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English Translation:

Yeah B.A.P in the buildin’
Ya kno whut it is
Let’s rock
Fight for freedom

Yeah B.A.P in the buildin’
You better watch out
You ready?

When we walk in the streets too we’re all freely
The free passion doesn’t wear out
From the संगीत fashion style really
Don’t stay back with the last trend ay, man

If others say yes we say no
We’re not fit for the exact same type
Like it like it like that
I’ll say freely what I want to say let’s do it

Scream louder and louder
Loud & shout in my chest
Scream stronger and stronger
Follow me make some noise
Come on

Until when do आप want...
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Album tracklists + DVD's

Limited Edition: Available on Yesasia
(Includes CD + Matoki Flash Ring)

Warrior (Japanese Version)
Power (Japanese Version)
Warrior (Original Rap Version)
Warrior (Instrumental)
Power (Instrumental)

Edition Type A: Available on Yesasia
(Includes CD + DVD)


Warrior (Japanese Version)
पंच (Japanese Version)
Warrior (Original Rap Version)
Warrior (Instrumental)
पंच (Instrumental)


Warrior (Music Video Japanese Version)
Making of संगीत Video, Interview

Edition Type B: Available on Yesasia
(Includes CD only)


Warrior (Japanese Version)
पंच (Japanese Version)
Warrior (Original Rap Version)

Possible Japanese "Warrior" single covers, however King Records, B.A.P's record label in Japan, has not updated their site with the तस्वीरें yet.
posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

A -yo Wassup What’s good What’s good
(A -yo Wassup Wassup)
It’s J-DAWOON Track
(How does it feel Let’s get it)

Everything is ready, check on
I dress up from my head to my toes
Let’s do it. do it. do it again
Do it. do it. do it again

Everything is ready, check On
Ya Know आप gotta gotta Check On
Let’s do it. do it. do it again
Do it. do it. do it again

Every single time, I have perfect swag
Why would I step back? We back again
We’ll take a step onto the stage
Whether it’s rap या dance
Keep stepping on the accelerator
I don’t know what failure is
I’ve never gone down so...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Ay, let me talk to you, drop it now
Uh, Yeah, Come On
Feels good, right?
Sexy, Special
Ah, girl, Tweet Me Your Mention

Sexy, Special
Hey, girl, Tweet Me Your Mention
Sexy, Special
She’s mine baby, let’s get’em!

Your eyes, hot, your hands, hot
Your slightly slow body movements, hot
Even your lip line and mascara, up
Baby baby

You’re chic, not an easy girl
You provoke my pride
It’s not easy to obtain an expensive jewel
You’re a special jewel

You keep turning away from me
You keep avoiding my eyes
But don’t reject me anymore

Hey 1, 2, 3 to the 4
Stands up, Stands up, Go, Let me go...
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We can skydive free fall
Skydive free fall

We can skydive we go
In this world before me
I’ll throw myself
Go to the other side

Catch catch light
I’ll bring you
I want you, back in time
Trust me and follow me
Baby Let’s ride

In the darkness
This scarred कल्पना calls out to me

Yes, That’s right
A bright spotlight shines on me
Then I fly high
Baby we can fly

Just let go,
Trust me and follow me
Throw your body (bang)

The sky has no start या end
I fly like a shooting star
My body pulls in even more
Out of control

Throw it all out and skydive
(Burn your passion, dynamite)
Skydive (everyone throw yourselves without...
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Himchan कहा not only him, but all the B.A.P members has a secret प्यार with someone.

Himchan कहा he can’t say who are those “girls”, but they call them द्वारा using a nickname … “Baby”

Yongguk was actually born in Incheon. Leejakdo was where he lived in briefly before when he was younger and he moved back to Incheon

Yongguk has had fun using Busan saturi lately, he’ll call Jongup like “Moon~Jong↘Up↗ee!”

