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posted by katetekiku
I walked down the road, eating a चॉकलेट flavored waffle. There was this बिना सोचे समझे guy behind me, and he had a long beard. He reminded me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on it!
I turned around. The guy stopped walking. "Are आप following me?" I asked.
"Umm..." He began, stuttering and nervously twirling the tip of his beard.
"My चॉकलेट flavored waffle is extremely violated द्वारा your presence. I can just taste it," I declared, eating another bite.
"Well, have आप ever seen Adventure Time?" He कहा in a low voice. I nodded. "Well, i'm the Ice King."
I gasped. This man, a famous, princess-stealing...
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Я ішоў па дарозе, ядуць шакалад араматызаваныя вафлі. Быў гэты выпадковы хлопец ззаду мяне, і ў яго доўгая барада. Ён нагадаў мне, што хто-тое, але я не мог не ўкладу пальца майго на гэтым!
Я павярнуўся. Хлопец спыніўся. "Вы за мной?" Спытаў я.
"Умм ..." Ён пачаў, заікаючыся і нервова круціла кончык барады.
"Мой шакалад араматызаваныя вафельныя...
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