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 The girl her self, Dawn!
The girl her self, Dawn!
Full Name: Dawn Amulet Vej Johnston
Age: 16
Birthday: April 6th
Label: 'The Hyper Freak'
Personality: Hyper at times, but has quite a temper. She'll throw a fit if she doesn't get what she wants, and she's very emotinoal. She hardly gets depressed.
Likes: Swimming, socks, partying, coffee, comic books, gum
Dislikes: Shoes, red mugs (don't ask XD), boring people, deppression
Talents: Skateboarding, painting, तारा, स्टार Trek trivia
Frear: Red mugs
Crush: Noah
Family: Molly (foster mom), Peter (foster dad)
People that like her: Brandon (another fanfic)
Bio: Dawn was born in France. After a massive raid at her parent's restraunt at age 11, they died, and she moved to America. She started living with Molly and Peter, her new foster parents, in Massachusets. She doesn't really remember the accident very well, and tries to stay happy, unlike most orphans. When she grows up, she wants to हटाइए back to France and restart her parent's restraunt.
Extra: She has a French accent ;)
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Possible titles: Nightclub, Asexual Date

Guy: *at the door, knocks*
Girl: *answers* Oh, hi!
Guy: Hi... *takes 5 सेकंड pause, the girl looking at him wierdly* so आप ready to go?
Girl: Yeah!
---In the car---
Girl: So...what do आप want to do tonight?
Guy: Well, I wanted to go tot he new club that opened up last night.
Girl: Club Raymond?
Guy: Yeah! And after that, I thought that we could go back to my room, if आप know what I mean. *winks.*
Girl: *looks concerned* WAIT, WAIT. STOP THE BUS.
Guy: *looks horrified* What is it?
Girl: Didn't आप read on my dating bio that I'm asexual?
Guy: *looks dissapointed,...
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Source: China's on top, Russia's on the bottom (that's what she said)
aqua teen hunger force colon movie soundtrack
nude प्यार
master shake
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Today, I decided to preform an expiriment. I wanted to test out my school's computer's censoring programs and compare them to my computer's, which has no censoring.
So today at school, I had some extra free time, and went on the computer. I decided to खोजिए up 'Sailor Moon Hentai' to see what would come up. I Googled it, and almost all of the pictures were unavailable. The only availble pictures were appropriate pictures where people were actually wearing clothes.
Then, when I got home, I searched it up again. This time, I saw lots of hentai, and some of it wasn't even Sailor Moon! But when I was looking for the pictures I saw on my school's censored version, I could only find them on the very last pages.
The moral of the story? There's none.
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Source: Lol, गूगल तस्वीरें
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In my opinion, this is Sailor Moon's best ending song! I just with that they put it on और TT.TT
सेलर मून
दिल moving
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kate micucci
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its time to get laid
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