Last year, Yongguk watched a movie called “World Invasion” with Himchan but he ended up with sleeping

Himchan older sis is taking too much interest in B.A.P. One time,she said....
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With such an obvious lie
You tricked me no matter how much आप tried to hide it
I pretended I didn’t know
I know all about what kind of relationship आप and that guy आप call friend had
All my gut feelings ended up being just right
Your front and back were different
Your long tongue hammered a nail in me
To me आप कहा आप were tired
But what I heard in front of your house was
A mix of the sound of your laughter and that guy’s voice
So Blind I can not see
Even my memories of chasing after you
Hey आप after आप left
Right there at that moment
It was आप who कहा it
That you’ll be द्वारा my side forever
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English Translation:

We’re just dancing on the floor
I keep falling for you
We’re just dancing in the rain

The moment I first saw you, inside my दिल was a hot heartbeat
Come to me tonight, let’s stay up all night together

Drenched under the lights is this town town town town
Coming to me is आप आप आप you
Your small lips, your moist hair
I’m falling in love

We’re just dancing on the floor
I keep falling for you
We’re just dancing in the rain
Your eyes that look at me are so hot

Already I’m ready
You’re very tipsy baby
आप want me too
Already I’m ready
You’re very sexy baby
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English Translation:

Listen babe,
I’ll dedicate this song for you.
A really happy you, who is अगला to me
I waited for today, your birthday

Your smile that looks at me oh
It’s really, really bright
I want to pick those stars for you

Happy birthday to you
My beautiful love
Baby, only for you
Because you’re here, I’m happy
Happy birthday to you
Just like today, forever
Baby, only for you
We’re going to be together

From when I open my eyes till I close them,
I only think of आप for the whole day
It’s lonely, a night without you
You, who is like the sunshine that shines through the window
You wake...
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posted by mitsuki963
English Translation:

You want to be a main character in a sad melodrama
Even so, we can’t be – you’re so fake, it’s so obvious
Other guys are comforting and hugging you
Just imagining it disgusts me, automatically making me laugh
Every day, I’m part of these arguments that leave me short-breathed
I’m tired of giving in to your unconditional standards, you’re just that much selfish
I’m all good without आप girl
Thanks to you, my memories have turned dirty
You are erased in tattoo

I have no regrets, I have none
Don’t even think that I’ll be waiting for you
I have no lingering attachments,...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

When I first saw you, I didn’t fall for you
The सेकंड time I saw you, your smile was so pretty
The third time, my दिल slowly started to race
The fourth time, I knew it was you, baby

I think I have fallen in love
That feeling that others always talk about

If I don’t see आप for a day
I think I’ll go crazy, I think I’ll go crazy
I’ll दिखाना आप my दिल that I’ve held back for a long time
I think I’ve fallen for आप (my baby baby)
I think I’m into आप (my baby baby)
Even the world seems beautiful
I प्यार you

To,To,To,To My Baby To,To (I’ll protect you)
To,To,To,To My Baby...
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posted by Fitch
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posted by Izzah1511

[Yongguk] Yeah~
[All] Woo!
[Yongguk] Ay! Ay!
Uh uh uh uh Unbreakable!

[Zelo] Huh~
You ready?

Sigandeurege jjotgimyeo kkumeul hyanghae dallineun nal
Jamdeureul jjochanaemyeo kkumeul hyanghae dallideon bam
Garodeunge bichin chukchyeojin yeoseot namjaui eokkaeneun
Kkumeul hyanghae dallineun jeormeun narui geurimja

Subaekbeon neomeojyeodo gyesok ireonago jeoldae sseureojiji annneungeol

Gieokhae sueobsi heullin ttamgwa chueokdan
Hanappunin urideurui iyagi jeonbu da

Na jeoldaero buseojiji anha
Jeoldaero sseureojiji anha

Pokpungi nareul jibeo samkiryeo...
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posted by Ieva0311
English Translation:

Without you, you’re my lovesick
Because you’re not here, I’m..

