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I know lots of people have done this, and I've been wanting to do it for a while. टिप्पणी दे with your thoughts! Please no flaming my choices. :)

11. Rapunzel – A flower.
 Last place? But I'm the only princess with a frying pan!
Last place? But I'm the only princess with a frying pan!

Rapunzel is last on my सूची because she is just a bit too ditzy for my taste. The thing that really annoys me about her, though, is the extremely modern fashion in which she acts and speaks. (She uses the word “like” as a placeholder at least once during the movie.) Because of this, I could never really take her character seriously; I didn’t think it fit the...
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I just recently saw the लेख KataraLover made about a साल ago. Since some of आप have been posting such nice टिप्पणियाँ to me, I wanted to do this. I won't say too much because I don't truly know anyone here. And if you're not on here, it's not because I don't like आप या anything, I was going to do और but couldn't think of anything so I just stopped. Some I didn't say much about. Sorry I suck at this. I'm such a fail, here is my ''unfinished'' article.

She reminds me of Jane Porter because she's smart and creative. She's very talkative about some subjects on here. Her articles...
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My personal list:

10. Cinderella
Though I प्यार the lyrics and Cinderella's soothing voice, there are no songs that actually stand out for me. I think the soundtrack is a tad bit unoriginal and too simple for my taste.

Favorite Song: A Dream is a Wish Your दिल Makes
Least प्रिय Song: The Work Song

9. Tangled
I'm not saying the songs are not well composed but honestly, I'm just not fond of this soundtrack. Mother Knows Best Reprise is the only song that I think is remarkable; the score and lyrics.

Favorite Song: Mother Knows Best Reprise
Least प्रिय Song: I've got a Dream

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If there's something that I प्यार about most DP फिल्में it would have to be when the princess meets her prince for the first time so here's a सूची of my प्रिय first meetings of that kind, hope you'll enjoy this article

10. Belle & Beast

This should be no surprise to anyone, this meeting is WAY to creepy and sad. But despite this meeting I still प्यार Belle & Beast as a couple and I प्यार the scene itself. This first meeting could work better in a horror movie to be honest, but I still like their first meeting

9. Tiana & Naveen

Yes, this is their first meeting despite how...
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posted by KataraLover
A long time पूर्व I created these characters and I was planning to make a fanfic about them with Melody. However as time went द्वारा I decided not to because I kept getting bust with other things. But I decided to tell आप about these characters and who's parents they are.

Prince Poseidon
 Prince Poseidon
Prince Poseidon

He's the son of Attina and is 15 years old. He's very much like his mother and grandfather. He's bossy, a know it all, hotheaded, closed-minded, and thinks just because he's the oldest grandchild that he can boss the others around, much like Attina did with her sisters. However he's not the oldest...
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The अगला morning Aurora putted on her purple princess dress and was happy over getting to wear the dress again. She became surprised when she saw that Snow White was dressed in a new dress
"What a lovely dress आप wear, it matches your personality", Aurora exclaimed
"Thank you, your dress is beautiful too, I think purple is your color", Snow White replied

Suddenly they heard the door open and Aurora hided under the bed, from there she saw what she guessed would be the huntsman and she started to remember what happened last night. She tried her best to stay quiet and as soon as the door closed...
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posted by sweetie-94
Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this idea that I had, please leave a टिप्पणी दे and tell me what आप think of the idea :)

It's a pair of series that are going to be called The Princesses in the साल their original फिल्में came out and are going to be about the princesses, but they are living in the same साल that their first फिल्में came out and all of them (except Ariel) lives in the capitals in the country that their original stories comes from. I've only come up with a story for Snow White who's obviously living during the Great Depression in Berlin (the original story was written द्वारा Brothers...
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10. Aurora
Aurora was दिया the gift of beauty and the gift of voice. She has classic beauty and I प्यार her गाना voice but I feel like that's all she's got.

9. Snow White
Snow White and the seven dwarves is the most classic and original डिज़्नी princess movie in my opinion but Snow White lacks character. At least she cooks and clean.

8. Ariel
Ariel is curious, adventurous and romantic. Sure she was stubborn for making the deal but we all made the same mistake she did. The movie just over exaggerated the situation of girls doing something completely stupid for some guy. Nobody's...
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Since I did a डिज़्नी Princess ranking, I thought I'd do a डिज़्नी Prince ranking also. I've switched from using a pencil to a ballpoint pen. My drawing skill has vastly improved since my डिज़्नी Princess ranking, so I really don't miss the ability to erase mistakes.

10. John Smith
 "You think that, only because आप don't know any better"
"You think that, only because आप don't know any better"

John Smith is heroic and handsome, but I find his dialog cheesy. और importantly, I just don't care for his attraction to Pocahontas. She's beautiful, but what does he see in her other than that? John Smith and Pocahontas are oil and water. They...
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Snow White feels worry about Dee Dee's wheareabout, "I hope the spirit of despair doesn't kill her!". Tiana comforts her saying that there is no time to despair, but they must find a way to rescue her!
Luckily, with the help of new princess फ्रेंड्स from 6 new countries. They set out on a long a perilous journey to find Dee Dee before she faces death, and to stop the Spirit of Despair from making the world a depressing place.
As for Dee Dee, she is being ridiculed द्वारा the Spirit of Despair's henchman in her cell. Then, the evil spirit came in and tells her that her फ्रेंड्स will never come. "I wouldn't let आप do this, I wouldn't let you!" replied Dee Dee angrily.
"Oh, आप really think so?" the spirit asked her spitefully. "They will never come because my headquaters is far away from here and it's dangerous too!"
She vanishes again and her evil laughter sends cold spine into Dee Dee's blood, she worries that princesses may not make it in time to save her from being killed.
This is my सूची for प्रिय order for these 10:

Snow White(1937), Cinderella(1950), Aurora(1959), Ariel(1989), Belle(1991), Jasmine(1992), Pocahontas(1995), Mulan(1998), Tiana(2009), and Rapunzel(2010).

