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NEW YORK — It's practically become a rite of passage for teen pop stars — if आप want to पार करना, क्रॉस over to the big screen, it might help to channel a little Joan Jett. That's what Britney Spears did in "Crossroads," when she sang along to "I प्यार Rock 'N Roll," and now JoJo follows suit, in her upcoming film debut, "R.V."

"I made a conscious decision not to play a singer in a movie, so I'm definitely not [singing for real]," she said. "But in one of the scenes, I have to put on an iPod and just sing very off-key to a song I had no idea existed before, a song द्वारा Joan Jett. It's so out of character...
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1. She has an incredible गाना voice for her age(18)

2. She is sensible ,no shaving head या dating loads of guys (Better than Lindsay Lohan)

3. She can act(aquamarine & RV)

4. Her style rocks ,kinda Hip Hop/girly

5. Her संगीत is brillant

If आप like to add और on please do so

JoJo प्रशंसक & एनचांटेड Fan!!!!!!!!!!

Few things आप didn't know about her

1.She's half polish and Irish

2. She started गाना aged 8

3. she dated freddie adu

4. Her first album was released in 2004
posted by mypromstyle
हे JoJo fans,

JoJo hosted a संगीत कार्यक्रम at a real high school prom for and her record label Universal Motown. She even sang "Too Little Too Late" in between introducing other hot performers at the prom, Ashanti and Lloyd! आप can watch the वीडियो from the prom at link, plus check out चित्र slideshows and JoJo's prom fitness tips.

Hope आप like them! Thanks, JoJo, for making a dream prom come true!