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posted by Zutara4eva
Zuko looked back at his father.
But he was no longer looking at Zuko.He started to stare at Katara."Take my son away and keep this beautiful maiden here with me" Ozai looked at Katara."So I see आप have a thing for Zuko" Ozai कहा and started to pace around the room.
"No" Katara said.
"Of course आप do but I think आप will make a good step-mother for him" Ozai कहा and stopped pacing.Katara knew what he was thinking.He wanted to marry her."No I will never marry you" Katara started to run."after her" Ozai called.Katara looked over her shoulder.She took the water out the canteen and and turn it...
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posted by Zutara4eva
Zuko just looked into
a blank vision."Why did Mai do that," He कहा in his mind."why"
Katara jumped in her bed.She
started sobbing and shoved her face into the large but rather hard pillow.Aang heard her crying and walked into her room."You Ok" he asked and sat on her bed.
"No" she answer and threw the तकिया on the blood red carpet.
"What happened" Aang asked and looked at her.
"Zuko still likes Mai," She कहा and looked at him.
"I'm never going to look at him attractive again" she said.
"Well आप cry it out" he कहा and walked away.
Zuko walked up the stairs.
He went into his room.He got undressed...
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added by Zutara4eva
posted by Zutara4eva
Katara and Zuko packed
their bags the moment they left.Katara packed her canteen, a few wraps, a swimsuit(for bathing),and water.Zuko packed the same thing(except the wrapping).They had to tip toe out so the guards wont see them.If they saw them leaving,they would try to follow(since Zuko is आग Lord).They managed to get out.They were on their way to the harbor.
They were silent for a few hours
till Katara broke it."I hate you" she said
"I hate आप too" Zuko answered.
"We are here" he said
and they hid behind a bush."Stay close if they see us who knows what they will do"
They tip toe all the...
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posted by Zutara4eva
Suki ran back inside
like nothing happened.She knew Zuko and Katara liked each other.So why not let them marry.After she made a plan in her head she went to sleep.
The अगला morning Katara
and Suki was already dressed.Zuko was still sleep.
"Hey Katara lets wake Zuko up we need to get a हटाइए on" Suki said.
"Alright alright" Katara कहा and leaned over Zuko(a few inches from his lips).
"Zuko wake up" Katara said.Zuko woke.Then Suki pushed Katara which made her किस Zuko.Katara and Zuko eyes grew wide.Katara pulled away quickly.Suki giggled."Um...ah.s-sorry..Z-Zuko" Katara कहा and walked out the room.Suki's...
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posted by Zutara4eva
"Zuko..Zuko wake up," Katara
whispered in his ear."wake up"
"Uhh" Zuko mumbled and lifted himself up"Where am I" he asked.
"At घर silly आप are fully recovered
you can do anything now" she कहा in high pitch voice."Your happy" Zuko said."Are आप happy enough to go one a तारीख, दिनांक with me".
Katara blushed."S-Sure" she staggered.
"OK meet me outside the palace at seven" He कहा and smiled.
"Alright. Zuko the maids will come and help आप while I get ready OK bye" She कहा and kissed him on the cheek.
Later that night Katara waited at
the front of the palace."Zuko Zuko" she called."Sorry Katara," Zuko...
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posted by Zutara4eva
Zuko changed.He put the same
pants Suki put the हार in.A few मिनटों later everyone was ready.They walked out the palace.While they were walking they disgust what they will do to Azula and how to get their फ्रेंड्स back.At least 7 hours passed."We should camp here" Katara suggested.
"OK everyone unpack" Zuko yelled.Everyone unpacked.Once they were done packing the needed things, put their tents."Uh oh" Suki said."I forgot my tent oops"
"Suki आप can sleep in mine I'll sleep with..........Zuko"
"Ok thanks Katara" Suki replied.
"Katara you-"Zuko कहा then was cut off.
"Move Zuko" Katara कहा and...
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posted by Zutara4eva
In the early noon,Zuko woke up
from his hospital bed.Katara was sitting in the chair अगला to the bed.Katara never left the ER since he was in there."Ahh" Zuko mumbles as he try to get up."Huh what we're under attack" Katara jumps up and uses the water from the plants to knock out a window."Oops...we're not under attack are we" Katara says.
"No" Zuko laughs.
"Zuko I be right back I need to go get something for you" Katara says and kisses him goodbye.
"My nephew," Zuko looked
over his shoulder and saw his uncle."I have bad news"
"What no greeting" Zuko looks at his uncle suspiciously."Hello" Iroh...
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posted by Zutara4eva
"I'm in प्यार with-"
Katara tried to start.BAM BOOM BOOM CRACK POW!Something was going on in the kitchen.
"NO" Katara yells as she sees a
trail of blood on the ground.It leads to Zuko.
"What happened" Katara ask
then starts to cry."Aang and Toph got in a another fight" Sokka says in like he is whispering."WHAT IS WRONG WITH आप TWO," Katara turns to Toph and Aang."I ALREADY ALMOST लॉस्ट HIM ONCE AND ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN"
Katara trys to heal him but it is no use.Katara jumps ups and looks for help."Someone help," Katara yells all threw the palace.
"The आग Lord needs help"
Iroh comes running...
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posted by Zutara4eva
"Whoa,"Katara woke up sweating
bullets."I need to lay off the cactus juice..." Katara and the gaang stayed at the palace(since Zuko was आग Lord).The house they lived in before kinda got caught on fire.
Katara walked द्वारा all the rooms
everyone stayed in.Suki and Sokka's room.Aang's room.Toph's room.And Zuko's room.Katara loved Zuko's room it was the most beautiful she ever seen."Miss Katara,"
Katara turned a around very startled.
"Oh,its आप Iroh" Katara कहा in a very calm manner.
"Why are आप out of बिस्तर its very chilly out,you can get a cold.Go to your room where it is nice and warm" Iroh said....
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posted by Zutara4eva
"Did आप set this up
Zuko" Katara whispered in his ear.
"No" Zuko replied.
"Well guess what I'm your wife now so आप have to be nice to me and not cheat on me with that boring ईमो girl!"
"Ok" Zuko कहा and was walking a bit faster."WAIT," a voice called after them."You supposed to carry her duh" Suki कहा grinning.Zuko picked up Katara and carried her out.Suki came busting out the door.
"Hey guys now that you're married yall need a honeymoon" Suki कहा and screamed.
"Ummm not yet" Katara कहा blushing.When the three were almost outside,people came running out.They asked all kinds of सवालों to...
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