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posted by Skylar-J
हे I'm Skylar!! My middle name is Animee (Animay). I like the color blue, I like Mint कुकीज़ and cream ice cream. I'm left handed. I have crushes here on fanpop.. Shhh. Lol. My प्रिय word is Smexii. Lol. My Besites are Taayy, JT(Pretty Booii), Logan, Sneha,Vixon,a and Kris. JT. Mmm. He something else. He be my friend one मिनट and then I be wanna to slap him upside his head, BUT aside from that I प्यार him! <33: He keeps it real. Taayy. She is undescribable. She got my back, she's fresh, sweet, and she calls it how she sees it. I प्यार her til the end of time. They are my Smexii Bestiees. And we kick ass!!!!

$ky!! *.* <33 Haterz
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