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Tesla moaned during the whole night, her body still ached after she had healed me; It didn’t bothered me but it kept me wide awake.
I couldn’t stop thinking how she had healed me.
This has to be our secret, I thought in my mind, what if the council’s already knew about her ability? Then of course, if they already knew she would’ve been like me; a Southern.
No one must know; not even the council’s should either.
I rested my head back down while staring at the ceiling, waiting for the sun to rise.
It didn’t felt right, leaving her द्वारा herself when I walked off….. I felt so stupid;...
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I’m dead I thought; he found me! Nowhere to turn now, I alarmed myself.
He had to come back just to end me like we both almost did, but I’m guessing he returned back just to kill me straight like he almost did.
My body’s nerves ached ‘n tightened और than it did before.
I ached with a grin while grinding on my teeth with my eyes closed.
Footsteps were coming closer; it was just only Tesla with the covers.
‘Sorry it took long. I got caught up choosing which one, even though they’re all the same.’
She chuckled.
She glance where I was glancing through the window with a confused look,...
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What else is hiding away from me? I glanced over at me house where my mother was unconscionce probably; No one comes near our land so its alright to leave her for now.
I just hope Sweets would forgive me from my actions this night….she has too.
I knocked down some पेड़ limbs repeatedly making a few short cuts to go through, the air was cold but my body was warm, almost shivering when both temperature meets.
My left leg stumbled across a(n) old stuff toy; a भालू almost cut p with a few cotton webs sticking out from its right arm.
I looked at it while picking it up.
Poor little stuff animal, I...
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The four of us were alarmed, looking in every of their body movements thinking where to go for.
Adol was ready, but he had that same fear all over his face.
If he doesn’t straightened up he’s gonna face another scar on him.
‘C’mon! I wanna दिखाना these cowards who they’re dealing with!’
Mark shouted, the other one (Joseph) had that crazy look in his eye.
Adol stuttered his breathing; his body was as still as ice.
Adol’s paralyzed.
‘Adol, what’s wrong.’ I questioned.
I already know why he’s paralyzed- I just have to hear him spit it.
‘BEGIN!’ Trainor shouted, but as...
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The drips of pellucid water dripped on continuously all दिन and night, m right ear flopped and buzzed almost half an घंटा या so.
I stretched and yawned while I was still laying on the ground.
I rosed with an ache, popping my neck sideways.
The sun was barely rising as it’s heat started flowing inside the cave.
Damn it made me feel drowsy, wanting to go back to bed, well…in a cave; though what’s the difference.
I twisted my body to get a good glance over at Tesla, but she wasn’t there; neither her cover nor journal.
I forgot, she volunteered as a(n) councils apprentice which...
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Her Father Okari, a dark male about Five foot nine with blue eyes had finally stopped abusing Tesla, a Blue-ish Female about Five foot seven with Silverish eyes, all for nothing.
I watched out from the window, witnessing the tragic scene.
Tesla tried not to cry as her Father told her not to.
Her bumps and bruises were forming from her face through body; she spitted blood across the broken floors about three to four inches… her beautiful looks, drained from her Father’s paws.
Her tears dripped down, calling for her Mother back and for help.
Just standing behind the window made me feel uncomfortable,...
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