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post a sad mv of any singer (english या korean ) and get प्रॉप्स

2 answers | my answer: mine i प्यार this it's द्वारा taeyeon from snsd
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6 answers | my answer: amanda या emily?
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Does anyone know what club has the most fans?

5 answers | my answer: sorry I don't know maybe no one knows.
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It is now 3:31am. Who's out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 answers | my answer: 8:52 here. XD
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i have a terrible headache .how can i get better ..??

5 answers | my answer: eat medicine या drink चाय and stay away from बिना सोचे समझे...
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Do आप run fast!??!?!

7 answers | my answer: 1st yup and 2nd idk ._.
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Is this सवाल stupid ?

10 answers | my answer: what question?
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What does l.o.v.e. Stand for, be creative :)

52 answers | my answer: एल = line o = of v = vast e = equality lolwut?...
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लोल im so bored and idk what to do lolz :P

8 answers | my answer: write a stupid लेख like i just did.
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Alright who reported the troll?

11 answers | my answer: hi