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 सुपरमैन and Younger Superboy yoga interruption
I'm a sucker of सुपरमैन and Younger Superboy bonding
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Both Robin and Wally made it to the पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा parlor at the same time. They burst through the doors and ran up to the cashier and yelled their orders at the same time.
“I’ll have two supreme pizzas” they कहा simultaneously. The cashier looked startled after having two kids burst through the door and yell at him. The two boys were panting, Well Robin was panting Wally didn’t even seem to break a sweat. The cashier stuttered out words.
“I-is that t-two for e-each of you?” he asked. They both nodded their heads.
“Would आप like a drink with that?” He asked. The two boys exchanged...
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posted by 66Dragons
Chapter Fifteen:

Nightwing ran to the wreckage. He picked up a large piece of debris and tossed it to the side.


Barbara appeared अगला to him, yelling for Revenge's female counterpart.

"Infrared is picking up nothing." Barbara said. She put a hand on Nightwing's shoulder. "Dick, I'm sorry."

Debris moved a few yards away. Nightwing looked up. The debris continued to shift until a silver colored figure emerged from it.


Revenge growled and brushed a piece of गढ़, महल off of him. His suit was completely gone. Titanium plating, which was all that was left, made him look like a super-soldier...
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posted by Robin_Love
Something that I had to write. Because I know how some of आप feel. So...here it is. For those who have no clue how it feels, be glad. But this might help, I hope.

Becca climbed up the hill, looking around. She reached the top, finding him. She sat अगला to him, taking his hand. He responded द्वारा entwining their fingers together and giving her a quick, sad smile. They sat in silence for a time, just thinking and looking around. At one point, Becca moved to another set of graves right अगला to the one she had been sitting in front of. She put a bouquet of wild गुलाब on her mother's grave. She teared...
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