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Note: Captain जांघिया and फ्रोज़न not owned and created द्वारा me. This story takes place after the Captain जांघिया animated film. This story is for Fanfiction and Fanpop. Things at Mr. Krupp's school were actually going pretty good. Mr. Krupp often got mad at the antics of George Beard and Harold Hutchins, but the 3 of them became semi friendly rivals instead of being straight up enemies.

George Beard कहा "Things sure better now."

Harold Hutchins nervously कहा "Do आप think that things will get worse?"

George कहा "No way."

Harold कहा "I just hope that Professor Poopypants doesn't plan...
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posted by andy10B
To all डिज़्नी princesses fans

My मतदान i created about the new आइकन has raised some negative feedback about the new proposed one. Mainly because I have not टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे about it on the डिज़्नी Princesses forum.

Therefore I am very sorry I had no idea आप had to voice out your idea first and the मतदान will be abandoned. I'm not sure how आप मिटाइए a मतदान but it's fair to say that the original आइकन has 80% so it should win.

Please any सवालों या concerns please टिप्पणी दे below.

I hope I haven't लॉस्ट any popularity because of this.

Many thanks to M_gann who helped me come up with this idea and organized the first few polls, as well as to everyone who voted, commented, and पेश their lists! Now it's finally time to take a look at which DPs we think are most लोकप्रिय and compare them to which DPs actually are most popular. Please take a look at link as well!

11. Merida
Actual rank: 10

Wow, I am legitimately shocked that Merida is और लोकप्रिय than we thought she was. I've always viewed her as Fanpop's most hated princess, but I guess that's not true anymore! Unfortunately she's still very unpopular.

I'm going to tentatively...
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posted by Windrises
Princess Anna and क्वीन Elsa got invited to a fancy party. Elsa made sure that she and Anna dressed fancy.

Anna कहा "This outfit is uncomfortable." Anna's dress was warm, long, and she had a mildly hard time breathing.

Elsa कहा "It's meant to be fancy."

Anna कहा "It's too fancy."

Elsa कहा "Nothing can be too fancy."

Anna कहा "Whatever."

Elsa कहा "You better be on your best behavior."

Anna कहा "I'll try, but I can't promise आप anything."

Anna and Elsa went to the party. Alice Kingsleigh was there. She was a ship captain who saved Underland. She was wearing her ship captain outfit.

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posted by andy10B
I am really getting annoyed of this now. Layla Stepford is now doing this for a laugh rather than not meaning to do it. She once sent us an लेख saying that she is sorry, but obviously she did not mean it या that the cyber bullies just keep on going. Whatever the reason just pack it in. आप are ruining what is a wonderful site for me and other प्रशंसकों not just of डिज़्नी princess but of every Club on fanpop.

I don't know how they can keep going, knowing that their site would be blocked in like a couple of hours. I don't know why they bother. Annoying प्रशंसकों with racist, harsh and bullying statements...
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 Tonight! Tonight!
Tonight! Tonight!
Hi guys, since there was a मतदान about these 2 movies. It would be interesting if I were to compare both movies.


Okay, many of आप all know about her real-life story. However, in the डिज़्नी adaptation of her life. She first set eyes on John Smith, to whom she will save later on in the movie.
When I watched this film again, they remind me of both Maria & Tony due to the fact that they are of different ethnicity and difficult complications arose when both parties declare war with each other.
During the fight between John Smith & Kocuum, the scene resembles to the Rumble between...
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15. Tiana- Not a big प्रशंसक of her hair.. just plain and dull to me. Sorry. :

14. Alice- Pretty and all, but lacks anything special about it. Too ordinary. Just meh.

13. Rapunzel- I just believe that her hair is waay too long and unexciting. I will be honest, when she wears the फूल in her hair it's beautiful but still it is too long. When she cuts her hair short it becomes even और boring.

12. Mulan- Long and straight, however, nothing really going on with her hair.. it's very pretty, but nothing to it, besides just straight and long/short..

11. Snow White- Very simple, yet stylish. A short bob,...
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हे guys, I'm back with yet another लेख in my series! This will be another short one, since there aren't very many purple outfits in the DP lineup. So sad, since purple is my प्रिय color. I hope आप guys enjoyed it!

Previous Articles

5. Ariel's purple seashells

I wasn't expecting this to be the first outfit eliminated, so imagine my surprise when the vast majority of प्रशंसकों voted for it! Most users seemed to think it doesn't really count as an outfit since it's basically just a bra. Personally I really like how Ariel looks in this - it's such a classic mermaid look!

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10. सिंडरेला (Cinderella)- Pretty and elegant :)

9. Jane (Tarzan)- Gorgeous and sweet :D

8. Esmerelda (Hunchback of Notre Dame)- Beauty in every way, and has lovely green eyes

7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)- Bubbly and pretty

6. मूलन (Mulan)- Beautiful inside and out

5. Pocahontas (Pocahontas)- Exotic and enthralling, also looks like a model

4. Belle (Beauty And The Beast)- Sweet, beautiful, and smart

3. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)- Pretty eyes and hair

2. Megara (Hercules)- Mesmerizing eyes

1. चमेली (Aladdin)- Perfect and beautiful everything

Anyone else agree with my list? :D
I प्यार shopping! It's one of my favourite hobbies. I once did this for a poll, a couple of years ago. I thought I'd take it a step further. So this is completely in my opinion. This about choosing shops that match their personalities and other little details about them like how they decorate a घर या what their hobbies are for example. The shops that I've chosen are the ones I visit, have walked past, visited online या have actually shopped in.

