiFemale (International Women's दिन w/crazyhitii)

• S.L.U.T. [Multifemale]

spencer hastings | i'm not sober

I'm so sorry I’m not sober anymore.

Multifandom | I'm not sober anymore...

I'm a mess, a loser, a hater and a user.

Multi-Female • "As a lesbian...supporter." [HUMOR]

The Avengers | See आप Again

Tony & Peter || लॉस्ट Boy

lucy & wyatt || wildest dreams

Anne of Cleves - Shout Out to My EX!

MultiBrothers | Somebody To Die For

♚ MultiQueens | Just Like आग (YPIV#5)

MARVEL&DC | We will rock you.

Marvel || Seven Nation Army

Game of Thrones Females | Survivor

Multifemale | क्वीन

Anne Boleyn - Bubblegum कुतिया, मतलबी

MARGAERY TYRELL, hall of fame

Margaery Tyrell | क्वीन

Anne Boleyn | Illusory Lights

Henry & Anne | 9 crimes

» take me to church | henry & anne.

• so lost, I'm faded [anne boleyn]

henry and anne | everybody wants to rule the world

♕ Between the rise and fall ♕ Anne Boleyn {19th of May}

How rare and beautiful // ANNE BOLEYN


My Neck Is Open Wide | Anne Boleyn

GASOLINE | Anne Boleyn | The Tudors

Anne Boleyn - Seven nation army

स्किन्स | Youth

Effy Stonem || Paralyzed

Anne Boleyn - Look down, you're talking to your highness.


Damon + Anne Boleyn | This woman's work

I can't breathe - Anne Boleyn [May 19th 1536]

Catherine Howard | Teen Idle

[The Tudors] Henry VIII & His Six Wives // No Light, No Light

Katherine Howard - ❝Carmen❞

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I | Eternal प्यार

Hurts like Hell ► Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth Tudor (+ Henry)

आप Are A Memory II Anne Boleyn [19th of May 1536]

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth Tudor (+ Henry) II Already Gone [May 19th]

Anne Boleyn & Catherine Howard | Youth (100SUBS)