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Leyton Family<3 LPF ANNIVERSARY क्विज़ QUESTIONS:D read comments!

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 mooshka posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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mooshka picked fdsljfladsjfasd.:
Whoot, whoot! So the LPF third anniversary is happening on July 12th and one of the activites planned for it is the quiz round! It's just a fun/random game where you're asked a bunch of questions about the LPF and you answer them. The person with the most questions right wins and receives a prize! It's pretty simple. Listed below are the questions. Some are super straight forward and some are really hard and require you to do some digging. They're not all about the current members, the quiz questions could be about any member that was ever a part of the spot. (So yeah, people who have been on the spot longer do have an advantage) but the reason it was done this way was to make it more difficult. So yeah, answer the questions and pm your answers to the same person you pm'ed your LPF award nominations to and who you're going to pm your gifts too! The deadline to get the answers in is July 3rd! This way you have enough time to answer the questions and we have enough time to make gifts! If we have any ties for first place, expect tie breaker questions and remember you can't work together, it's all individual! Have fun LPF!!

Okay here is who you send your quiz answers to just in case you guys don't remember or are too lazy to look.
Send the answers to Moosh!


Send the answers to Rach!


1)Which couple was Holly's OTP before Delena?
2)Which couple was Amber's OTP before Leyton?
3)Who was Moosh's partner on the very first twin day we planned (that never happened:P)
4)There is a member named Rachel who is no longer active. What is her username?
5)What was Moosh's OTP before leyton?
6)Who was the very first Stelena queen on the spot?
7)Excluding Holly, who was the first BLer to join the LPF?
8)Which LPF member is most known for their love of music?

9)Which two couples are tied as Nic's OTP?

10)Which couples are Fatemeh's OTP's?
11)What character does Rachel relate to the most?
12)Who is Ade's all time favorite male character?
13)Who were the original Naley triplets on the spot?
14)Which LPF member is from Australia?
15)Who gave Moosh the nickname Mishka Mooshka Mickey Mouse?
16)Who gave Laura the nickname Lush?
17)When Margot first joined the spot which couple was her OTP?
18)On the LLT when you get the first post on a page, what is it called?
19)On the LLT when someone beats you to the first page, what is it called?
20)Which friendship do Amber and Moosh despise?
21)Who is Atie's all time favorite male character?
22)Who is Bee's idol?
23)Which couple was Aline's OTP before 11/Amy?

24)Who is referred to as Baby Ninja?
25)In ADF who is Celine's fairytale counterpart?
26)Which house of GoT does Rachel feel she belongs in?
27)ADF is based off of OUAT. What was the first fic Aline&Rachel wrote based off?
28)Who wrote the second wall post ever on the LPF?
29)Which couple is Ines' OTP?
30)Who made the LPF spot?

*Your secret gift exchange gifts are due by July 12th! (It would be better if you got them in before!) But yeah, this is the most important because we don't want someone not getting a gift.

*I think everyone has decided a family/group of friends for our icon event, but if you haven't go sign up for one now and also you guys start figuring out how you're going to do your icons/who you want making your icons!

*So I'm still thinking about making a party forum for July 12th. If I make one would you guys be interested? And who would be online to actually go on the forum?

*This has nothing to do with the LPF anniversary, but the deadline for the LPF awards is soon so if you still need to turn in your nominations do that asap!
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marakii picked fdsljfladsjfasd.:
Ι'm gonna answer now because this is so exciting akjshakjsa
I will send you my presents ASAP ;D
YES YES PARTY FORUM<333 i would like one !!!
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XNaley_JamesX picked sldkfjaldsjfa.:
Yay!!! :))
FYI, I don't think I ever got any presents for winning last year ;P

And a 2nd FYI: You already wrote the answer of question 11 ;P
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marakii picked fdsljfladsjfasd.:
Ok so searching in order to answer properly some of these made me all nostalgic and I just want to say that I wish I was here since the beginning of LPF & I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH<3333333
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mooshka picked fdsljfladsjfasd.:
@Celine: Oooops...did I run the quiz last time? lmao, I don't even remeberXD Well, we'll get you a prize anyways;) and OOOOOOPS well whoever saw that got a freebie:P
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mooshka picked fdsljfladsjfasd.:
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