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Of course, unlucky as she was, Lara Binks, reporter for the "Sunnydale News, got caught in a rainstorm.
And, since getting stuck in a rainstorm wasn't bad enough, it also happened when she was stuck on a rather revolting public bus, which had lint and dead bugs littering the stained carpet and torn chairs.
If that wasn't bad enough, she and the odd-looking passengers were travelling across a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
Worse yet, Lara had to get a story into the office in three days, and there was no longer any way this was possible, since the bus driver had announced they were stopping...
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posted by serenacullen93
My world changed the दिन my mom died as I’m in my fathers plane या our company plane that he owns. I remember the दिन I was in the waiting room that the wreak had killed her . I remember stand on the cliff overlooking the ocean hoping that I would wake up to fide that it had all been a dream.
The metal had not cut though my mother flesh that her blood was not stain of the road. It was my fault I had been the one that had been at the party I should not have.     
    I pulled my headphones out of my ears as the plane touch down my father was standing...
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posted by mia1emmett
part 1:
we walked into the living room and he turned the t.v on. he put on "bob the builder" and patted my head. i heard Dina's door open and i smiled Dina कहा her बिस्तर head look was BAD! she was walking down the stairs and she screamed "OH MY GOD! MIA....." i turned around in time to see...
end of part 2


Tyler my friend, and Jayson's best friend. i laughed as he lunged at me and i fell on the floor. Tyler कहा "hey M, what आप up to?" i smiled "well laying on the floor with आप on चोटी, शीर्ष of me" Dina laughed in the background and i wanted to throw something...
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posted by Twilightluv3r
Chapter 2

We used the web cams but I think it was a wastes of money because Taylor was barely had time to talk.He was always practicing his scenes for his movie.It was fun, sometimes, to watch him दिखाना me his acting. He was really good.
I got to meet his friends, Taylor Dooley, who played Lavagirl, and Cayclen Boyd, who played Max.
"You missed what happened in gym, today" I said. "What happened?" He asked. "We played kickball, boys vs. girls, and the girls won! But, i did hit the teacher on the head with the ball." We laughed. "Something always happens with you, Princess" He said. "Yeah..." I...
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Darkest light, brightest sight
Midnight sky, Nyx's day
That navy ribbon shall lead the way
Full moon, Selene's sun
It soon shall be the only one...

heres another one

No red,
No yellow,
No blue,
No white,
Nature is gone,
The फूल are dead,
There be no और light,
Everywhere around.
There is no other sound.
All is lost.

And then another:

So high,
HIgh as the sky,
Into seeping blackness.
No light is upon us,
And nothing is ever clear.
Diamond bright,
Beauty in there eyes,
The stars are alive.


Midnight sky,
Burning ice,
No more, no more, no more,
Say it thrice.
Light will be engulfed in a black haze.
We have gone through the Council's faze.

what yu think it means?
yu think its a prophesy?
idk! HELP!!!! i sometimes write poems in my sleep!! i dont memba riting them but they in my handwriting!! TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!
posted by kayleebabee
"Carlisle we're home!" I called out as I raced through the house dragging Edward along with me.
"Carlisle? Esme? Rosalie? Emmet? Jazz? Alice?" I called my voice getting higher and higher out of panic.
"They aren't here Bella come on we'll go and find them." Edward कहा hoarsely taking my hand and tugging me toward the garage.
I flung my ferrari into reverse and screamed out of the garage. I hissed a stream of profanities as I raced toward Denali our first place to search.
"CRAP!" i screamed stomping on the brakes and screeching to a stop in the middle of the highway.
"I think we have been looking...
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posted by marissa
 "She wore very little make up and looked exhausted, as if she’d just woken up and remembered she had to go work."
"She wore very little make up and looked exhausted, as if she’d just woken up and remembered she had to go work."
Chapter Two:


Jean got on the bus a few hours later, dressed in her brown Tim Hortons uniform, earphones in her ears as she fiddled with her iPod. Benny spotted her as soon as she got on. Without a सेकंड thought, he stood up and sat in the empty सीट अगला to her.

Jean was young, sixteen, maybe seventeen, and tall. Her dark hair was pulled up neatly behind her head. She wore very little make up and looked exhausted, as if she’d just woken up and remembered she had to go work.

Jean looked over at Benny and gave him a half-hearted smile, before turning back to her music.

“Hello,” कहा Benny,...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Daniela Nardini,actor,star of the BBC series This Life.Interview द्वारा Leila Farrah.

1.Where did आप go to school?
St Mary's Primary School in Largs,a small Scottish town.Then Largs Academy,the local secondary school.

2.Did आप ever get into trouble?
No,my school reports usually used to say 'friendly and well-behaved'.I don't think I was rebellious,in fact I used to be quite shy.I became और of a rebel in secondary school.I stayed until I was eighteen,but I was quite lazy and uninterested and I didn't use to do very much work.

3.What subjects were आप good at?
I used to प्यार English and art,but I wasn't...
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posted by RainSoul
This is my attempt that being deep. Enjoy and I hope आप have your minds blown away. ;3


Say we’re up in space, and we remove all the stars या anything that is luminous. Light would be nonexistent. अगला we’ll remove all the planets, minerals, materials, chemicals, particles, atoms, and anything in between. We remove thing, we remove matter, we remove time, we remove life. We remove substance. We remove dark matter. We remove reality. What’s left? अंतरिक्ष and Darkness. There is no color. There is no thing. There is nothingness. There is darkness and space. If there exists no thing but something is present then is there really nothing there? अंतरिक्ष is infinite so nothingness is infinity. There is only infinite nothingness. Life was a miracle. Now please define nothing to me.

