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A Large Valrpin

iDrive Thru: "Can We Take YOUR Order?"

iCarly iDrive Thru 'Stupid Questions'

iDrive Thru: The Musical

iDrive Thru - Three Airhorns

iCarly's Jennette McCurdy Gives Us A Tour

Jerry Trainor Exclusive!

ιCαяℓу cast - Die Young

Backstabber- Seddie vs Creddie (Collab with MrsSeddieLUVer)

Sam/Freddie *Seddie* - Young प्यार Murder

Leave it All To Me: iCarly Theme Song (FULL HQ)

Spencer/Sam ~ Best Friend's Brother

Spam (Sam and Spencer) - Falling for आप

Spam (Spencer/Sam)-Invisible

||My कचरा, जंक, रद्दी is You|| [Sam & Gibby]

iCarly Season 7 Pics (Including iGoodbye)

आईकारली cast - ''These are the days we won't forget.''

iCarly meets The Pawn Stars

iCarly" Cast Talks "iShock America" Episode with Jimmy Fallon

Jerry Trainor Talks Jimmy Fallon on "iShock America"

Drops of Jupiter, Carly/Sam

Seddie/Creddie ; किस n Tell

Very Early iCarly Audition

Gibby Tribute

Nathan Kress Tribute

Miranda Cosgrove Tribute

Carly and Sam Gymnastics

Dan Asks the iCarly Cast if They Prefer Taking a Bath या शावर, शॉवर

iCarly presents "iDrivethru, Can i take your order"

iCarly presents : iDrive Thru Stupid सवालों

iGo One Direction Clip

iCarly Tribute

Dan Schneider Tricks the Cast of iCarly

New iCarly Rehersal

iCarly Tribute

Miranda and a Mystery Man

Spencer Goes Berzerk

Miranda Cosgove Shows Up Late to iCarly तालिका, टेबल Reading!

iCarly Cast Talk About Michelle Obama

iCarly cast - We are who we are

iNews with Spencer Shay

iCarly || We Are Young

ICAЯLY cast - all night.

Carly/Freddie/Sam: Does He प्यार आप

Creddie/Seddie: हे Stephen

Creddie/Seddie-Rumour Has It

Nickelodeon Stars गाना "Holiday Jingle" ♥ 2011 .

"Sam and Freddie...Perfect"

iCarly Cast on Brainsurge

Nathan Kress Collab Part (for TheRealKarinaB)

Jennette McCurdy ~ बार्बी Girl

Nathan Kress Vs Cm Punk

Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress KCA rap

●-- Jathan ll Beautiful Soul --●

Jennette McCurdy ~ Take It All

iHot Pockets

Seddie ,iCant take it ~ प्यार the way u lie

Sam & Freddie | ..and I could write a song

I can finally see (Carly/Gibby)

Sexy Bacc(icarly)

Happy ever after (idate sam & freddie)

Yes आप can hold my hand(seddie)

आईकारली Behind the Scenes Slimed!!

in theory, they shouldn't work. but in reality, eachother is all they need.

4 Days to go... // Imagine Me Without आप ~ Seddie

Freddie- I'm too sexy

iCarly // फ्रेंड्स Style

iCarly ; Gilmore Girls Style!


iCarly Stars Talk About Guest तारा, स्टार Jack Black

फ्रेड on iCarly

Jennetee Wishes आप Happy Holidays on Set

Jennetee Ice Skates for आप

Jennette McCurdy Nickelodeon Cruise

Miranda Cosgrove Facts

Haunted iCarly Set

History of the Set

Stuck on आप ~SEDDIE~

1 दिन to go... // When प्यार and Hate Collide ~ Seddie

Jennette Pulls a Prank

An Awkward दिन on Set

Freddie and Spencer गाना

1 मिनट Hot सीट With Nathan

Jennette and Nathan Rap

So Close

Headphones On

Raining Sunshine

Miranda Cosgrove Truth या Dare

Nathan's Ideal Valentine

Jennette McCurdy's Ideal Valentine's दिन

Jennette McCurdy Her Best Gift Ever

Miranda Cosgrove Reads प्रशंसक टिप्पणियाँ

Miranda Cosgrove Interview on Ellen दिखाना

Miranda Cosgrove Tals Dating With Jimmy Kimmel

Miranda Cosgrove on Jimmy Kimmel Live Part 1

iCarly Run Thru Begins

Just Before Rehearsal

Which Cast Member Would आप Eat?

Jennette Skateboards into Jerry

Jennette Finds Gross Goo and Nathan Eats it