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I was searching PoM tributes on Youtube, and came across this.
कंगेरू, कंगारू
posted by AgentBobcat18
Joey looked around nervously. He shivered slightly. '' M-mom? You.. ya there? Mom?'' His Australian accent rang out in the dead silence.

A tear ran down his furry cheek. Bells rang in the distance.

Wait- bells?

He looked up at the sky and noticed a red sleigh flying in the sky. Santa!

The sleigh flew down and landed beside him. Santa looked down at him. '' Hello, Joey. Why are आप crying?'' He asked him kindly. Joey sniffled and wiped away the tears. '' M-m-my mom. Sh-she कहा she was gonna go out for a-a walk. But she's been gone for an hour!'' He कहा sadly. Santa looked worriedly at Joey. ''...
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posted by AgentBobcat18
1. He's a kangaroo, and kangaroos are epic.
2. He beat the crap outta Julien- he's good in my book (Sorry King J fans) .
3. He's Australian. Australians are naturally awesome (Mind you, not as awesome as Canadians, but pretty close.)
4. He has a pouch. Okay, not necessarily awesome, but pouches are real handy for storing stuff in.
5. His voice actor also voices Private.
.... I'll give that a moment to sink in.
6. He's an awesome singer. Okay, maybe not awesome, but I had a pretty big grin on his face when he popped up on the screen (In the Return of The Revenge Of Doctor Blowhole) and started singing.
7. He has beautiful eyes... XD. No, seriously, he does.
8. Um...
9. Okay, I got nothing.
10. See 9.