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I've just been accepted into Duelist Academy,and so far so good.I haven't made a fool of myself,but i have been keeping quiet.I'm a slifer red,and its ok here.When i was walking around int he forest I met a guy named Jaden.He कहा he was one of the best,gut i doubt he could match to me and my brother's strenght.Anyway,i've been walking around for awhile now.I see a big blue building and I walk to it."HEY WHAT ARE आप DOING HERE!!!"I turn around and I see two guys dressed in blue running towards me.They run in front of me and stop me from walkint into the blue building.They say it's for Blues...
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बुर्ज, गढ़ Misawa Is The Smartest Player In Duel Academy. He Is In Ra Yellow And Respects Everyone In Duel Academy. He Is Alexis Rhodes' Partner For Tag Force And Almost Beat Jaden!(Everybody Wants To Defeat Jaden). He Can Beat Chazz In A Duel. His Key Card Is Named: "Water Dragon". It Has Won Him Many Victories But Not Against Tough Oppenents Like Jaden. Jaden Could Have Went To Ra Yellow If He Wanted To, But Refused To Go. Jaden's Key Card In Battle Are His Main Fusions: Elemantal Hero Flame Wingman, Ranpart Blaster, And Thunder Giant. बुर्ज, गढ़ Got Hypnotized द्वारा A Girl Named Tanya या Something Like That. But They Evantually Came Closer And Closer And...........
posted by Bakumanroks
English:Im chillin' out in the schoolyard
finding trouble
never looking too hard
back at class they never taught us this
some things आप gotta learn hit या miss
tough times
hard climb
we'll take 'em on together
right now
let's go!
yu-gi-oh gx
generation x
game on!
get your game on!
come on आप better play your cards right
game on! get your game on!
we'll make the grade and win this fight
(guitar solo)
we'll make the grade somehow
yu-gi-oh gx
game on!
get your game on!
come on आप better play your cards right
come on and get cha game on!

Japanese Characters:校庭でイムまったり'出
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posted by hassleberrygirl
Zane Truesdale is an awesome duelist.He a pro duelist now.He is cocky when is with his brother Syrus.His फ्रेंड्स are एस्टर, aster Phoniex and Atticus Rhodes.He likes dueling a lot.He is cockiest character of them all. Zane is awesome at childrens card games.Zane always stands द्वारा Alexis when there together.Jaden dueled Zane before.Zane played a Dragon card.Syrus dueled Zane before to.Syrus had to wear a shock कॉलर and wrists shock bands..Zane won that duel.Syrus pass out.Jaden carried him back to his dorm with is Jaden's dorm too.Zane hates his life.Because he hates people.Zane and एस्टर, aster went after Jaden and बुर्ज, गढ़ and Hassleberry and Syrus and Alexis and Atticus and Jim and Axel.Zane stayed with Aster.
posted by hassleberrygirl
Tyranno Hassleberry is the best character.He kicked syrus down the पहाड़ी, हिल in the trash can.He also is very mad in school for no reason.He beat up Syrus before.He won the fight.But he लॉस्ट the duel.He had to listen to Syrus.He does what syrus tell him to do.Hassleberry and syrus went camping.He had to carry everything.He was mad when Axel was gone.He was also mad that Jim and Jesse were gone.He was mad when he लॉस्ट that duel.He was mad when Jaden disappeared.He also returned to the yellow dorm.He lives there now.
posted by hassleberrygirl
Jim Cook is so nice.He can read minds.Jim is not scaryed of anything.Jim cook came from North academy.Jim has a crocodile.Jim has good friends.Jim is a kind loving person.Jim and Hassleberry and Alexis went walking.Alexis fell in one of Viper's traps.Jim is cowboy duelist.At in the middle Hassleberry,Chazz,Alexis,Atticus,Aster,Zane,Jim,
Axel sent to the stars.At the end Jaden sent himself to stars.Jaden brought back all his friends.Then Jim cook left with Jesse Axel.Jim is so hot.Then Jaden returned.Syrus was happy.Then a new student came Yusuke Fajiwara.Yusuke Fajiwara caused to much trouble.
posted by hassleberrygirl
Jim was so cute when he was little.When Jim and मगरमच्छ were walking Jim came across a animal trap.Jim grabbed his मगरमच्छ and jumped and saved the मगरमच्छ but fell of a mountain.Jim injures his right eye.After Jim regained consciousness.He is imbued with the eye of orichalcum द्वारा the man द्वारा Jim's devotion to Shirley.The man who give it to Jim and told him it was surpossed to have increible powers when in the presence of a special comat.Afterwards Jim keeps his right eye bandaged.That's Jim's whole childhood.That's is why i प्यार him so much.
Chazz Is The सेकंड Main Character(I Think). He's Very Cocky And Thinks He's All That. He Will Never Talk या Battle A Slifer Red(Unless He Becomes One. Speaking Of Which, Chazz Becomes A Slifer Red After The Match With Jaden At The Duel Academy vs.North Academy Grudge&Final Match. Jaden Comes Out On चोटी, शीर्ष And Chazz Decides To Go Back To Duel Academy But, ALL New Students MUST Start At Slifer Red. So, Chazz Has To Go Back To Slifer Red. After A Few Weeks Chazz Is Still Mad About The Slifer Red Thing But, Then Starts To Be Nice Again. Jaden And Chazz Eventually Get Really Close. Then, They Become Tag Force Partners........And Came Out On Top! But Then They Confront The Shadow Riders! Chazz Gets Hypnotized द्वारा 1 Of Them. So, Jaden Confronts All The Shadow Riders With His फ्रेंड्स Hypnotized! He Comes Out On चोटी, शीर्ष And Defeats All The Shadow Riders And His फ्रेंड्स Un-Hypnotized! When He Was Super Tired He Confronts A Powerful Opponent Named (Forgot) And Almost Beats Jaden!
posted by giovannimtz
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Is A दिखाना That's About A Trading Card Game With Fusion Monsters,Spell Cards, Monsters,Trap Cards, Ritual Monsters,Normal Monsters,And Effect Monsters. The Main Characer Is Named Jaden Yuki या Yuki Jaden. They Don't दिखाना It Any और Because A Dumb दिखाना Called Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. Jaden Yuki Tries To Be The Strongest द्वारा Defeating Everyone Whom Tries To Get His Way. He Faces Many Powerful Oppenents But Has Always Came Through And Won!But His Biggest Challenge Is To Defeat Yami Yugi, The Person Who Gave Him His Spirit Card:Winged Kuriboh. He Has Won Many Battles With Him द्वारा Using Spell Cards To Get Winged Kuriboh To Go Into और Levels(There's Only 12 Levels). He Hasn't Battled Yami Yugi Yet, But Will Someday And Hopefully Will Come Out On Top......