Here are my पूर्व ones
Part 1: link
Part 2: link


 All the cookware Tiana might want
All the cookware Tiana might want

Kitchenalia Ltd sells the very best cookware from your...
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फैन्पॉप is a wonderful webside which is easy and enjoyable to use. आप can tell your opinions, write your लेखाए and आप know people are always going to hear them carefully. The most amazing part of it is that आप hear different opinions, negative या possitive, but in the end of the दिन the opinion आप once have can change and be और possitive या और negative, but people will still be here to listen to your opinions. Every single one of us is a part of my world, we are a small family. We have मतदानो and quizzes. मतदानो are very enjoyable, but believe me there's no such thing as लेखन articles...
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Pocahontas was out helping her people gather खाना early one morning when Nakoma ran up to her. "You shouldn't be working since you've had those frequent dizzy spells." she advised. "Nakoma, I feel fine. Besides, the tribe could use all the help around here." Pocahontas reassured. "Okay, but Kekata's got a close eye on you." Nakoma replied. "If I get dizzy again, I'll take a break." Pocahontas promised. The reason behind the dizzy spells? Pocahontas was pregnant!

"So, have आप told anyone else about the baby?" Nakoma asked. "I've told Mulan." Pocahontas answered. Nakoma was alittle surprised....
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As some of आप may know, Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourite डिज़्नी movies; because of the songs, characters, animation, morals and of course the story. However there is a German version (and I'm not sure when it was written, so I'm not sure if it was the original story) that is a little bit darker than the movie we all know and perhaps love...
So I thought it would be interesting to दिखाना it to आप guys and see what आप think of it. Let me know if आप enjoyed it - या found it horrible.
Please note these are not my own words. And sorry it's kinda long

Little Broomstick


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posted by zikkiforever
Dedicated to all the trolls out there

The trolls glow white on the mountain tonight
Not a peace sign to be seen
A kingdom of डिज़्नी fans,
And it looks like I’m the Queen.
The hatred is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn’t keep them out, heaven knows I tried

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see
Be the good प्रशंसक आप always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know
Well, now they know

Let them go, let them go
Can’t hold them back anymore
Let them go, let them go
Turn away and slam the trolls

I don’t care
What the trolls are going to say
Let the trolls rage on,
The trolls never...
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हे everybody! Happy DMLK day! I'll celebrate द्वारा some mixed people...

Lottie and Tia!

I like that even in their racist times Tiana and Lottie were फ्रेंड्स all the way... I'm sure in events before the movie, Charlotte's light skinned फ्रेंड्स judged her because she was फ्रेंड्स with Tia and Tia's darker dark skinned फ्रेंड्स didn't trust Lottie... I found this relationship sweet... she even risked a life-long dream for Tia. Can this friendship get anymore sweeter???

:') They've been फ्रेंड्स since they were 5 या 7... unlike Pocahontas and her BFF... we don't know a lot about them... she seemed like a character after those sailors... but Lottie and Tia have that kind of friendship. The highlight is their times. Talk about racist! So yeah that's it!

This Friendship is perfect for today!

[I] I'll do it but for आप Tia, no marriage included![I]
posted by JNTA1234
 I know I'm awesome
I know I'm awesome
I'm on a villain appreciation kick right now and since the blatant drainage of all charisma from his character in the remake is still fresh in my memory I figured I give Gaston some props. Some people would call a lame villain but I actually think he's really cool and these are some reasons why.

He's Hans from फ्रोज़न done right. Subversion of डिज़्नी trends is the name of the game in modern DP films, but like I've been saying, डिज़्नी Princess फिल्में have been subverting and reinventing themselves before डिज़्नी Princess even became a brand. In the Little Mermaid, the princess rescues and pursues...
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link" alt=" link" width="86" height="116" />
हे everybody! I saw a lot of लेखाए on here about "pretty डिज़्नी princesses" and thought I would write one too. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. If आप disagree then do something productive, like write an लेख yourself! Please no negative comments. Thanks(:

Belle is absolutely beautiful! Personally, Belle is my favorite. I think it's good that डिज़्नी made a princess that wasn't typical blonde haired-blue eyed (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Plus she has a beautiful दिल shaped face, बादाम shaped चॉकलेट brown eyes, and bow shaped lips. Also she's very kind,...
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 Which outfit will दिखाना as the best *(picture borrowed from disneyprince's article)
Which outfit will show as the best *(picture borrowed from disneyprince's article)
Dweeb started making these countdown, but she never made one with Mulan's outfits, so I decided to make one since in honor of मूलन month.

During the countdown, people noticed that, even if they don't put मूलन high on their best dressed list, all of her outfits are pretty and she has nice clothes in general.

There are 9 outfits that मूलन wore, and I separated them in 3 categories:


Casual clothes
Or lets call it what it really is- underwear. People don't really like those outfits because they are simple, not very pretty and they weren't worn...
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posted by madisonsavanna
 Baby Luna
Baby Luna
We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. Of how a girl named Aurora was put in a sleeping death, and was awaken द्वारा the किस of her handsome prince, Phillip. The two were soon married, and they lived happily ever after, but did आप ever wonder what happened after their happily ever after? Well, I’ll tell you!

The week after Aurora’s 24th birthday, she gave birth to a baby girl, a little princess. They named her “Luna,” which means moon. They named her after the moon because Aurora was named after the dawn, so naming Luna after the moon was to represent how Aurora wanted Luna to be her...
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posted by moulan
Belle is a young woman living in the French countryside with her father, an inventor. She's a lovely free-thinker who likes to read and go on adventures within her own imagination. She is not shy and is not afraid to speak her mind, especially in tight situations. She is very compassionate and takes care of those in need. Belle can also be stubborn, but she tries to protect people she truly loves and is very patient towards others.
Belle is a shrewd nonconformist for her time in many ways. The most pronounced is her प्यार of books, adventure and knowledge, which the townspeople find...
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