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posted by Denelys
Ugh my stomagh hurts,but I did`nt eat anything bad,maybe im just in need of meditation.
I went to MT.Justice and everyone was there
I said:Hey guys हे Robs.
M`gann asked me if i was okay but i could`nt say anything I was walking toward her but i tripped and started to black out the last thing i heard was Robin talking and and then superboy picked me up.............

Ugh where am I?:I said.
I opened my eyes and I could see everyone there.
बैटमैन did`nt answer my सवाल but i knew I was in the infermary.
M`gann asked:Is she going to be alright?
बैटमैन answered her question:No,she needs blood if she dose`nt get blood she will fall in a coma and die while in her coma.
Everyone gasped.
बैटमैन continued:The thing is her race is extinct and the blood she needs dosent exist anymore.

Robin responded furiesly:Then what are we waiting for lets find blood that she needs.or do we have to wait for her to fall in a coma and die!
Robin! calm down i`ll be fine!:I said.
and बैटमैन you`re wrong i don`t need my races blood to heal my self its a pure humans blood.

Robin looked at me and pulled his sleave back and said:Then have my blood,im Human a pure one to be exact.Don`t give it a सेकंड thought please i don`t want to lose you.
बैटमैन will आप allow me to take a pint of Robin`s blood?
Take it but are आप sure आप can stop you`re self?
बैटमैन told me.
Yes im sure,then I took a Huge bite at Robins arm near his hand I stopped my powers were back and I did`nt feel bad well phisicly emotionaly i feelt horrible I just got a boyfriend and I took his Blood he probably hates me.

My mouth tasted really sweet because of Robins Blood I was outside Then Robin came with his arm bandaged,Look im sorry आप must hate me now.:I said.
Robin looked confused and awensered:Why do I hate आप would आप explain that to me?cause i don`t hate you.
huh?Well i feel stupid now:I said
"hey,if आप had`nt taken a bite out of me you`d be dead and i really don`t want that to happen to आप you`re to special to me."Robin said

Okay, then lets go it`s getting late.
Wewalked inside and everyone headed home,
sigh wait! im in my pijamas I never changed!!!!! ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ONO!!!

Wow That was weird please stay tuned!! episode 6 Moving Hope u liked!!!!!!!
posted by Candy77019
 "Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
"Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
द्वारा 8:30, Nightwing had already handed the tips for the waiter.
"Umm, thanks for the...dinner," I thanked him awkwardly.
He smiled. "No problem."
Our तालिका, टेबल was द्वारा a large window, where we had a nice view of Gotham City at night.
"So...you used to work in a circus?" I asked the crusader sitting across from me.
He nodded. "Yep. The Flying Graysons."
Suddenly, a bright light caught my eye. Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham.
"That's the Bat signal!" I exclaimed, pointing at it.
Nightwing stood. "Yeah, I have to go. See ya."
He was almost out the door when I grabbed...
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"Wally is there something you`d like to say to FireBlaster?"Said Kaldu`r and M`gann.
"Im sorry for what i कहा the other day".said Wally.I responded:Its okay you`re forgiven.

Awesome! now why don`t we go out for pizza?:Robin said.Everyone laughed and we went to a pizzeria.
"Awesome pizza" I said.Then Wally asked:Who`s paying cause im not,then woosh wally left!
Artemis yelled as he left:You`re soo cheap! ugh he can be such a little kid seriously.
I added:It`s okay he`s a catch for somegirl who can litteraly catch him,besides im paying.
"Please why don`t we all chip in and pay together?" कहा Kaldu`r....
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posted by Candy77019
 "He was treating me like a kid."
"He was treating me like a kid."
I met up with the team in the Mission Room, where बैटमैन was typing frantically into the computer.
"WHAT?!" I demanded, ignoring my rude tone of voice.
"An explosion occurred five मिनटों पूर्व at Gotham City's First National Bank. I need आप guys to go handle that." He didn't even bother looking at us.
"On it!" Kid Flash saluted before zooming to the terminal.
I buckled into my seat, pouting at my lack of sleep.
"Prepare for take-off!" Megan कहा in a chippy voice.
When we were in the air, Megan switched to Auto-Pilot, and sat down अगला to me.
"Where were आप all day, Erica?"
I debated over...
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There was only one thing running through my mind at that moment: running away and screaming "Stranger danger!" but द्वारा the way बैटमैन was looking at me told me otherwise.
So instead I said, "Oh, hi." I turned around and started shuffling back toward the house when he grabbed my arm.
"Does anyone else know you're the Avatar?" he asked abruptly.
I stopped in my tracks. "How did आप know that?" I whispered.
He ignored my question. "Answer it!" he ordered.
I sighed and shook his arm off me. "Only my mother knows." I looked up at him. "Am I in trouble?"
He looked like he was deciding my fate for...
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posted by Skittles98
When we were in the ship I noticed KF kept taking sidelong glances at Artemis and Artemis would steal glances of KF when he wasn’t looking. I looked M’gann and mouthed the word private then pointed at my head.
’Are KF and Artemis dating या something?’ I asked telepathically after M’gann gave a thumbs up sign.
’No but I think they should’ she confided
’I know right? They’d make such a cool couple’ I agreed
’So, how did आप think of the name “Shadow”’ M’gann asked
’Oh I picked it after having a totally in depth vision of Hades telling me to’ I कहा matter-of-factly...
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posted by Skittles98
When the alarm rang, I nearly jumped out of my seat.
”Megan, what was that?” I asked following her to where ever
”That was the mission bell” she explained “You ready for your first mission?”
”Honestly, not at all” I confessed
As we entered a large room I noticed me and Megan were the last to arrive. बैटमैन was standing beside a large holographic screen दिखा रहा है a picture of a woman in her late 20’s या early 30’s.
”This is Emily Anadac, a leading professor of art at the विश्वविद्यालय of Gotham. She disappeared a महीना पूर्व which isn’t unusual for her because she usually goes missing...
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posted by Candy77019
 "The first Robin, Dick Grayson"
"The first Robin, Dick Grayson"
I was wondering why I was awake this late at night, and sitting on the lounge's couch, staring at the black TV screen.
Maybe the seawater got to my head, I thought with a groan.
I lay down and closed my eyes tightly. I really hate it when it takes a long time for me to fall asleep.
My first Robin quit to become his own hero, repeated Batman's voice.
The first Robin.
I looked at the clock on the other side of the room. Surely, बैटमैन would be in his other persona right now, right?
I got up and walked to the Mission Room with the big computer.
I tapped a keyboard button, and the screen lit up....
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