Emily Braverman

·June 2009 से फैन्पॉप कर रहे हैं

  • Female, 25 years old
  • Jacksonville ,FL, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: सूपरनॅचुरल , King of the Hill, Cake boss, Deadly women, My strange addiction, Almost any reality TV.
    Favorite Movie: House of wax (2005) , High school musical (1,2,3) , Daddy दिन care, Problem child, Children of the मक्का, मकई (original), The omen, Cheaper द्वारा the dozen
    Favorite Musician: No one in particuler. My favorit actor is Jared Padalecki and James franco; Also: Jensen Ackles and Alexandra Daddario
    Favorite Book or Author: I don't read out side of school, i did kinda enjoy "diary of a wimpy kid".
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