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Chapter 2!

"ALEX!are आप nuts?"i exclaimed jumping up!
"hm..........olive is a chicken.....she is afraid of ghosts...........olive is a chicken......"alex started गाना and walked around me over and over....
"you better stop doing,that..."i warned ready to throw a ball at him!
"well,if your not a chicken,you'll come with me!"alex dared me!there's no way i'm gonna back out from a dare,especially,from my annoying twin!
"fine!i'll come with you!!"i declared,though a small voice inside me kept on saying,don't do it olive,it's too dangerous...but if i bailed out,he would tease me my entire life about...
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posted by GIRluv29
Here is the freakiest, once when i was in my बिस्तर i had just woke up so i was laying down (this was a saturday) and i hear this voice calling my name (my names abby) abby, abby, so i thought it was the dog rustling around, i looked, he wasnt there.then i thought it was the vent blowing i checked, it wasnt blowing. द्वारा then it was still calling me i went out to my mom i कहा somethings calling for me in my room we went in my room the voice had just, stopped. अगला i was downstairs and i was playing a slot mahine we have, so out of the corner if my eye i see a man about 5'2 his clothes were torn...
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posted by ChuckyLover1
I've never seen ghost before, I think I remember hwen I was little I used to see things I didn't understand. I would see and hear weird things, but i've never come across a good spirit, a demonic spirit, ect. I do believe ghost are real, BECAUSE IF U BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE ghosts are real. Their simply just afterlife people wondering what has happened to them. And why they are dead, when they pass, their confused and can't figure out why they can't हटाइए on after they've died. That's called (unfinished business). But anyways, sometimes I do go visit haunted hauses and I never really see anything. I wish I could, I wish I could be a ghost whisperer and help people out! To हटाइए on! But that gift only belongs to specific people in the world. But even if I don't see a ghost in a point of time, they are for a fact REAL.
posted by R33n33sm3
This spot is welcoming all the people who simply want to find out और about ghosts,browse through scary images, look at the वीडियो of ghost's pictures or/and look for an intelligent disscusion about 'The existance of ghosts'

Im really pleased to see that already in the first day.
The spot has got 12 fans:)
which is pretty cool^^.

the spot is frshly-made,It is still in development.

Some pictures I might अपलोड might be somehow kind of scary...soo if आप are the type of person who might dream at night about scary stuff BEWARE

-hugs- R33n33sm3 ^^
posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
My house is haunted, as I कहा in the subject. So, I'll explain:

Well, it all started in April. (this is a REALLY long story) It was a महीना after I moved into this house. I was in my room, and it's unnaturally hot in there all the time! And, after a couple of और weeks, I felt something tap या flick my shoulder. I jerked my head, startled. But, nothing was there.

And as the summer months came, I started to feel और of an anxiety when I'm in the house. I just noticed it now. And, I have seen sightings, other than the foot.

Every other night, I'd hear footsteps when I'm the only one that's awake....
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 जैतून priston
olive priston
authors note- well,this is a story,inspired द्वारा the book गूसबम्प्स -the ghost अगला door, so hope आप enjoy!!!!

chapter 1!

"quit that,alex..!"i called out !it was the perfect weekend and there he was,my wretched little twin,alex trying to wake me up द्वारा using a vaccuum cleaner on my toes,yes,these kind of things happen to me everyday!well,you might be asking who i am,i'm जैतून priston, a 13-year old , desperately trying to cop up with my life....until,i went there....the house that changed my life!!!deep breathe.....let me just say the story from the beginning,from when my life used to be normal...........
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posted by ChuckyLover1
"In my opinion, I think ghosts do what they do because they are pissed off that they are dead.
And when they are dead, they think back they have unfinished business they need to take care of. And that is, torturing the living among them that soon arrives shortly after their death.
And I don't blame some ghosts, they torture because they want people to get the hell off their property!
But sometimes, they are just clue less and upset because they don't really know that they are dead, they can't help it.
Some ghosts are good some are bad आप can't do anything about it.
Now I don't know about hauntings, but as far as that goes, most ghost do that when their angry.
I'm not really a big believer in ghosts because I haven't seen one for myself before for a real experience.
But I do believe that they are out there, and they are trying to find their paths, and they need help to do that".
Chapter 3!

