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Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards, Overcooked 2, and More! (Fangirling)

‘Arrow’ actress Emily Bett Rickards stopped द्वारा ET to spill behind-the-scenes secrets

ऐरो तारा, स्टार Emily Bett Rickards Dishes Olicity Season 7 Scoop | ET Live

Emily Bett Richards slays Walking Dead Challenge

Reborning Trailer (with Emily Bett Rickards)

Arrow’s Emily Bett Rickards on playing with गुड़िया and TV vs theatre अभिनय

Emily Bett Rickards Discusses "Arrow"

Emily Bett Rickards' Knowledge Of Felicity Smoak Gets Put To The Test

Emily Bett Rickards on "Olicity" in ऐरो Season 6

Sunday morning - Maroon 5 (Cover द्वारा Travis Atreo and Emily Rickards)

SIDEKICK (2016) A short film द्वारा Jeff Cassidy.

Sidekick Teaser Trailer

Sidekick behind the scenes

Paranormal Solutions Inc. EPISODE 8 “Not All Abductions are the Good Kind”

Paranormal Solutions Inc. EPISODE 7 “Happy Endings and New Beginnings”

Paranormal Solutions Inc. EPISODE 6 “Only आप a Can Prevent Zombie attacks”

Paranormal Solutions Inc. EPISODE 5 "The Internet Killed the Video Store"

"How to Make Friends?" Episode 04 BONUS Paranormal Solutions Inc.

Paranormal Solutions Inc. EPISODE 4 "Sasquatch is your BC Bud"

Felicity and Donna - Happy Mother's दिन

Paranormal Solutions Inc. Episode 03 "The Leprechaun of Mobile Alabama"

बी टी एस of Emily Bett Rickards' photoshoot for Mane Addicts

Paranormal Solutions Inc. EPISODE 2 “Excorcismed!” (May not be suitable for younger viewers)

Paranormal Solutions Inc. Episode 1 "Werewolves Are Real!" (may not be suitable for younger viewers)

Aisha Tyler’s - AXIS A&Q w/ Emily Bett Rickards

Shake It Off Colton & Emily

Emily’s Bathroom Therapy - Identity Crisis

"Emily's wish" shared द्वारा चालट, चार्लोट, शेर्लोट Ross

Emily Bett Rickards talks about her dog (Ophelia)

Emily Bett Rickards Q&A with ET Online

Emily Bett Rickards' interview for KTLA Morning News

Tap Dance Challenge: Emily Bett Rickards & Charles Michael Davis

Emily's प्रशंसकों Tang interview

Emily Bett Rickards on Very Mallory

Felicity Smoak Good For आप (Oliver/Ray/Barry)

ऐरो Cast greeting Latin American प्रशंसकों

Emily Bett Rickards - Funny Moments (pt1)

Emily Bett Rickards' moby video: "sugar overdose. #Arrow"

Emily Bett Rickards en el Periscope de Echo Kellum (On set)

Emily Bett Rickards || Flawℓess

now आप || felicity smoak

ऐरो Cast at SDCC 2015

IGN Interview with Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards - SDCC 2015

Emily Bett Rickards thanking the fandom of ऐरो #olicity #mtv

Emily in a commercial for Coca-Cola

Emily's Sohu Interview

EBR's Interview - Paris Comic-Con

BROOKLYN: Official HD Trailer

Paris FLASH/ ऐरो Superhero Con Opening Ceremony

'Arrow' तारा, स्टार Emily Bett Rickards Talks Felicity, Oliver, Sex Scene

Emily Bett on the ऐरो Set. Arrowland!

Emily Bett Rickards PaleyFest Purple Carpet Interview

Emily Bett Rickards ऐरो Interview PaleyFest 2015

ऐरो Cast Introduction at PaleyFest 2015

Emily Bett Rickards and John Barrowman sing The Pretty Song

ऐरो - Stunts: Felicity Vs. Five Sit-Ups

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards - आप make me smile

Emily Bett Rickards: #BathroomTherapy III - CW FanTalk Pie EXCLUSIVE

Felicity 3.10 Part 14 "He was और than a friend actually" + Defeated Wifey :'(

Felicity 3.10 Part 13 "There's no this without him. It's done. I'm done" + Dejected Wifey

Felicity 3.10 Part 12 The Brickwell Job + Distracted Wifey

Felicity 3.10 Part 11 "When we lose someone, when someone dies, they're gone forever"

Felicity 3.10 Part 10 "It's fine. I'm glad we know now" + Wifey noooo. :'(

Felicity 3.10 Part 9 "I can see how much आप प्यार him" + Felicity is Rightly Pissed

Felicity 3.10 Part 8 "...sometimes all आप can do is to keep pushing forward" + Unsettled Wifey

Felicity 3.10 Part 7 "He's alive... He's alive" + Wifey still believing

Felicity 3.10 Part 6 Tracing Some Clues

Felicity 3.10 Part 5 Finding Brick

Felicity 3.10 Part 4 "Please Oliver, where are you?"

Felicity 3.10 Part 3 Felicity Talking to रे About Crime Fighting

Felicity 3.10 Part 2 "It's only been 3 days" + Wifey not losing hope

Felicity 3.10 Part 1 "Sorry is what you'll be when Oliver finds out आप took out his bike"

Emily Brett Rickards: Bathtub Therapy II - CW FanTalk EXCLUSIVE

ऐरो 3x10 is back in 4 DAYS with Emily Bett Rickards - Left Behind [HD] VOSTFR

LEGO बैटमैन 3: Beyond Gotham - Felicity Smoak Free Roam Gameplay (Arrow Pack DLC)

II Felicity Smoak II Bang Bang II

Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards || प्यार प्यार प्यार

Felicity Smoak - Ocean Soldier

Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes lip-synching "Since U Been Gone"

Humor Olicity - Happy Hanukkah

Felicity 3.09 Part 3 "Why does this keep happening to me?"

Felicity 3.09 Part 2 "I can think of one"

Felicity 3.09 Part 1 "Can we please pretend it never happened"

Emily Bett Rickards - Bathroom Therapy - UNEDITED FULL VERSION

मार्ग, रनवे | Emily Bett Rickards | Winter '14

Flarrow Felicity 3.08 Part 2 Verdant Pseudo Bonding

Flarrow Felicity 3.08 Part 1 Flarrow Ladies vs. Harkness

Bathroom Therapy with Emily Bett Rickards

Flarrow Felicity 1.08 Part 4 "The longer आप suppress आप emotions, the bigger the explosion"

Flarrow Felicity 1.08 Part 3 Affected Barry Being a Douche

Flarrow Felicity 1.08 Part 2 "Hey, what's up doc?"

Flarrow Felicity 1.08 Part 1 "I'm glad I decided not to go bra-less"

Emily Bett Rickards Teaser Clip for CWFanTalk at 7 p.m.

Emily Bett Rickards Flash & ऐरो Crossover Interview

Stephen & Emily | Very Nice

Emily Bett Rickards Interview: The Flash / ऐरो Crossover and Felicity’s Dad

The Flash vs ऐरो प्रशंसक screening Q&A 4/4

The Flash vs ऐरो प्रशंसक screening Q&A 3/4

The Flash vs ऐरो प्रशंसक screening Q&A 2/4

The Flash vs ऐरो प्रशंसक screening Q&A 1/4