The moment I first saw you
My breath was taken away
My दिल pounded and I started to be sick
I get nervous if I don’t see आप for a single day
I can’t hide my shy face

At the thought of meeting you, I get dressed up
I want to talk to आप today, I strongly promise myself
Should I confess to you? I hesitate hundreds of times
But in front of you, my head grows blank at the smell of your shampoo

As if I’m possessed द्वारा something, my दिल feels stuffy
At some point, I became your patient, I can’t speak
This sickness...
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The globe is my friend
Where ever (we) can just go
I Go Performance या Travel
Whatever it is It’s Okay
Yeah I Know Something
Life is beautiful Play N Chillin’
I am wi ing wi ing (tn: onomatopoeia for whirling sounds) या bingbing (tn: twirling)
Fly around Kwejina chingching (T/N: Kwejina chingching means to feel good/be satisfied)
Where your दिल goes Woo
Living however आप want Oh Baby
Leave me alone Woo
Can’t stop My Carnival Oh
Seoul to Seoul Fly away
London to Tokyo
Every दिन is like Carnival Wherever
Life is like Choco
Seoul to Seoul Let’s leave
Paris to New York
We had a lot of fun all day
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The tickly sun and
The wind that is blowing gently
Are fragrant Because of you
Your pretty lips
The feeling that you’re always looking at me
Just puts me in a good mood
So Because of you
Don’t leave my side
As long as I have आप I think I can fly anywhere
I Fly high Yoo Hoo
Don’t be wary
Today is the last Babe
Tell me anywhere आप want to go
No one but आप will do
Before this night ends let’s leave the party
Yes Whenever I’m with you
The whole world shines on us and
It feels like everything has stopped
The whole world is beautiful
Because of you
Cause of आप Cause of you
Just stay द्वारा my side follow me...
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Just throw it at me
Watch the rocks hit me and roll
Say that I am stupid
Hey see who flies the best
Huh I’m a bird that looks far away
The bird that flies the highest
In the end who ends up the best here
Be embarrassed, that territorial behavior
Don’t interfere, just please me alone
It’s suffocating All दिन Your nagging NO
Everyone Hurry Up Hurry Up Fly away
I’ll just (go) my way this way Ye Yi Ye Eh
Even if they ignore me here and there it doesn’t matter any
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Up In the sky
(I) will be the bird that flies the highest
(I) will be the bird that flies until the end of the blue sky
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I only want आप when I see you
I Feel So Good
I only want आप when I see you
I Feel So Good
When I see आप I keep getting feelings
Feel So Good
I only want आप when I see you
I Feel So Good
I only want आप when I see you
I Feel So Good
I want to know BABE
Dizzy what kind of person are you
You’re not fancy BABE
But why is it that you’re shining more
A Yo your voice is like a sweet jelly
It keeps lingering finding itself inside my ear
I want to have आप BABE
Why is it that when I’m thinking I get happier
Baby you
Your scent everything Feel So Good
Come on Come on Get with it
Come on Come on Get with it
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Anchor: We're very happy to have an interview with the hot Korean rookie group B.A.P! Hello, B.A.P. Nice to meet you!
B.A.P: 1, 2, 3. Hello everyone. We're B.A.P, yes sir!
Anchor: First of all, let's let them introduce themselves one द्वारा one.
Himchan: Hello, I'm Himchan of B.A.P. Hello.
Yongguk: Hello, I'm B.A.P's leader Bang Yongguk Guk. Nice to meet you. PEACE OUT!
Daehyun: Hello, I'm Deahyun of B.A.P. I प्यार you!
Zelo: Hello, I'm B.A.P's maknae Zelo. Nice to meet you.
Jongup: Hello, I'm Jongup of B.A.P. Nice to meet you.
Youngjae: Hello, I'm Youngjae of B.A.P. Hello.
Anchor: Hello! Let's welcome the...
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Boy group B.A.P made the set of MBC Every1`s 'Weekly Idol' explode in laughter several times on the August 22nd brodcast.

Member Bang Youngguk reminisced with MC Jung HyungDon on his pre-debut appearance on MBC`s 'Lula-Lula',when he was teased for his lack of experience of TV shows.He also almost fell for the बिना सोचे समझे सवाल from MC Defconn,"Do आप प्यार Secret`s Ji eun?" referring to the duet they performed last year,'Going Crazy'.He was forced to say force to say "Yes,I प्यार her"after being jokingly grabbed and threatened द्वारा Jung HyungDon,who hugged the poor idol after with his forced answer....
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