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added by Patrick_Star54
added by Patrick_Star54
This is pretty much a pointless spot, but it has rules.

आप can post:

.Reviews of TV shows/books/movies/video games

.Anything to do with Spondgebob Squarepants and the Wumbo episode

.Anime stuff

.Youtube poop

.Your प्रिय things

.Critical analysis

.Music videos

.Stupid shit

आप can not post:


.Serious या smart stuff

.Fanfiction of any kind

.Anything Twilight Fangirl related (but आप can post Twilight stuff, just nothing like "OMG EEE EDWARD!!!!!!"

.Any "Do आप think ___ is hot" questions

.Anything against this spot (like "This spot is stupid")


Thanks for your attention. Hope आप enjoy the spot!
added by xxXsk8trXxx
The dawn of the Wumbo
spondgebob squarepants
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