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Elsa: Mother, I am flipping through the past
Turning pages of a book to find you
Mother, I am lost
Mother, I am scared
Mother, I don't know what to do
What were आप trying to say?
Must've written it down for a reason
Must've thought I'd find it someday

I feel this power surging through me every minute
Like a horse that's gone wild
Mother, आप were here
Mother, आप are gone
And आप left behind a scared child
Can't sit around and cry
There's too much to lose
And I think that I've been दिया this power for a reason
And I need to know why

I seek the truth
What are आप telling me?
I'm ready to hear
Can't go forward...
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Anna: I've seen dark before
But not like this
This is cold
This is empty
This is numb

The life I knew is over
The lights are out
Hello, darkness
I'm ready to succumb

I follow आप around
I always have
But you've gone to a place I cannot find
This grief has a gravity
It pulls me down

But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
You are lost, hope is gone
But आप must go on
And do the अगला right thing

Can there be a दिन beyond this night?
I don't know anymore what is true
I can't find my direction, I'm all alone
The only तारा, स्टार that guided me was you

How to rise from the floor
When it's not आप I'm rising for?
Just do the next...
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Elsa: Every inch of me is trembling
But not from the cold
Something is familiar
Like a dream I can reach but not quite hold

I can sense आप there
Like a friend I’ve always known
I’m arriving
And it feels like I am home

I have always been a fortress
Cold secrets deep inside
You have secrets, too
But आप don’t have to hide

Show yourself
I’m dying to meet you
Show yourself
It’s your turn

Are आप the one I’ve been looking for
All of my life?
Show yourself
I’m ready to learn

Ah ah ah ah

Siren: Ah ah ah ah ah

Elsa: I’ve never felt so certain
All my life I’ve been torn
But I’m here for a reason
Could it...
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I can hear you, but I won’t
Some look for trouble, while others don’t
There’s a thousand reasons I should go about my day
And ignore your whispers, which I wish would go away, ohh, ohh

You’re not a voice, you’re just a ringing in my ear
And if I heard you, which I don’t, I’m spoken for, I fear
Everyone I’ve ever loved is here within these walls
I’m sorry secret siren, but I’m blocking out your calls
I’ve had my adventure, I don’t need something new
I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you

Into the unknown
Into the unknown
Into the unknown

What do आप want? Cause you’ve...
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(頑張れジャンヌ! )


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I smell that salty breeze blowing through the fjord
I hear those creaky ships as old board meets old board

I breath in the place I live and wonder what else can I give this home
My home

Wandering through the town with everyone doing all of their stuff
Somewhere in my दिल I feel I've not yet done enough

For these people I know, this place that I प्यार so
My home
My home

I whistle as I walk, a lovely smell of kransekake
Walking out of the baker’s door
The merchants haggling over मछली remind me I have what I wish
'Cause I'm not alone anymore

I’m grateful for this castle
And for everything we've got
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Anna: Yes, the wind blows a little bit colder
And we're all getting older
And the clouds are moving on with every autumn breeze
Peter कद्दू just became fertilizer

Olaf: And my leaf’s a little sadder and wiser

Anna: That's why I rely on certain certainties
Yes, some things never change
Like the feel of your hand in mine
Some things stay the same

Anna and Olaf: Like how we get along just fine

Anna: Like an old stone दीवार that'll never fall
Some things are always true
Some things never change
Like how I’m holding on tight to you

Kristoff: The leaves are already falling
Sven, it feels like the future is...
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Old Norse:

Verðug dróttning stór

Hjarta af gulli skína

Kronum þik med vánum, ást ok trú.

Fagra, grýttur land, heimr Árnadalr.

Fylgið dróttningu ljóssins.

English Translation:

Worthy क्वीन of greatness

The दिल of सोना shines

We crown thee with hope, प्यार and faith.

Beautiful, stoney land, घर Arendelle

Follow the क्वीन of light

This is official Old Norse lyrics and English translations of “Heimr Àrnadalr” which was sung द्वारा the choir at क्वीन Elsa coronation ceremony. It was composed द्वारा Norwegian-Swedish film composer Christine Hals, she also sung kulning parts which is presented in several soundtrack songs of Frozen
posted by CuteElsa
Explore a wintery world of magic in Walt डिज़्नी एनीमेशन Studio's latest film, Frozen. This jacketed picture book features an original story about Anna and Elsa, the film's two sisters, as well as illustrations द्वारा one of the artists who worked on the film.
Where the north wind meets the sea
There's a river full of memory

Sleep, my darling, सुरक्षित and sound
For in this river all is found

In her waters, deep and true
Lie the जवाब and a path for you

Dive down deep into her sound
But not too far या you'll be drowned

Yes, she will sing to those who'll hear
And in her song, all magic flows

But can आप ब्रेव what आप most fear?
Can आप face what the river knows?

