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Last updated: 19/01/2013.
Any voice banks published after the above तारीख, दिनांक will not be within this list.
Japanese Voicebanks
5 November
17 February
Hatsune Miku
31 August
Kagamine Twins
27 December
Gackpoid Gakupo
31 July
Megurine Luka
30 January
Megpoid Gumi
25 June
SF-A2 Miki
4 December
Kaai Yuki
4 December
Hiyama Kiyoteru
4 December
25 August
1 September
Gachapoid Ryuto
8 August
Nekomura Iroha
22 October
Utatane Piko
8 December
VY 2
25 April
22 October
Tone Rion
8 December
22 December
Yuzuki Yukari
22 December
23 January
Aoki Lapis
6 April
5 December

English Voicebanks
Leon and Lola
5 January
1 Miriam...
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Some of these आप may या may not already know, and I'm not going to include all the vocaloids, but hope आप enjoy पढ़ना this anyway. I might add और to this as time goes on, but don't hold me to it >.>

Hatsune Miku: The first sound from the future

Kagami : Mirror (Mirror image, Rin and Len can be considered mirror तस्वीरें of each other, as कहा द्वारा the company)
Rin: R for Right (like on Headphones)
Len: एल for Left

Mergurine Luka: Sound that goes around (because she sings in both English and Japanese)

Prima: from the term "Prima Donna"

Sonika: Hindu name for "Golden" (she wears a yellow...
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posted by panisepic
So I'm लेखन this hopefully to help people who are newer to the fandom and don't really know all of the vocabulary a person may drop when talking about vocaloids. I'm going to try and include as many words as I can and make the definitions as clear as possible, please टिप्पणी दे if there's a word you'd like to see on this सूची या needs a better definition ^^.

Vocaloid1 (V1)- refers to the first group of वोकलॉड्स to be released, using early, now primitive V1 technology (basically they don't sound as clear/realistic as वोकलॉड्स from later series) includes वोकलॉड्स such as LEON, LOLA, Miriam,...
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"Hey, Ri-chan!!!" Riku blinked when she opened her eyes. Rin and her were facing a window, a elegant white dress on the other side of the glass. The blue-eyed girl looked down at the honey-eyed one. "Don't आप think that dress would be great on me?!"

Rin had pulled her all around the mall, pointing and whining at how much stuff she wanted to buy.

"Yes!" Riku smiled and nodded, pretending she was paying attention. She wasn't really into the whole window shopping thing, it just wasn't her.

She asked Meiko once if that wasn't normal and she just patted Riku's head and said;
“Every girl has different...
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 Tonio's boxart
Tonio's boxart

Following on from the success of Vocaloid PRIMA, Zero-G announce the release in February 2010 of Vocaloid TONIO, a brand-new plug-in virtual singer modelled on the voice of a professional male opera singer, and powered द्वारा Yamaha VOCALOID2 गाना Synthesis Technology.


Vocaloid Tonio is a virtual male vocalist modelled on the voice of a professional classical singer and will allow आप to create synthesized गाना of unprecedented...
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At the boundary lines mixed with jokes,
a little farther ahead of the stairs,
there is nothing good there at all, huh?
Shall I try to guide आप instead?

Are आप going to dance terribly
and stumble on the चोटी, शीर्ष of the altar?
I'm sure people will be dazzled senseless, though,
so what do आप say, together right here!

The high-pitched voice has filled up this room,
swirling around some disgusting meanings.
Of course there is nothing good at all,
so now let's scream it out with all our strength!

