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Chapter Nineteen

“How are आप holding up, sweetheart?” Damien turned do he could see her from the drivers seat. Glory’s hand drifted up to touch her cheek, feeling the now scabbed over scratch.
“ How do आप think I’m doing?” She snapped.
“ I’ll take that as a good.” He chuckled as he glanced in the rear view mirror to check if anyone was behind them.
“ Do आप think आप could tell him to lay down या something?” Glory glared at Collin, still in Tiger form, sitting on the सीट अगला to her.
Damien’s laugh echoed around the car.
“ Collin, आप better shift in case we do get...
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Chapter Fifteen

    Why आप so obsessed with me? Boy I want to know….
Glory sat up in बिस्तर with a gasp, reaching for her cell phone without really comprehending that it was actually ringing.
“ Hello?” She blurted without looking to see who was calling.
“ Glory Elizabeth Anderson, where are you?” Nicole Anderson almost shrieked.
“ Mom?” Glory mumbled.
“ Of course its your mother! आप haven’t been घर for two days! आप haven’t answered when I tried to call या text you. Where have आप been?” Nicole was nearing hysterics.
“ Mom! Calm down. It’s fine....
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Chapter Six
“ Gracie?”
Gracie wanted to ignore that persistent voice and allow herself to fall back into the black void.
“Graceanne. Come on.”
Gracie would have groaned if she could, but everything felt numb.
Her eyes finally opened, everything appearing fuzzy and blurry.
“ Gracie? Can आप hear me sweetheart?”
“Mom?” Gracie croaked. She felt like someone had stuffed her throat with cotton.
“ That’s right. Can आप see me?”
Gracie made herself concentrate until finally the blobs became actual things. Her mother’s concerned face leaned over her.
“ Yeah kinda.” Gracie muttered...
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We have a problem... It has been called to my attention that there is already a fanfic called this.. darn.. my apologies.. i wasnt trying to copy... SO, if anyone has any ideas for a new title.. let me know..:

Chapter Two

    I stared at her, frowning in confusion. Her smile slowly died, and she looked over at Rafe uncertainly. He had been leaning against the wall, looking dangerously good, but he was straightening now, scowling. In two long strides he had covered the distance between us, and grabbed the other girls arm, dragging her a few feet away.
“ What are आप doing...
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Not much to say... Hope आप guys like it! :)

Chapter Eighteen

     Glory’s relief was short lived. She watched in horror as Lupe and Roslyn’s bodies froze in the air and then went flying across the room. They both landed with a crash against the wall. Lupe came up snarling before getting फ्रोज़न again.
Damien had shifted back to human form. “ Down dog.”
He smirked and Lupe dropped to the floor, growling. Roslyn jumped up, obviously trying for the element of surprise, but she only got a couple feet before Damien had her pinned against the दीवार with his mind. Where...
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Sorry if आप guys arent liking this one. if आप would rather me not post this one, its totally fine! just let me know! :)

Chapter Four
    “See! He doesn’t need me. I just want to go home.” Glory said, shooting a pleading glance at Anna. Anna’s delicate features were icy.
“ Sometimes he doesn’t know everything.” Her brown eyes were narrowed and all of a sudden, Glory thought she looked dangerous. Glory eased a little और toward her door, trying not to be noticed.
Anna’s hands were clenching and unclenching. Her lips thinned and at one point, she let out a...
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Chapter 3

     Ghost floated down from the hillside and in the moonlight his dappled कोट shone just like the moon. He stopped on the wild side of Aspen River. He tossed his thick silver forelock away from his brown eyes. He tossed his head once and pawed the ground once, his way of inviting her to come to him. Alex ran off the porch and slowed down only when she reached the river. Ghost waded in halfway and waited for her in the middle. Alex never hesitated. She walked into the cold mountain water and watched her steps on the slick rocks. She was wet up to her thighs by...
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'b]wow...its been so long since i have written this...Hopfully आप like, if not, oh well.[/b]

