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Wicked 1998 Would आप have the nerve to play Julia's role in this movie.

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I don&# 39; t think so. The subject would be too...
I don't think so. The subject would be too embarassing.
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Yes. Why not, I&# 39; m an actress, and I प्यार to shock...
Yes. Why not, I'm an actress, and I प्यार to shock people.
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 velvetkiss posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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If you're an actress, you can't be afraid of ANY role. It's just acting. But I would have felt funny about my dad seeing the scene on the couch where they get together. (though it WAS kind of freaky hot)
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Lots of time acting is about pushing the limits and breaking down old ideas or old taboos. If two people are 16 or older, and want to be together, then no one should tell them they can't or that its "wrong". Live and let live.
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