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  • Female, 23 years old
  • संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका
  • Favorite TV Show: Leverage, Dance Moms, Castle, Mysteries at the Museum
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, The Fault In Our Stars, The Great Gatsby
    Favorite Musician: Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, Nicki Minaj, मरीना and The Diamonds
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter series, any John Green, The Giver
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SantaFany कहा …
read please!! (click the link) पोस्टेड एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
SantaFany कहा …
Wow!! i haven't been here in forever. It feels kinda weird. I don't think i'll be logging on anymore. I recently moved, so i have a lot do and only 2 weeks until school starts again. This was the first account i ever created on the internet (no joke). i was 13 i think. I'm gonna be 16 now in 5 days. i think that's pretty cool. Does anyone even go on here anymore?? I wouldn't think so. Anyway, i hope whoever is here has a great day. Bye! ♥ पोस्टेड एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
rakshasa के लिए प्रॉप्स दिया मुझे my answers
☆ Thanks for the add back ^_^
& Nice to meet आप पोस्टेड एक साल  से अधिक पुराना