"The meaning tied to those short phrases,
the reason for hating someone you've never met,
no matter how...
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
Miku knew she was now old enough to go to High School so she asked her Mom if she could go and her Mom कहा "Yes, Hatsune, आप can go to High School." Because Miku's Mom always called each Vocaloid द्वारा his या her last name. The अगला दिन Miku woke up in a bunk बिस्तर over a girl with long गुलाबी hair and brown pajamas. "You must be Miku!" The girl said. "I'm Luka Megurine, but please call me Luka." "Oh." कहा Miku. "OK." Luka climbed out of बिस्तर and कहा "I'm gonna bring my backpack and put my clothes in it. Then go to the girl's locker room to get dressed. I'm gonna bring my backpack so I have the...
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It was a typical दिन for the Vocaloids. They have just finished recording their latest song and are exhausted. Leaving their studio building, they say their farewells as each of them headed home. Miku, while exhausted, was starting to have a form of boredom. For most of the घंटा she paced around and around from the living room to the रसोई, रसोईघर pondering on what else she could do. घंटा after hour, she couldn’t think of anything. She decided to watch a little TV. Flipping channels, she started to drift to sleep until one channel caught her attention. It was a channel about roller-skating- something...
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When it comes to companies viewing which of their Vocaloid products sale compared to others, that counts as लोकप्रिय to them. However, in an attempt to answer this सवाल based on fandom reactions, it appears Hatsune Miku is the most known, with Kagamine Rin as highly favored with Kagamine Len afterward.

This is a listing of eight based on the fandom's familiarity with the following characters. An increase to make the listing a "Top 10" results in the ranking shifting between every Vocaloid currently released. This सूची can be viewed as outdated at any time due a Vocaloid's usage, songs, artwork, and fandom support for a महीना या year.

1.Hatsune Miku
2.Kagamine Rin
3.Kagamine Len
4.Megurine Luka
5.(Megpoid) Gumi
8.(Gackpoid) Kamui Gakupo
10.Lily and SF-A2 Miki
posted by Skitty_Love
One, two, three, four!

A message I've thought much too much about,
Maybe it'll reach somebody, who can say?
Certainly, I've always been this way,
A patched up, crazy matryoshka

A package sung द्वारा a headache
Time may pass, but the hands are at 4
Don't tell anyone;
The world will turn upside down

Ah, I feel broken apart
Throw out all your memories, too
Ah, how I want to know,
To the deep down...

Um, well...
If आप please, dance और and more
Kalinka? Malinka?
Just play the chord
What should I do about such feelings?
Can't आप tell me? Just a little?

Loud and clear, 524
Freud? Keloid?
Just hit the key
Everything, all's...
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posted by emerald_32
It is really sad to see that a lot of people hate Vocaloid so much. Vocaloid is great, right? Some people just dont apprieciate its beauty. Let me दिखाना आप some examples:

1) Some people say that the Vocaloid संगीत sucks. But they arent reffering to every song created in the Vocaloid program; they were referring to the ones that are solely related to the Character Vocal Series. In other words, Miku and the other वोकलॉड्स such as Kagamine Rin & Len, Megurine Luka, Megpoid Gumi, etc. आप know, songs like Just Be फ्रेंड्स and Magnet.
They say that the English Translated Lyrics are pure crap....
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So आप want to buy a vocaloid but don't know where to start? Well I'm hoping that द्वारा लेखन this I might be able to help some, there's a lot of confusion and options out there.

First, obviously figure out which vocaloid आप want to buy. Remember to take into account how challenging they are to use (varies from vocaloid to vocaloid), any language barriers (If आप don't know Japanese, don't buy a Japanese only vocaloid!) and what system requirements are needed to run the program (though this shouldn't be to much of an issue, check anyway). Also it might be worth it to look and see if there's...
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This review is based on my personal opinion. It is in no way meant to offend anyone. आप are free to agree या disagree with it.

Yuuma (or Yuma) is an official Vocaloid developed and distributed द्वारा Bplats, Inc. His voice provider is unrevealed. VY2 is an abbreviation for "Vocaloid Yamaha 2." His item is the Wakizashi and he is avatar-less, although many concepts have been thought up for him, especially the one in the picture.

