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posted by Bubblepop00
I was पढ़ना up somewhere that Junho will be replacing Jae-bum. But I have confirmed itXD...after several hours of searching, I went to there official site and here's the information for आप all.


No new leader will be chosen for 2PM.

JYP Entertainment company stated that they felt there was no need for picking a new leader in current 2PM because every member had matured to take care of their own business. As JYP कहा in Golden मछली Tank talk दिखाना (details), he is planning of bringing back Jae-Bum to 2PM in the future and picking a new leader might give a wrong idea to the fans.

It is reported that it will be hard to see members of 2PM in a Korean variety shows for a while. This is part of their effort to mitigate the ripple effect of Jae-Bum incident.
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