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Credit goes to Misty Chronexia.
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sakurasou no pet na kanojo
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Okay i wanna get this out of the way right now.
Many people think when they watch a gaming ऐनीमे like Sword Art Online it should be compared to other gaming ऐनीमे like Log Horizen and No Game No Life. But here i am gonna tell आप about Dot Hack the Gaming ऐनीमे that started it in the ऐनीमे community. Click on the Link that will take आप to the .Hack// Wikipedia website. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/.hack That proves and shows that Hack// Roots and Hack Trilogy with Haseo and the rest of the Hack series is Episodes,Ova and Spin off series. Just cause the characters change in some seasons...
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नारूटो Shippuden: Sasuke came back but so did a lot dead people

Durarara: city full of fucked up people

Hunter x Hunter: lots of training lots of dying

Haikyuu: gay वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल players in denial

Dmmd: no one is straight

No.6: killer bees and two gay boys

Hetailia: personified countries that are gay

Darker than Black: were killing each other but we don't know why

Prince of Tennis: everyone sucks at टेनिस except me

New Prince of Tennis: लोल I'm still better than everyone

Sword Art Online: four girls प्यार me but i chose the one that can kick my ass

Tokyo Ghoul: we eat people but we also eat each other

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