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The continuation of the first one- link

~Yami no Matsuei~

February 5 — Chizuru Akamine
February 24, 1900 — Asato Tsuzuki
April 18, 1953 — Yutaka Watari
May 9 — Wakaba Kannuki
June 12 — Chief Konoe
July 25 — Yuma Fukiya
July 31 — Hajime Terazuma
September 17 — Saya Torii
October 18, 1980 — Hisoka Kurosaki
December 4, 1964 — Kazutaka Muraki
December 27 — Seiichiro Tatsumi


December 8, 1969 — Yawara Inokuma

~Yokoso Yoko~

December 12 — Yoko Tanaka


January 25 — Katsuya Johnouchi (Dub name: Joey Wheeler)
February 28 — Ryuji Otogi (Dub name: Duke Devlin)
March 1 — Ryouta...
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1.Naruto by:markzer

The wind of youth blows,
Helping the will of आग grow,
Cause if it ever leaves the Leaf,
We'd have no place to go,

The way that we unite,
The war not passing by,
We take part in the fight,
And take down sword and eye,

To fight for what we love,
To defend what we hold dear,
This aint about our pride,
Or about gods from above,
Our own desires pushed aside,
We're fighting out of fear,

Fear for our friendships,
Fear for all that's good,
To defend those things so pure,
We all do what we should,
We stand up against evil,
We can be the...
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genkou kassenki
my hero academia
the two हीरोस
boku no hero academia
Hello everyone!! Once again I humbly send my thanks to all those who're going to read this list. Since I'm truly attracted to physical as well as characteristically beautiful male characters thus I mainly watch those animes where at least a single handsome guy is present. आप know just like those "Kyaa-fangirl" all though I don't particularly scream saying "Kyaa"!! XD!!
So here is my list, hope you'll like it and please comment. I'll be looking आगे to your comments~

TAKUMI USUI from Maid-sama~
My सूची starts with most voted sexiest ऐनीमे guy in 2010. He is the most handsome ऐनीमे guy...
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Warning, this लेख will have spoilers for the मांगा of Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist. If आप have not read the most recently released chapters in the मांगा and want to avoid spoilers, I suggest आप don't read this article.

Okay, so now, Lewin Light is a very odd and mysterious character. We know where he's from and why he became an exorcist, but we still don't know his backstory, now, do we?
But, after examining the most हाल का chapters, I noticed a few things, and sorta tied them together.

At one point, Lewin himself states that he's not like normal people. He told Suguro that ever since...
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Kira. In the ऐनीमे community, that word is most associated with killers, and are shown to be so with that name alone. However, only two of the most deadly antagonists in ऐनीमे have taken this name (As far as I know). Those two are Light Yagami AKA Kira from the thriller ऐनीमे Death Note, and Yoshikage Kira from the recently released action anime, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. However, which of these Kira’s is the better Kira? Which one could defeat the other. Well, before we discuss that, let’s talk about the two for a moment, and see their abilities. Also, this list...
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assassination classroom
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Hello guys and welcome to my first official article!~ Today I will be counting down my personal चोटी, शीर्ष 30 प्रिय ऐनीमे openings.

Now before I start off the सूची I want to say that this is my own opinion! Please don't whine in the टिप्पणियाँ about your own प्रिय not making it on the list. आप can make your own lists if आप want, but this one is MINE. Okay are we good to start?

Okay, let's begin this list!

#30. Pokemon Opening 1 (English)

Pokemon was for me my first anime. I was a प्रशंसक of this opening the moment I first heard it. Pokemon ftw!~ ^-^
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