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posted by justjill
I opened one eye and expected to see my usual panda बिस्तर sheets and beside me a pile of story पुस्तकें but instead I saw handle bars...Odd, I don't remember installing handle bars at the side of my bed. Never mind, I wake up later to ask mom...Wait a minute-I quickly shot out of बिस्तर and looked around. Where am I? The walls are so white, why am I in a hospital? I must get out of here. "Ouch!" I yelled I looked at the स्लैश down my chest, it was sewed up but it still hurt."You should get some rest, but since you're up, start talking." I turned around towards the window, someone who looked quite short for his age was staring at me. Weird, how could I have not-"Well?" I glared at the small shadow but I couldn't get in. He stood into the light. Wait, he looks very familiar, the mask, the cape and whats that on his right, damn I need my glasses oh its a 'R'.Robin. "Nice try, but I'm covering my eyes."

I gave up, "Fine."I swallowed hard."My name is Jessie Day, I come from England,Obviously. For how I got here I have no idea."
"How can I believe आप don't know how आप got here."
"Amnesia,duh." I hated his attitude.
"Well why are आप robbing banks?"
"For money."
"Well why?"
"Why should I tell you."
"Cause आप can go to jail."
"I'm not telling you."
I was not looking at him but I heard him heave a sigh. Suddenly I could feel him moving towards me. Suddenly he took out something from his side and pointed it at my head. A gun! He wouldn't dare! I turned around but big mistake.

Gotham Hospital
15 January, 9.05am

She turned around slowly and Robin pulled the trigger. "says here you're stealing to see your family. Apparently आप have a mother and an older sister." Robin placed his meter back into his utility belt, smirking. She glared at him. He left the room while she pouted. "Ah, little ones." He कहा to himself. He went to talk to his team. "So her name is Jessie दिन she has amnesia but आप know she still has to go to jail." Aqualad said.
"But she has power, they won't be able to keep her in for long." Artemis कहा whacking wally at the back of his head as he tried to flirt with the nurse. "Unless we take her in." Super boy कहा his arm crossed together. The team turned to look at Super boy. "What? I thought we could give her a chance right?" They all looked at the ground thinking about what Superboy had said. "But we don't even know her past." "So?" Artemis कहा to Aqualad feeling a bit offended herself. "Well that would be no problem." Robin grinned as he started to खोजिए on his arm set about Jessie Day. "Well it says here the basic, she's 12,brown hair,purple eyes, went to St Trake School, pretty much a geek and she-" Suddenly Robin stop frowning. "What?" Wally asked. "She died on 5 july 2007."

What is taking them so long! I was just about to get up when suddenly they came in. All of them were wearing masks. They looked at me with sad eyes. "Jessie, we know that आप want to see your family, but we have some bad news." I knew they were going to tell me that I was going to jail and stuff like-"Wait, I'm sorry could आप repeat that?" "You died in an explosion with your family on a plane ride. No one survived." How can this be...I robbed 20 banks and I'm going to jail. And all this while my own family was already dead...I can't take this anymore. I can't. I need to get air. I need to run. I let out a screamed and got out of bed. I reached for the nearest person in yellow. I took of his mask and glared at him trying to concentrate on his eyes instead of my tears. I opened my eyes and started to run I ran as fast as possible, I saw everyone rush past me as I felt the wind hit my face. what am I running from? There is nowhere to run. I sat down on the pavement and looked at my feet. I remembered my sister always making fun of my small feet but mom कहा they were cute. I thought a life without a dad would be difficult but instead my life seemed happier. Now the ones whom I loved the most was gone. Gone forever.

Gotham City
14 January 11.55am

The team didn't take long to see someone wearing bright colors. They approached her slowly before placing a piece cloth around his eyes. She didn't struggle free but instead released wally. He fell back and knocked his head on the hard ground. "Ow,"Wally rubbed his head, Artemis helped him up. Jessie stood up and stuck both of her hands out. "You can send me to jail now." She had no emotions in her voice. The team looked at each to other they all had the same thinking.