Bonus Questions: What would be the temperature in infinite nothingness in the absence of (thing, matter, reality)?
Is reality really life?
posted by BennieBear27

There were at least 100 other children, including my brother, in the room. I saw two girls with light brown hair and green eyes stood a few feet away. One of them was clinging onto the other's arm.

"Jacob," I tugged my twin brothers arm. "Let's go say hi to those girls!" I pointed to them.

He nodded. We walked over to the girls.

"Hi!" Jacob कहा to them. "I'm Jacob! This is my brother, Milo." I smile.

"Hi! I'm Luna." The girl in my right said. Her कमीज, शर्ट was blue, whereas her sisters was red.

"I'm Kyla..." The girl who was clinging to Luna कहा quietly. She didn't meet our eyes...
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added by glelsey
Source: made द्वारा me
posted by misscrazel
A young fourteen साल old girl walked down the road talking to her three closest friends. she was an average girl of average height and she had dirty blond hair and brown eyes with a light dusting of freckles.

She and her फ्रेंड्स reached her driveway and she walked down to her home. she had a strange feeling like someone was trying to take her over. she ignored it and went inside.

that night she had the strangest dream. she saw a young boys dead body laying in a small room. his mother was there weeping over his dead body. his spirit drifted out and flew away. he found a baby and possessed...
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Hiya! First stab at adding something I wrote to the लेखन spot. This is a cliche little story inspired द्वारा the Mayday Parade song "One Man Drinking Games." टिप्पणियाँ would mean the world. (:

And आप swore आप saw me laughing, and I swore I saw आप smile
And the time we've spent together was meant to last us quite a while
As I take this piece of आप with me I'll carry to my grave
Knowing that for someone you're an एंजल sent to save

He touched the tip of his index finger to each of the freckles that dotted her arm. He drew patterns, connecting the delicate dots into hearts and तितलियों and lopsided...
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posted by ballaholic
I am broken.
    My body is broken.
        I limp down the sidewalk.
        People stare. Are they concerned? या disgusted?
        I wish I was invisible.
    My family is broken.
        My father disowns me.
        My mother is disappointed.
        I don’t know my brother at all.
    My life is broken.
        My फ्रेंड्स are gone.
        My job can’t support me.
        I have nowhere to turn.
    But my soul is unbroken.
        I still believe in good.
        I still have hope.
        I still think the world can change.
I may be broken.
But my soul is not.
posted by Rae-Ash
Hey, Daddy.
Look at me
See what a beautiful
young lady I’ve become.

Hey, Daddy.
See how special I am.
See how much I’ve grown.

Hey, Daddy.
Don’t आप see?
How much I want
To please you.
How much I
Truly care.

Hey, Daddy.
Can’t आप see?
How hard I’ve tried.
How much I struggle.

Hey, Daddy.
Don’t आप know?
How much
I crave your love.
Don’t आप know?
How abandoned
I’ve felt.

Hey, Daddy.
Can’t आप sense?
How hesitant
I always have been.
Can’t आप sense?
How I pretend
To be someone else
Just so आप could
Accept me for me.

Hey, Daddy.
Haven’t आप noticed?
How fake I am
Around you.
Can’t आप see?
How much
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Third Person POV

Sadao walked up to God and asked him if he was eligible to be in Heaven. God just simply nodded his head. Sadao walked through the large golden gates and found himself walking through his town he lived in when he was alive. He found his way to his house, and swung open the door. Everything was how it was before. He started crying, remembering the memories he had with Kat here. He heard crying coming from his room, so he opened the door and saw a blonde girl curled up in the corner of his room, sobbing.

"K-K-Kat?" he managed to stutter out. The blonde looked...
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posted by Harrypotter148
This Is A Story Story Based On A Couple I Am लेखन In Another Story, I wanna see if I can Get The Chemistry Right. Kal Is A Healer, He Has The Power To Heal People And Is Connected With Heaven. Like An एंजल But Less Powerful. Aria Is Half Healer, But और Powerful, She Could Even Be Deadly.

Part 1

Aria sat outside her house rocking back and forth on her porch swing, the only sound was the squeaking of the rusting chains. The sky was darkening into a peaceful cloudless night, and it seemed like the things around her, did not want to ruin it. She never moved her gaze from the small little...
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Toyo was slumped over, half on the दीवार and half on the floor. He clutched his throat with both of his pale hands, coughing uncontrollably. In a useless attempt to get up, Toyo stumbled and fell on his side, almost completely paralyzed द्वारा the desperate pain in his lungs and throat. If only he could get what he craved so badly...
Aiko has it. Aiko can give it to me.
"NO!" Toyo screamed, throwing himself at the door. Instead of it opening he crashed onto it and slumped on the floor again. His legs were utterly useless to him in this state. Panting heavily, he felt the pain lessen, and finally...
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posted by ilovehouse345
Last time.... she got a text message from brian (mr.m)
Hey Jasmine,wanna go out for रात का खाना tomarrow night?
She was speechless. Didn't they just have this coversation,(well और like she had it with herself in her head but still...) and now all of a sudden he's asking her out. So she started typing back.
sure.what time do you- then she remebered jade. She couldn't just leave her. Could she?
uhh...mabye I have a guest staying here but if she doesn't mind then sure!. She closed her phone and went back to making खाना for her and jade. The house was quiet for a while and then...
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posted by juicyjossy9
Did God Create Evil?

The विश्वविद्यालय professor challenged his students with this question:

"Did God create everything that exists?"

A student bravely replied, "Yes, he did!"

"God created everything?" The professor asked.

"Yes sir", the student replied.

The professor answered, "If God created everything, then God created evil, since evil exists, and according to the principal that our works define who we are, then God is evil".

The student became quiet before such an answer.
The professor, quite pleased with himself, boasted to the students that he had proven once और that the Christian faith was a...
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