Also, feel free to leave a टिप्पणी दे if आप disagree/agree with me या leave your प्रिय DP list! :)

10. Snow White
Snow White is kind to every person and creature she meets. She is also fair and beautiful above all the maidens in the land. जानवर and people alike share their प्यार for this sweet princess.

9. Pocahontas
Pocahontas is brave, fearless, fun loving, and willing to stand up...
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posted by starlight77
People on here are always complaining how the classic डिज़्नी princesses do not have enough personality and don't stand up for feminism. Really? To me feminism is still being a girl but being a good person concerned with और than looks and having a brain behind that pretty face. (Sorry I am going to need a lot और convincing before I could even like Aurora as a character.)

Then people say that the princesses are terrible examples for little girls या are too perfect. Ok, I really want to know what these people are on, because that is so far from the truth. I feel like the princesses are made...
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posted by MagicPrincess
This is a countdown of Magic Princess' प्रिय non-traditional/peasant/regular outfits from the DPs!
(Note: Pocahontas and Rapunzel is not included because Poca wore one dress and Punzie wore her Traditional dress but later wore a और princess dress at the end)

8. Snow White's Maid/Peasant dress:
This dress to me is not the best. I know that she was treated badly and that the क्वीन tried to hide her beauty with this outfit, but this dress is just BLEEUUUGHHHH for me :)

7. Jasmine's Peasant disguise:
This. Outfit. BLEEUUGHH! Sure she's trying to be a peasant but couldn't she dress a bit...
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I'm in such a soundtrack mood so I decided to take a break from my प्रिय DP speaking voices which I haven't even started to write. I प्यार soundtracks so this सूची was harder to write than the others. I will post लिंक्स to my प्रिय scores and प्रिय songs in each movie. Image credit goes to disneyscreencaps.com.

10. The Princess and the Frog
Don't get me wrong, I प्यार this soundtrack, but not as much as the others. I प्यार jazz संगीत and Randy Newman did a good job with making the soundtrack. This is also the only soundtrack I have in home, I got it for क्रिस्मस 2009 from my oldest brother...
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 Blah, Blah, Blah. I am so tired of her talking द्वारा the end of the movie.
Blah, Blah, Blah. I am so tired of her talking by the end of the movie.
Sorry I am going to put आप guys through another one of these but I only have a little time and I thought it would be an easy लेख to start with. P.S. please leave your pitchforks and torches at घर I know some of आप can get really bad about this kinda stuff but do leave your opinions!

10. Pocahontas
This girl is just really boring to me and I know I am not the only one. She's boring and all that honky dory stuff about nature get on my nerves.

9. Aurora
You all know this girl does exactly nothing in her film. Nada! 18 minutes! I like that she is romantic but she seems a little hypocritical...
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posted by Swanpride
Yep, I'm a little bit early, technically the voting is still open for two days, but there was barely any movement in the मतदानो for ages, my दिन opened up, and I'm sure that I'll be very busy towards december (who isn't), so आप get the first part of the series now.

Before I begin, I want to explain something: I’m not just looking at the songs itself, I’ll also take in account the way it gets utilized in the movie and if it works with the score overall. Because of this, a song which has a wonderful tune might end up further down at the list, simply because it doesn’t work as well in the...
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posted by princesslullaby
This is what Princesslullaby, CuteDiana, PpgBelle4, and JonnaSe think Ariel's princess सूची would be.

Ariel would find सिंडरेला boring. She's too calm, rooted, and subtle in her humor. She doesn't have anything to relate to her. सिंडरेला doesn't have any grand discoveries या outbursts, which Ariel would love. Ariel is easily distracted and hard to interest, so सिंडरेला wouldn't hold her attention. She wouldn't get excited about her descions या anything. Ariel wouldn't get involved nor relate to Cinderella's story.

8.Snow White
Basically it's the same for Cindy. Ariel...
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हे everyone, so this लेख is about my प्रिय DP wardrobes. I´m taking into acount the whole wardrobe of just the original film, so outfits from the sequels are not included. I am judging the wardrobe as a whole, so even if a single outfit of the wardrobe is my favorite, I have to take the other ones into acount as well. I might write another लेख later with my प्रिय outfits. As with other lists, I might change my mind later on, so here it is.

I do like her dress, but I don´t find it that special and it´s the only thing she wears during the entire movie.
My favorite...
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posted by alexon31
 "Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope आप like me" -The King and I
"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me" -The King and I
Yes! I finally found the time to write this article. I´ve been wanting to write it ever since phantomrose89 came up with the idea (great idea btw), I just been having a lot of homework lateley (I still do actually, but हे it´s Friday so I decided to take a break, watch a movie, and write my article). So, without further ado, here it is, hope आप enjoy it. :D

First name: Well my name is Alejandro, but everybody calls me Alex. When I was in highschool some of my फ्रेंड्स used to call me Alexon (I don´t really know why) and they still do, but must people just call me Alex.

Country of Origin:...
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I'll be honest: I like the डिज़्नी villains और than I like the princesses, and I like the princesses a lot. Villains are so fascinating, and for someone who enjoys the dark side of life as much as the light side (if not और so), डिज़्नी villains have always been my प्रिय डिज़्नी characters. Here are my प्रिय डिज़्नी Princess villains!

10) Mother Gothel
I know, I know, I'm sorry. I know that Mama Gothel has gotten a pretty significant प्रशंसक base of her own lately, and I just have to admit that I wasn't that impressed. As someone who loves डिज़्नी villains, I was disappointed द्वारा how vague...
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