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Fan fiction by devil_in_love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Let's meet them और is I talk about a character today we are going to talk about ami tategami

Matsuri is the daughter of Brooklyn and Hana, who where considerd as one of the strongest beybladers of the world, she got the बेब्लेड Zeus from her father and Hyourinmaru from her mother. She likes to बेब्लेड with Hyourinmaru और then with Zeus, since she can control Hyourinmaru better, and Zeus is और of a momento ofher fathers beyblading years
Matsuri's personality is a mix of that of her father and mother. She loves beyblading, and is quite calm, eventhought she's can react bubbly about things. Matsur is nice, strong willed, loves to cook and draw, she kind towards people, and is emotionally weak. Matsuri hides when she is upset या atleast tries to, Matsuri enjoys nature like her father. However Matsuri can be quite forgetful, this all due what happened in her past. She enjoys her time with her फ्रेंड्स and her brother

Fan fiction by devil_in_love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Nagi: kyoya kyoya kyoya IKUTO (her brother)
Ikuto: what
Nagi: he fainted
Ikuto: * carries kyoya to their घर *
Uta: what the
Nagi: he fainted
Rima: how will we go to party?
Nagi: I will stay आप 3 go
Uta: fine
Ikuto: call the doctor
Rima: bye bye
When they all go out to the party except nagi she calls the doctor
Doctor: *remove his shirt*he will be fine give him this medicine and this one and this they are 6 medicines
Nagi: that’s a lot
Doctor:I know each one of them has a time written on the box give it to him for a week and tell him not to go to school या हटाइए he should stay here
या else he will faint again
Nagi: how the hell he doesn't live here ?
Kyoya: *starts to wake up* where where am i
Nagi: you're in my house
Kyoya: why
Nagi: well आप see आप fainted at school and the doctor कहा आप should have 6 medicines
Kyoya: SIX
Fan fiction by devil_in_love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Ginka: what!!!!!!!
Demian: long time no see ginka
Ginka: what the hell reji tobio busujima
Tobio : get ready for defeat
Everyone 3 2 1 let it rip
After the one
Ginka: we won(:
Masmunea: naturally I'm the best
Ginka: ya right
After every one went घर it was 10:00
Ami: kyoya mom and dad went out
Kyoya: ok go to sleep आप look tiered* cough*
Ami: are आप ok
Kyoya: I'm fi*cough*ne go to sleep *cough*
Ami: why
Kyoya: I कहा GO TO SLEEP
Ami : *crys*
Kyoya: ohh ami you*cough* know I didn't mean to scream at आप
Ami: *whips tears * I know
Kyoya: now plz go*cough*to sleep
Ami: fine
Kyoya: wait where is kakeru
Ami: I think he is a sleep
Kyoya: go to sleep
Ami : आप sure you're ok
Kyoya: ya
Ami: ok good night
Kyoya goes to बिस्तर and sleep
Kyoyas mom: kyoya wake up
Kyoya: I'm up
In school
Nagi: हे ginka
Fan fiction by devil_in_love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Ginka: आप have a big school
Uta: whatever so आप baders
Kyoya: got a problem
Uta: of cores not I just like to watch बेब्लेड on tv
Kyoya: naturally I'm the strongest
Uta: ryuga kicked your but
Ginka: how do आप know ryuga
Uta: well first I know him from the battles सेकंड he goes to this school
Ginka:what how old is he
Uta I think 15-16
Ginka: he is with आप kyoya
Kyoya: whatever
Uta: हे ginka can I see your bey
Ginka: sure
Uta: is it an attack type
Ginka : ya
Uta: that's cool
Kyoya: walks away
Uta: your friend looks ill
Ginka: kyoya
Uta:ya his skin is yellow
Ginka: you're right
*bells rings*
Ginka: what do आप have
Ginka: I have घर I have art
Uta: my sis has that got to go
Ginka:*enters class *
Nagi: hi ginka
Ginka: hi nagishko
Nagi: call me nagi
Fan fiction by devil_in_love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Let's meet the characters
Ami tatigami (japnese name matsuri tategami)
Age: 14
Relatives: kyoya tategami (older brother)
Sheena Tategami (mother)
Masefiield/Tategami (father)
Kakeru Tategami (little brother)
Kyoya tategami
Age 15
Kakeru Tategami (little brother)

Sheena Tategami (mother)
Ami tatigami ( little sister)
Masefiield/Tategami (father)
Ginka hagane
Relatives ryo (father)
Age : 14 ( all age are from metal fury )
Uta hoshino (name from shugo chara but character from my head)
Age: 15
Relatives: nagishko hoshino ( same age)
ikuto hoshino (older brother)
rima hoshino ( yonger sis)
Hikaru masama
Age 13
Relative : I don't know ):
Yu tendo
Age 9-12
Fan fiction by devil_in_love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Ginka: 2 और minutes
Ginka: fine
Ami: kyoya wake up
Kyoya: no
Ami: आप have school
Kyoya: so do आप now go and I will continue my sleep
Ami: but but bu
Kyoya:*closes door*
Kyoya mom: wake up kyoya
Kyoya: ten hours
Kyoya's mom: wake up now
Kyoya: fine
At school
Ginka why did summer finish T_T
Madoka : it isn't that bad
Yu:how did आप not get in summer school ginki
Ginka: I hate school I'm not an idiot
Masamunea and yu: yes you're an idiot
Ginka: so are आप 2
Teacher: all blader go to the gym right know
Ginka: were the hell is the gym
Nagishko: go straight and then turn to your right
Ginka: thank आप ……..
Nagishko: nagishko hoshino
Ginka: thank आप nagishko
Teacher: ok all bladers welcome to the school here are the rules
Fan fiction by Zmidy313 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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This is a story about our Beyblading Team Kenzi, Mei, Kiro, Zendo, and Alvin. This tells how they became फ्रेंड्स and their journey through the World Tournaments! So lets हटाइए on shall we?


*Kenzi's P.O.V.*
Ugh, I'm so bored......
Kiro: *walking around the city* There's no one to battle around here…
Kenzi:Hmm? I wonder if it's too late to शामिल होइए the World Tournaments? *walks around and notices Kiro*
Kiro: *sees Kenzi* आप a blader? *taking out Flame Tigero*
Kenzi:You bet I am! I'm hoping to be a Jananese Representitive along with Ginka and the others!
Kiro: Hmph. Lets test your skill.
Kenzi: Fine with me!
Kiro: *attaches Tigero to the launcher* Let's do this, whenever you're ready.
Kenzi: Bring it! 3!
Kiro: 2!
Both: 1! Let it Rip! *launches Beys*
I hope this guy is good!

*No one's P.O.V.*
Kiro: Come on Tigero, *Tigero charging आगे to Drago*
Review by Reshiramdragon posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
fan of it?
Hello Bladers! I'm currently "transforming" a pic of someone from the बेब्लेड मांगा into a pic from the Anime. Be sure to see it and try to guess who it is(comment below). I'll post the picture when I'm done
1.Yellow hair
2.Purple eyes
3.Blue, red and yellow outfit
4.Had a dark past
5.Once a bad guy, joined the good side later on
6.Has a fair skin tone
7.A confident Blader
8.A Legendary Blader
9.A Blader of the Four Seasons
10.The Blader of Winter
11. A guy
12.The name has FIVE letters in it
13.The name starts with a "C" and ends with an "s"
14.He's probably one of my favorites


Exclusive preview!! (of his eye लोल XD)