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 Wally West/ Kid Flash (Polar Stealth)
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Image of Wally West and his Kid Flash uniform in Artic Stealth form
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wally west
kid flash
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(Video Credit: YoungJLi)
dick grayson
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***This is a बिना सोचे समझे little story that me and InfinityYJ decided to collaborate on. The characters of Mercy, Becca, Delta, Scarlet, and Blade are NOT ours. Neither are the original team (well आप already knew that). This is supposed to be a kind of weird and बिना सोचे समझे story, but hopefully you’ll like it! Enjoy! ***
It was early evening in the Cave, and the Team was clustered in the main room, waiting for बैटमैन to speak. Aisling’s stomach grumbled loudly; she wondered whether they would be getting रात का खाना tonight. If बैटमैन had come to send them on a mission, highly unlikely.
Getting impatient,...
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I still can't believe it super heroes, in my bedroom. Even though it is almost midnight and I should be asleep, I am wide awake with excitement.
"Great now can we please get back to the cave so Z and Fate can do their spell and we can just get this over with?" Kid Flash says
"Um, what did आप say?" I ask, very confused, did he just say Dr. Fate, and spell?
"Ya, आप know, the spell that they will perform on आप to see why आप seem to have some kind of magic aura thing coming from आप so that even Dr. Fate can sense it." And as he says it Robin elbows him and looks like he says something without...
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