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 The new queue area for अंतरिक्ष Mountain.
The new queue area for Space Mountain.
The "new and improved" अंतरिक्ष Mountain recently opened at Walt डिज़्नी World. Frankly, I don't see what the fuss is all about.

The queue area is much improved. The games look cool. I only got to play for a मिनट because when I went, for once the line was impossibly short. That exceeded my expectations. I was expecting them to be like in Soarin’, which are no fun and totally pointless (but now we're getting off topic).

Inside the waiting area, there is now a barrier between the track and the waiting area so आप can no longer see the track from the line. That's better. They added some new lights...
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The Three Caballeros are characters which डिज़्नी seems to cherish somewhat. Although they don't do regular meeting and greeting, they do occasionally appear at the Mexico pavilion at Epcot and often feature in various parades and shows around the डिज़्नी parks.

Limited Time Magic is the way डिज़्नी describe Meets and Greets with all three Caballeros. I प्यार the costumes for Panchito and Jose and it's fun to see Donald in his sombrero. The area used for these meetings is beside the Mexico pavilion and although Jose and Panchito rarely appear, Donald is regularly available for चित्रो and smiles...
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 The new तारा, स्टार Speeder 1000 will take आप where no man has gone before (oops, getting my तारा, स्टार Wars and तारा, स्टार Trek confused)
The new Star Speeder 1000 will take you where no man has gone before (oops, getting my Star Wars and Star Trek confused)
तारा, स्टार Tours has been re imagined! And it works!

The old तारा, स्टार Tours was, to be frank, just that. OLD! I never used to like it, since it would make me motion sick. It felt like आप were in a big box that's moving and shaking आप around (which, well, it what it is) and not like a flight through space. Let's face it, the technology utilized in Mission: अंतरिक्ष left तारा, स्टार Tours in the dust, with wait times declining और and more, and going up and up on other rides (coughToyStoryManiacough).

The technology on this one is completely awesome. It no longer makes me motion sick, because it feels और real...
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