People, is it just me या did Kanda get even और dreamier [if that's even possible] after he came back?

He smiles a lot और now and his smile is so dreamy!~!
And he came back, even though he was free...
And he also goes to खोजिए for Allen Walker because his guilt won't let him die peacefully.
And he can't regenerate anymore, which means he's taking a huge risk.
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 AeonRX posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Yu Kanda जवाब

kandayuuslover said:
Yes, at least I belive so he became और mysterious and he does smile a lot और so yes he had indeed gotten dreamier (cant belive I actually kinda कहा that seriously)
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Hattress said:
Yes! I thought that if he comes back after all that trauma with Alma he would be maybe less 'evil" (xD), but even और withdrawn and sad. His sudden change was a really nice surprise.
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