Carly and Sam were walking to the apartment,they came inside and called Spencer,but no answer.Freddie barged in the apartment to see if Carly and Sam were ok.

Carly P.O.V.

Freddie barged in the room to check out on me and Sam."Oh my god..."He whispered,tears almost coming out of his eyes.He ran and hugged the both of us."We have to tell Spencer!"Sam suggested.

I called Spencer,but no answer...again.After 6 hours laying on the couch,Spencer comes home.He barged in the room with a furious look,Amy was अगला to him,and behind him...police."That's her officers!"Amy yelled,pointing at Sam."Whoa,what did I do?"Sam questioned.

Instead of an answer the police hand-cuffed Sam."What's going on!?!"I asked."Oh the poor thing doesn't remember"Said Amy.Thing?THING!?!"Why did आप handcuff my girlfriend!?!"Freddie questioned."Sam started to beat up Carly,Amy tried to stop her द्वारा attacking,but Sam punched her in the eye!"Explained Spencer.

I couldn't believe these...these LIES."THAT DID NOT HAPPEN!!!"I yelled."Sweetheart it just don't remember"Amy कहा sweetly."I'll put her to bed"Amy told Spencer."NO!!!"I roared.I ran garbed Sam and Freddie's hand and ran out the door,but before i did I slyly took the police's keys to unlock Sam's handcuffs.

"Carly,what are आप doing!?!"Asked Freddie."I'll explain later just keep running!"I told Freddie.We ran out to the streets,We called a taxi to take us to a motel.When we got to the motel we saw Gibby.

Sam:Gibby what are आप doing here?
Gibby:It was Carly's plan
Freddie:What plan?