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posted by FloraBoricua
At Amazonia

Diana: We have to go see them
-Flora just nodded-

-They teleport to the planet of Linphea, Flora and Diana खोजिए for the Flora's adoptive parents house. When they found them, Flora look at them for an instant and she could see they were looking upset. Flora knew that instant that it was all true, but instead of yelling at them, she runned to their arms and started to cry-

Flora: Mom, dad... I miss आप so much
Both: We too honey
-Diana walked और closer without even saying a word, just looking at the liars who took their daughter away from her side-
Flora's mom: Diana..
- Flora's mom took a sad and serious glance at her, knowing that she had lots to explain-
Flora's dad: I guess आप want to come in
-He pointed at the door so they could enter and talk-
Diana: That would be much better
-When they enter, they saw Rose and Rose saw them-
- She went running to her "sister" very happy-
- She took her in her arms and hugged her-
Flora's dad: Rose, now go to your room
Rose: Why?? Flora just came back and आप want to separate us
Flora's mom: It's very important dear
Rose: And who are you?
- She pointed to the other fairy-
Diana: I'm Diana, nice to meet you
Rose: So what are आप doing here?
Flora's mom: Sweetie.. It's none of your problems. Now, go back to your room
-Rose didn't say anymore and went back to her room frustrated-
Flora's dad: Take a seat, please, Diana
-Everyone took a सीट and kept silence for a moment-
Diana: So why did आप tell me Flora was dead?
-She blurted out madly-
Flora's mom: Diana, when आप leaved us Flora here we were just fascinated to have her here, and we loved her instantly we saw her and knew she would stay with us. But when आप told us why आप wanted us to took care of her, we knew she wasn't the only who was going to be in danger, all of us too were in danger and आप too. So...
-Flora's dad instantly begin to talk-
Flora's dad: So... we informed आप she was dead cuz we knew that everytime आप came to visit her, we could be in danger. Who knew who या what was watching us!!??. So... it took us a long a time to decide what should be best for us and you, and importantly Flora.
Diana: What was the best? keeping me away from my daughter? All this years having a hard time to understand that my daughter was dead when she really was alive
-Diana got up from where she was sitting-
-Flora had the eyes watery, trying to believe all that for her, was still a dream that she hasn't woke up yet-
Flora's mom: We thought it was the best
Diana: आप thought it was the best?
- Diana kept silence for a moment-
Diana: Let me ask आप something
- Both nodded-
Diana: If आप decide to give Rose for her own safety, knowing she is danger, and knowing that आप प्यार her so much but still आप have to give it to a couple of strangers so they could take care of her safety, and suddenly... BAM! I hit आप with the most saddest news that you're daughter was killed but I lie to you, and then after years of trying to recover ,suddenly, आप know your daughter is still alive. How would आप two feel?
Flora's mom: I know what is your point, and yes, we will feel devastated and at the same time betrayed. But आप have to understand that we try to did it for the two of your owns good
Flora: Pleaseee... stop!! I can't take this anymore
- The three parents look at her, trying to see what she had decided या what she was going to say-
Flora: We have to leave the past behind, start a new beginning. Mom, dad, I know that आप did it for our own good and that I could be safe. Diana, I knew आप did the same and it's not your fault that आप didn't stay द्वारा my side cuz आप thought I was dead. I would really appreciate if we stop arguing and start to cero. I really see आप as my parents cuz you're the ones who raised me, but now it's time for me to get to know my other mother.
- the three of them nodded-
Flora's dad: But we just wanna make clear that we didn't do it for selfishness and we did it cuz we knew that if आप stopped going to our house, the ancestral witches will give up and be sure that she was really dead already या didn't exist, but we were going to tell आप when Flora was और mature and be really prepared for anything that could happen
Diana: I appreciate what आप two did, but it will take time for me to forgive everything
Flora's mom: We understand
- Rose run down the stairs and kept looking at everybody-
Flora's mom: Honey...
-She looked scared-
Rose: आप lie to me
-She pointed at them very mad-
Flora: No they didn't Rose
-Rose look at her in her eyes waiting for a response-
Flora: Yours and mines parents were very gentle and sweet to take me with them and raised me. Rose, your my sister not because we have came from the same parents, we are sisters cuz we raised with each others प्यार presence and we share too many things and memories
-Rose calm down and then it appear a grin on her face-
-Rose hugged her sister-
Rose: Best sisters forever?
Flora: Yeaaah
-She sighed-
Rose: But, do आप promise me that nothing will change?
Flora: I promise
-Said with a big smile on her face-

--- I don't really have much of inspiration right now. But still I already finished the story but
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posted by XxXFloraXxX
To StellaOrFlora, 'cuz she believed in me! Plz read Break (prologue) first, otherwise आप won't understood.

After the shocking news, the Winx and the Specialists didn't really mind the film, so they leaved.
Flora: It isn't true, right? It can't be true!
Helia (sighs): I'm afraid it is.
Flora started crying and hugged Helia like she won't release him.
Layla: There has to be a reason for all this! Why did this happened??
Nabu: I don't know, Layla. But I'm afraid it won't be the same for them.

They went to Alfea.
Stella: Let's go to Ms. Faragonda. She'll know what to do!!
Others (except Flora): Yeah, let's do it.
They went to Ms. Faragonda's office. There was a surprise waiting for them...

I'll continue very soon, but first I need to lunch 'cuz I'm hungry ;-P
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