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posted by MafiaYJ
 Y'all Remember Ethan right?
Y'all Remember Ethan right?
Her hips swayed to the संगीत she played on the small old fashioned radio that sat on her counter in the kitchen. It played संगीत from the 40's, she missed the संगीत of that era and the speakeasies where she sang freely with elbowed length gloves that no one questioned for asked to remove because the situation was deemed inappropriate. Her long black hair was pulled high into her head in a ponytail that matched the rhythm of her hips. In one arm she held a bowl filled with चॉकलेट batter and with the other she held the spoon she was mixing with. Babylon laughed at her self as she caught her reflection in the oven. She smiled at herself, she barely recognized herself. This woman she saw in the mirror was the same one she'd gone face to face with all those years ago. No, this woman smiled, she was radiant and laughed with a joy she had never had until recently. The woman she had seen then bore nothing but a blank expression and vacant eyes that seemed like they had no care for the world. And maybe back then, she really hadnt. She was concerned with nothing but her own unhappiness she didn't bother trying to give anyone the happiness they deserved. In fact, she didn't even want to look away from the murky reflection, the smile was so.. so... so bright, she couldn't look away. She had never seen herself smile a real smile in so long. Ever since she made फ्रेंड्स with Alex, she knew what it was to smile and laugh, how it felt to be concerned with the happiness and protection of someone other than her own. She'd have to write him a thank आप या something, maybe repay him द्वारा finding a way to get back into France without worrying he'll get his face blasted off या kicked out of his job, which she was to not mention या she'd get herself into trouble, the way Odette had been raving about for some time.

Babylon turned to place the bowl on the तालिका, टेबल but instead came face to face with a broad chest that did not belongto the man of her house. The bowl clattered at her feet in surprise and she looked up with wide eyes, taking a step back, only to realize she was trapped between her ओवन and the man. Her brown eyes circled to red and narrowed as she came to the realization of who stood before her. The broad pale chest belong to one on else but Ethan. His icy blue eyes bore down at her, almost in distaste. "So, आप decided to stay with him still. Such a shame, Babylon." Babylon gritted her teeth as she challenged his stare, no matter how much taller he stood that her, she bore a much और intimidating aura. "You are not welcome here, Ethan. Get out." Ethan scoffed, "Just listen for a min-" Babylon cut him off, "I will not listen, worth a ----! After what आप did I owe आप nothing! Now get out of my home, आप are NOT WELCOME HERE!" Her shouted echoed in the घर shaking frames and making Ethan flinch. Even his sandy white hair seemed to have to settle from her wave of vocalization. Ethan used an index finger to shove it against the middle of her chest, the small spec above the valley of her breasts, "Listen here Babylon. I want to be here as much as आप want me to, but Adrian is forcing me to do this because he कहा आप deserved it and i owed it it to you. So shut up and go home, to your real home. And get properly dressed, get rid of that ridiculous apron. आप may not be recognized wearing such modern clothing.

Ethan started for the door leaving Babylon in shock, leaving her to wonder what या who in the world would not recognize her in the clothes she had adapted for herself in this era."Wh-What Era then, Ethan?" she asked looking over at him. Ethan had already opened the door to leave as he glanced back at her, his icy eyes faltered in their anger for but a moment, flickering to a seeming of softness, "The same era you're son was born." Babylon's eyes downed to their hidden brown and looked like they quivered in the light, "My son...?"
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posted by NekoTheif
Bonnie frowned into her cereal angry with life it's self. "Whats the matter?" Matthew asked as he bit into his टोस्ट "Momma's gonna have a baby they got back from the doctor yesterday कहा I was gonna have a little brother" Bonnie sighed "I don't see the problem" Matthew shrugged "Your a boy I wouldn't expect आप to" she rolled her eyes.

"umm what's that suppose to mean?" he blinked confused at her खट्टा mood "I don't want a little brother they have me they don't need another kid" she snapped "I sense worry in your voice" Matthew answered plainly "My first parents had a baby 3 months before...
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((I was going to post other ones (2 other articles) but they got erased from my compute D: any way.. This लेख is going to be VERY dark... So if आप don't like dark लेखाए don't read.
Btw this is a Song Fic! So the italic words are the verses. Unless it's a name))

"You didn't kill them did you?" Gage कहा calmly looking down with his eyes closed.
"Yes I did, Gage.." Her voice trembling.
"No आप didn't, आप know what happens when आप lie."
"I'm not lying!"
He hit her... hard.. knocking her unconscious. This has happend twice this week but he always does something new.
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posted by Robin_Love
 Loki uniform
Loki uniform
Decided to post info for this team too! :D

Name: Zeth Parker
Hero Name: Loki
Occupation: Minor, sorcerer, vigilante
Base: other dimension; currently Earth
Powers: Magic, elements, hand-to-hand combat, staff
History: Zeth was raised in the streets as an orphan. He was taken in द्वारा a kindly gentleman. Zeth soon discovered that his new guardian was a warlock. Zeth had potential in the magic arts and was trained to control his ability. When he turned six, Zeth was a talented warlock and was able to control the elements. It was then that his guardian came to the conclusion that Zeth was a demigod and the...
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posted by EclipseYJ
Pandora, Pandora Hold on to you're Box

Open the lid and the Gods will be cross

The blood will flood out and the Scars that won't heal

Keep in you're dark secrets and the rest will yeald

Sniker Snaker the vorpal Blade goes

Wherever it goes , Alice will follow

Just one of the souls which आप posses

Pandora, don't say Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori

As that is a different part to you're story

But truely it's meaning has been Changed

You killed people then and you're mind is still diranged

So be draged back to the land of white

And snuggle up in a Straight-Jacket nice and tight

Be forced into Darkness...
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posted by SilverWings13
“Alek!” SilverWings screamed.

“Wrong. Move,” Blaze growled, flames suddenly engulfing his hands.
Richi knocked an ऐरो and launched it at an approaching mutant. It pierced it’s heart, but the now blood tipped ऐरो didn’t halt it’s flight. It continued to hit two other thugs until it thunked into one of the concrete walls of the room. As the rest looked on in wonder at the mighty power of the ivory arrows, Silver rushed at the twins.
Marquez stepped in her path to intercept her old friend, but ducked aside as a flaming projectile nearly decapitated her. The 17-year-old directed...
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