the strangling kept getting tighter and tighter.......the smell of sanitizors ,i realized,came from the hand...well,ghost don't use sanitizors.........i knew i had to do something....but what?my brain kept on commanding me to do something but my body wouldn't budge!finally gathering the last bit of courage i had,i used my torch to hit the was my last रे of hope to survive.........

it worked,i realized.....the was loosening!i uttered a cry of relief ,at the moment,i felt like jumping in the air ,as i kept my hands on my दिल and thanked god for sparing my...
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Long पूर्व in the little reserve called Timber खाड़ी, बे there was a orphanage that was very cruel, The owners torchered the children that stayed there, and most of the children died. One दिन a little boy had enough and ran away into the woods but after, The boy was लॉस्ट and died. Many years later the orphanage was caught killing the children and they were shut down. In 2007 Another little reserve came and bought the place thats when I first moved to Timber खाड़ी, बे the owners fixed everything up 2 years later they made a bible camp the kids that went to bible camp stayed in cabins were the orphans lived....
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posted by Elacool
"I don't know,guys,"Amy Allen said,studying the door in front of her."This looks way too much like homework to me.And school doesn't even start up for another week"

"I don't know why we let आप tag along.Try and think positive.This is going to be great" Briana Ornette said." A trip to a museum will be a great adventure only if आप just दिखाना a little enthusiasm".

" I think my enthusiasm just died,"Amy replied."A museum......"She made it sound like the sentence of doom.

"Don't be so negative Amy,if आप don't like it,we can go somewhere else but only if the rest of the gang agrees with me" I said."Let's...
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posted by JeanetteMiller2
Okay, nobody else has experienced this but once my sister Eleanor and I were the last ones in the house.I was going to our room and Eleanor was in the living room till I stopped almost in the hall and stared.I was staring at someone walking from Dave's room to the bathroom and I only saw two feet and the bottom of it's dress.And the feet were gray, so was the dress.They I shivered because it had gotten EXTREMELY cold.I grabbed Eleanor's arm and burst out the door trying to catch up with Brittany and the Chipmunks.I was so scared but had told nobody but my diary and Eleanor to this दिन and Eleanor कहा she saw nothing.So now every night I sleep with my radio on and play my DS till I fall alsleep.

But Dave's house is 50 years old and I want to know it's history.
posted by malandcar
This is a song I made at a park soon after my फ्रेंड्स saw a ghost.

Far from the clutches of man, the ghost child sings. Far from the clutches of life I wait. Killed in the घर of the fish, still thinking as water filled my lungs revenge . Long as I wait, the ghost child sings, soon आप come. I will take आप with to my new land. The land of death and revenge, it sings. In the घर of death.
It's kinnda short but creepy. Hope आप liked it and प्रशंसक me(maybe).
posted by lolfan88
Well I used to live in a house but we moved to an Ampatment in New Rochelle. So here's what happens.

It was started with my older sister. She used to work really late so he would come घर late. Like two या three in the morning. She would sit in the living room. And from the living room आप can see the kichken. She कहा she feel like someone was standing there watching her. She got creeped out and went to bed. She also कहा that she sometimes she saw shadows of people walking around. My expericen was when I had a nightmare and I was 10 I'm pretty tall so my perants told me to sleep on the सोफ़ा, सोफे in the living room. And I felt like someone was standing in the door way to the kichken. I got so creep out I just went back to my room.

This ends part one!!! I have और story's to tell so I'll tell them laters nights!!
It was my brother's graduation I guess he wanted us
to come. It was a two दिन thing so me,my dad(conrad),and my little sister(christan) went.My big sister came too(myrna) and my brother(chris) we had to stay in old little houses my brother chris and my big sister myrna stayed with my aunt delia and some other people just me, my dad, and christan went to a different house and keep this little secret demons stick around my little sister and me kinda we went to the little house and the room had 4 bunk beds and 2 beds in the middle of the room me and my sister wanted to sleep on the चोटी, शीर्ष of the...
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posted by R33n33sm3
What are Ghosts?
Ghosts & Spirits
Ghosts are earthbound spirits of human beings and जानवर that
manifest in both the physical and spiritual realms. Ghosts are spirits
and alive, retaining the mind of the individual. True ghosts are not
dead, for death is an illusion. It is theorized that some ghosts seem to
be residual energy left behind द्वारा a person before passing.    

    These types of ghosts are considered unintelligent, because they seem to continue...
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