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posted by Bluekait
 is Danny Elfman, a movie composer.
is Danny Elfman, a movie composer.
I get inspired द्वारा music
And फिल्में as well.
But without them,
My life would be a living hell.

From red haired devil that sings
To movie direction,
But when do I ask
This internal question?

What would the world be
Without lyrics to a song
And an actor forgot his lines?
It would be wrong.

I hate to know
If आप disagree,
Without a murder
To a third degree.

The inspiration आप will find
In this poem आप read.
To find a happiness
या anger turned red.

This is the end,
Tell to आप something to know...
That this isn't what आप don't expect,
That आप made a new foe.
 Qoute from Johnny Depp
Qoute from Johnny Depp
posted by leuron
The special people in this world are the most precious and the most appreciated people of all. No matter what happens, they always understand. They go a million miles out of their way. They hold your hand. They bring आप smiles, when a smile is exactly what आप need. They listen, and they hear what is कहा in the spaces between the words. They care, and they let आप know you're in their prayers.

Special people always know the perfect thing to do. They can make your whole दिन just द्वारा saying something that no one else could have said. Sometimes आप feel like they share with आप a secret language...
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