Where the north wind meets the sea
There's a mother full of memory

Come, my darling, homeward bound
When all is lost, then all is found

संगीत and lyrics द्वारा Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen
A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good girl आप always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well now they know

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care what they’re going to say
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how some distance
Makes everything...
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फ्रोज़न दिल (Cuore di ghiaccio)

Quando il vento avvolge i monti
con il suo gelido abbraccio
l’unione forma un cuore freddo
dal quale nasce il ghiaccio

Spaccato in due mostrerà
quello che l’uomo ancora non sa
spezza il cuore a metà
ed ognuno saprà
qual è la verità…

Ehi, tu! Vieni qui, tira su…
Ehi, tu! Vieni qui, tira su…


Fai attenzione al suo lato oscuro
vince con te, vince con noi
vince con duemila eroi…

Quando il vento avvolge i monti
col suo gelido abbraccio
l’unione forma un cuore freddo
dal quale nasce il ghiaccio

Spezzalo in due, mostrerà
quello che l’uomo...
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The window is open, so’s that door
I didn’t know they did that anymore
Who knew we owned eight thousand सलाद plates?
For years I’ve roamed these empty halls
Why have a ballroom with no balls?
Finally they’re opening up the gates

There’ll be actual real live people
It’ll be totally strange
Wow, am I so ready for this change

'Cuz for the first time in forever
There’ll be music, there’ll be light
For the first time in forever
I’ll be dancing through the night

Don’t know if I’m elated या gassy
But I’m somewhere in the zone
'Cuz for the first time in forever
I won’t be alone

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Anna: Elsa? (knocks)

Anna (Age 5):
Do आप want to build a snowman? Come on let’s go and play!
I never see आप anymore, come out the door, it’s like you’ve gone away
We used to be best buddies and now we’re not, I wish आप would tell me why
Do आप want to build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman (Elsa: Go away, Anna!) Okay, bye

Anna (Age 9) (knocks):
Do आप want to build a snowman? या ride our bike around the halls?
I think some company is overdue, I started talking to, the pictures on the walls — Hang in there, Joan!
It gets a little lonely, all these empty rooms, just watching the...
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What happens when आप take the lyrics to The First Time In Forever, paste them into गूगल Translate, and translate them into Spanish, Zulu, Lithuanian, Dutch, Hawaiian, French, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Latin, then translate back to English? This.
The window is open the door
Failure is not so
Eight offices Who would have thought?

Over the years, in the place of the empty-handed.
Why settle for a ball.
then drive

Real people
It's known,
But I am ready to change chat

Music, light,
I want to play all night?

I do not know if I am good या gases
But I'm here in the...
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Making Today a perfect दिन (Un Giorno Perfetto)

Oggi è il tuo giorno e ti sorprenderò,
è tanto che desideri una festa, lo so.
Finalmente l’avrai,
stai serena perchè… d’ora in poi conterai su di me.


Elsa hai preso un bel raffreddore…

“Io non prendo raffreddori, e poi…”

…nessun raffreddore in casa mia!

“Segui il filo!”

Ho già pensato a tutto quanto, lo vedrai quanti regali straordinari che avrai!
Se vuoi vederli segui il filo che ti ho dato,
Kristoff si è lavato e anche Sven è profumato!
Nessuno vuole come me la tua felicità,
ho messo appunto un पियानो e nessuno al...
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Anna: आप don’t have to protect me, I’m not afraid!

Please don’t shut me out again,
Please don’t slam the door
You don’t have to keep your distance anymore

'Cuz for the first time in forever,
I finally understand
For the first time in forever,
We can fix this hand in hand

We can head down this mountain together
You don’t have live in fear
'Cuz for the first time in forever,
I will be right here


Please go back home, your life awaits
Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates

Anna: Yeah, but —

Elsa: I know

You mean well, but leave me be
Yes, I’m alone, but I’m alone and free...
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Note: फ्रोज़न is not owned and created द्वारा me.

Queen Elsa was wearing a fancy blue dress and had some bags with her.

Princess Anna कहा "What is going on?"

Elsa कहा "I have some business to do. I will be gone all day, but I'll be back tomorrow."

Anna कहा "Okay. Have fun."

Elsa कहा "You too, but don't cause any chaos."

Anna कहा "You can trust me."

After Elsa left Anna कहा "It's time for fun." Anna went to the रसोई, रसोईघर and stuffed lots of चॉकलेट on her mouth. She कहा "This tastes so good." Lots of चॉकलेट fell on the रसोई, रसोईघर floor.

Anna jumped on her बिस्तर and कहा "Woo hoo!" She even bit her...
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