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  • Female, 20 years old
  • Magnolia, Fiore
  • Favorite TV Show: Anine, Catfish, Supernatural, Dr.Who, Steven Universe
    Favorite Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Blue Exorcist Movie, HTTYD 1&2
    Favorite Musician: गोरिलाज़
    Favorite Book or Author: Manga, Evil? , Vlad Tod
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BlackSparrow कहा …
I was just letting आप know there was no time skip on Marrying the Enemy - people are just kind of going at their own pace.
Here's my last response to आप for whenever आप are ready (We can skip if आप want या we can just stay where we are)


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हे guys sorry for being inactive ive been busy पोस्टेड एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
TAIKAMODO के लिए प्रॉप्स दिया मुझे my articles
Finished it!

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