Chapter Thirteen

    Kassie stared up at the ceiling, sleep evading her yet again.
The केबिन door creaked open and Anysa चुरा लिया inside.
“ Kassie? Are आप still awake?” she whispered and lowered herself onto Kassie’s बिस्तर gently.
“Yeah.” Kassie replied after a moment of debating whether she should answer या not.
Anysa laid down beside Kassie, her red hair standing out even in the dark.
“ Kyan is amazing, Kassie. I have never met a guy like him before!” Anysa murmured excitedly....
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Chapter Seventeen

    Glory choked back another scream as the tiger appeared through the window a moment later. There was no doubt about it. These were the same felines from the school and the woods.
It’s deep brown eyes peered at her as it lower itself into a sitting position. Glory jerked her eyes back to the cheetah. It was quickly taking on a human form. A few सेकंड्स later, a man stood where the cheetah was crouched moments before.
“ You.” Glory’s voice was barely a whisper. The man, who really looked like a teenager around her own age, grinned at her.
“ Yes...
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Ok, TwilighSagalady!! Here's JUST for you! ( Its a joke, everyone else..) a HUGE Thanks to Just_Bella for taking time to read this! प्यार आप hon!! And thanks to EVERYONE else for their support! It means to world to me!!
And this chapter might be kinda boring... the अगला one will be better!! :)

Chapter Eight

    Anna was staring at her solemnly, her brown eyes pools of seriousness. Glory felt her दिल start to speed up a little.
“ A plan? To save your people?” Glory glanced at Gabriel. His golden face looked perplexed, like he was thinking about something challenging.
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Ok guys, this is a story i started a LONG time ago, and im talking about LONG! I think it will seem a little weird at first, but stick with it. It will get better.. Let me know what आप think!

Chapter 1

    The light danced around me. It’s shining brightness almost hurt my eyes. In a moment it all faded, and I gasped at the sight around me. I was in a truly mystical world. फूल and exotic plants surrounded me and the sun that was shining on me was pleasantly warm. Something stirred deep within me and I was tugged toward the mystical forest. As I walked, I noticed my...
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Did Anyone Say Awkward??

~    Bright sunlight fell in Kassie’s eyes, awaking her.
She groaned and tried to roll over, but found something strong as iron holding her. Kassie’s eyes flew open and sure enough, Kyan’s arm lay draped over her. His dark hand and arm contrasted with her गुलाबी bedspread. She could feel his warmth on her back. She allowed herself to savor being held for a moment, and then tried to wiggle away from him. If he woke up now, they would both die of embarrassment. As soon as there was a little अंतरिक्ष between them, Kyan’s arm tightened around her stomach...
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ok, first of all, dont be hating Deylin at the end of this... YES he does seem like a jerk.. but dont worry! i have a plan.... ;)
Oh and those who read J_B's amazing fanfics, आप will notice that the घोड़े ARE the same घोड़े she uses.. dont worry.. i asked her, and Concho really is my horse, so its cool...lol
OK! hope आप guys enjoy!
and J_B, i changed Piper, so i would be COPY COPYING you...lol.

Chapter Two

    Gracie flipped out her cell phone and called her mom.
Ten मिनटों later she was at the barn.
“Gracie? Do आप want to talk about what happened?” Julie Evans looked...
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Chapter Eleven

    Glory brushed a strand of hair out of Lupe’s tan face. She still hadn’t awoken from getting thrown into the wall. Gabriel hadn’t left Lupe’s side since he had entered the room. Glory watched them secretly from lowered eyelashes. She wasn’t positive, but she thought she detected a little spark between them. Gabe kept looking at Lupe’s still form with admiration tinged with worry. He obviously cared for her very much.
“ Will she be ok?” Glory asked, sitting on the bed. She couldn’t stop the guilt from pushing its self into her heart. There...
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