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posted by sylareiff
that it is so awesome that Zach is from Pittsburgh because I am from Pittsburgh. It is really nice to know that such a great actor came out of Pittsburgh and he inspires me to continue acting. I was thinking about giving up all hopes of being an actor till I found Zach. He showed me that someone from Pittsbugh and not New York या LA can be a great actor and be recognized for it. Because of him I want to get out there someday and give it my all. I just hope I have a fraction of his talent. Even if I don't make it I will be glad that I tried. Thanks Zach for giving me a renewing my प्यार for अभिनय and hope for a possible future doing something I love. Thanks for helping try to achive my dreams insead of just keeping them as dreams.

Pittsburgh, PA
posted by luvs_sylar
i find it realy rather sad that we idolize these stars,in my case (zachery quinto)we get to know load's about them have there pictures on our lap tops phone's n wall's,we rant n rave about them,but at the end of the दिन they dont even know we exist,and in the vast majority of cases never will,if someone sends a letter या gift it often never reaches zach if anyone ever shows आप this site(i shuld be so lucky)my name is michelle thorpe im 36,i think your sex on legs,and i exist.yeh i know wat your thinking,what a sad act,oh well i'v had my say if anyone's got same या simmerler views,put your name down here,we can all dream let him know आप exist!!!!!!!