Mount Justice
15 January, 12.10pm

"So just expect me to just take in a master mind in robbing banks?" बैटमैन glared at the team.
"Well, ya, a sort of." Wally smiled. Artemis nudge him in the ribs causing him to glare at her.
"But she has no family!" Megan कहा trying to give बैटमैन her innocent face but to no avail.
"We should give her a chance." Super boy tried to convince him too.
"Why can't आप accept her like how आप accepted me?" Artemis asked बैटमैन but he returned it with a bat glare. Wally glanced at Robin. Robin rolled his eyes behind his shades and turned to look at batman. "Please?" बैटमैन could see through his shades, those innocent blue eyes he just couldn't help it. "Fine, but she has to keep to her loyalties." बैटमैन turned around and left back to the watch tower. Artemis hit him on the back as megan gave him a peck on his cheek. "I go get her!" Wally dashed to living room the team following behind. Wally stopped in his track at the sight of her. Artemis gasp behind Wally. "Well did आप guys tell her, I'm sure she is so happy-" She had pulled down her blind fold and was using laptop on the table, not just any laptop. Robin's. Robin was turning red with anger, "WHAT ARE आप DOING??!! और IMPORTANTLY HOW DID आप GET PAST MY CODES!" She wasn't paying any attention at Robin but was looking on the लेख of her death. "No survivors were found only one body was found in one piece but her बोन्स were crushed only a few of her बोन्स were still in her body, her body was buried at-" Suddenly Robin slammed the screen down."How did आप get past the security check?" She glared at him but he was wearing shades. "I was पढ़ना that..." "You're not answering my question. How did आप get past the security check?!" Jessie stood up and looked at him inches away from shades. "Its none of your business glasses boy. If आप think just because you're one साल older than me means आप can boss me around well you're not going to like me very much then." Robin glared through his shades. He took his laptop away and sat on the सोफ़ा, सोफे the team stood around still shocked द्वारा the argument. Artemis gestured to wally then to Robin while she went to Jessie. "Hey! Guess what! You're not going to jail so you're on the team! so आप should be happy..." Artemis smacked her on the shoulder. "Yay! we will have so much fun together!" Megan flew over to Jessie. Jessie looked at them and smiled,"I really प्यार too, but I think I will read a book instead." She turned away and was about to leave when black canary called them into the gym. Jessie sighed and turned around,"So, where to the gym?"

"Okay listen up. team up in pairs and start training." Jessie looked around and realized everyone had paired up except her. "Wait, don't आप need to teach us." Black canary smiled at Jessie,"Nah, teaching's for sissies. I see you're the new student, why don't we see what आप got." Jessie looked stunned. Megan pushed her onto the field smiling and giving her a thumbs up. "so who wants to try?" Wally shot his hand up and ran onto the field. "Wait-can we use powers?" But before black canary could answer Wally started to run around her. She felt herself getting dizzy,she fell on her knees and felt like puking, "come on, get up..." She looked up and saw Robin smirking at her. She hated that smirk. She crouched down and jumped out of his presence, Wally stopped and started to throw punches at her. The team had a shock of their life when she manage to avoid all of his punches despite him throwing them at a fast speed. Suddenly Wally threw a final पंच at her face but she bent back and flipped away from him. "How did आप do that? Only Robin can do it!" Jessie smirked at him before saying,"My बोन्स were crushed in the plane crash remember?" She ran towards him at full speed, Wally prepared for her to throw her पंच but instead grabbed him द्वारा his shoulders and jumped up glaring at him. Slowly she became translucent and slipped into his body. Wally opened his eyes, they were purple. Suddenly he started to hit himself giving himself bruises, she made him give himself a final पंच before leaving his body. He fell to the ground groaning but she didn't even have a scratch on her skin. She looked at the team angered but smiling with pride,"So whose next?"
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