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we drink water but do we make use of ice? the fun way to drink water is through ice. just get some soft ice from the store put it in a cup and eat it. my recomendation is for reallly good ice get buy bags of ice from sonic then when आप get home
put the ice in a cup then put water in the cup with the ice then drain the water for even beter ice. ice is really good for आप studies दिखाना chewing on ice is great for your teeth it makes your teeth stronger. And if आप even chew alot of it it will clean your teeth to a degree. As we also know ice is made of water which has no calories या anything so its like nothing. but when आप chew ice आप can get full and your eating nothing! but some people get addicted to chewing ice. but it can also stop other addictions. There might be downsides but संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर its a harmless habit :)
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I am a lover of water. I am loving water for these reasons दिया below. I am obviously loving water because it's indispensable for survival. आप can only live for some 3 to 4 days without water. Water is great. All organisms need to survive with water. That is what makes Earth unique among the other planets in our solar system. I प्यार to drink water. I drink it every दिन in large amounts. Of course I am careful about how much to drink, since आप can only drink so much before आप get water intoxicated and die from it. It's not just for the heat, but also for the कूलर weather. I drink a lot...
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Water is a natural, and very important, thing. We drink it, use it in food, and even play and bathe in it. What would we do without water? The ocean is made up of water, the rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams are made up of water. Also, I have heard that there is a way to make water-flavored ice-cream. I found out that this as a hoax. On youtube, it told आप to go to the store and buy a slushy magic machine. So I did. The machine instruction कहा that it would make any drink turn frozen...into a slushy. I added water to see if this was true. It did not turn into water-flavored
आइस क्रीम या into a water-flavored slushy. So don't go buying that stuff right now. Because it is just another cup if आप ask me.
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