His voice is amazing. It's not too deep, like Kaito's voice. It works with almost any song and is compatible with a lot of the other Vocaloids. I feel like he's under-appreciated...
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Not in any order:
World Is Mine
Kocchi Muite Baby
Glorious World
Ai Kotoba
Ai Think So
World's End Dancehall (with Luka)
Black Wings
Canterella (with Kaito)
In the Depts of Darkness (with Meiko)
Last Battle (with Rin)
Left Behind City
Magnet (with Luka)
Matryoshka (with Gumi)
Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream
Po Pi Po
Triple Baka (with Teto)
Pray For (with Luka and Gumi)
Promise (with Rin)
Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance
Secret Police
Two-Faced Lovers
When प्यार Ends for the First Time
The Full Course for कैन्डी Addicts
Plus Minus
Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku
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Okay, listen, I am making a loosely Vocaloid based video game, and the main characters and Vocaloids. I need sprites, however. They should be 2D and for an RPG. Each character, which are the following:

Each character should have 12 sprites; three for the moving left, three for moving right, three for moving up, and three for moving down. They should be like their foot being put आगे या something along the lines.

I really need these sprites. Each individual sprite/frame should be inside this size range,(but I don't think it would fit the whole requirement......
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Vocaloid ... i may of heard of the name... as i recall its a series of sound systems that recently has gotten great fame... could it have something to do with its name... the mascot for its bussness is a Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku.. she has green hair and her outfit it hue is of a sapphire blue.. she is believed to be a robot... who looks like she could live along side me and you... even though that would be nearly impossable to do... as many ppl have tried to think that thru.. still i know it my sound strange cuz of her unique vocal range.. but over the course of time.. she became a very...
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posted by inunutfan
Hi, it's me, here to introduce all the new वोकलॉड्स to the online world, AKA Fanpop. So, I was on the Vocaloid Fanclub on deviantart and they कहा there's three new वोकलॉड्स that came out on Dec. 4! So I rushed over and listened to their voices and looked at art and these are my thoughts! So there is SF-A2 Miki (no last name?), Kaai Yuki, and Hiyama Kiyoteru.

So first Miki. She's really is adorable.
Some guesses :
1.Her item is a star, ok! She looks like an alien.
2. Her color… गुलाबी या blue? Either way, आप can’t tell because of those darn gloves! DX

Art: Her box art is...iffy. She looks about...
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This is really long so grab some snacks! cause I do want everyone to read the whole thing before commenting.

I know a lot of people say they want to see a vocaloid anime. An ऐनीमे about the actual vocaloid characters that is, I'm actually quite excited to see the Kaguro days ऐनीमे (so I'm fine with animes based off of the vocaloid songs). I would like to say that first off what would this ऐनीमे even be about? My best guess would either be
A. वोकलॉड्स are all in a (school?) band
B. Just a bunch of बिना सोचे समझे short stories (Hatsune Mix)
Now in order to feature the actual vocaloid characters in story...
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Not in any order:
Love Droid
Beyond the Spectacle of the World
With Respect Lelouch
Poker Face
Coward Mont Blanc
Lie and Diamond
Happy Synthesizer (with Luka)
Be Myself
Blue Butterfly
Matryoshka (with Miku)
Full Volume
Liberty Heart
Naname World
Raid of Glass
Eat Me
Eye Examination
Late Excuse
Panda Hero (with Luka)
Bad Apple
Bird's प्यार Song
Cutoff Line
Dance Floor
For My Soul
Killer Lady
Love is Certainly Fast
Mozaik Role
Sorry to You

This सूची consists of songs under the genres of pop and rock. Gumi is a Vocaloid under the शीर्षक of "Megpoid." With an interesting...
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Len Kagamine's Vocaloid Adventure Part 1
By chocopockyninja

I clutched the microphone in my hand and took a long deep breathe. The lights hit my face and the croud went wild. I took a quick look at Miku, and turned back to the audience. The open notes of "Delicious" rang out into the night like shooting stars. And we both began to sing. To eachother, and to our fans. As we hit the chorus, I could hear the millions of people गाना along with us and then, just then, I felt as though this was what I was meant to do.
"Len! Getcho नितंब, गधा out of bed!" shouted Rin taking a तकिया to my face. I got up...
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