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posted by bluestarluver10
i woke up early one morning and walked out of my den. I never spoke to any cat, but my deputy and medicine cat. Today i was going to talk to StarClan.I ran down the steep पहाड़ी, हिल and ran right into a tree. I rubbed my face with my paw and continued running.I pasted Stonetooth and ran to a great big black rock tunnel and went in. My paws were soked with water. i sat down अगला to a huge blue rock and closed my eyes. After a while, the rock glowed blue. I pressed my nose aganist it. It felt cold as ice, my mind went black and i opened my eyes in a feild. "hello?" i asked. 5 starry बिल्ली walked over to me. one meowed" Grassstar, आप are a terrible leader!" another cat hissed "we should have killed you, not talking to your clan?!" a big tom walked over "i taught आप better!" i stepped back. I couldn't belive what i was hearing. they gave up on me! I opened my eyes in the real world and ran back to camp. I can't trust StarClan anymore! i thought. Cloverclan will no longer trust them!